Jupiter met Uranus, 8.6.10 : Calm down – we’re still here!

….and a fresh Jupiter/Uranus 14-year cycle has just begun…..

AND – a new astrology study is about to commence (the sequel to the one I did in 1997), with a brilliant new group of volunteer researchers joining me to share their experiences over the next year.

But first, let me set a sensible context (astrologers? sensible? It is possible…) by quoting from one of the articles I wrote and published on this site in the run-up to the Great Event of 8.6.10 : (18.5.10: Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?)

“……It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be. So can we all calm down and just get on with life?

I trust that those few moderating paragraphs will have at least temporarily helped to reduce your blood pressure, and injected a rather needed note of  philosophical detachment into your contemplation of the Summer of 2010……”

We also need to remember that, with any planetary cycle, the first time the two planets meet, as Jupiter and Uranus famously did on Tuesday, is just the beginning.

The New Moon - fragile, fluid, barely forming....

The New Moon - fragile, fluid, barely forming....

For example, in the ordinary 29.5 day cycle of the Sun and Moon, the two planets meet, in darkness, as they will tomorrow at 21 deg. 24 min. Gemini. It takes 2-3 days for the fragile crescent of the New Moon to appear, a sign in the heavens that the energy represented by the latest New Moon is just beginning to take shape and to manifest in the world. This is why traditional advice is to wait until a few days after any New Moon before launching a new venture of any kind. Before that, the energy is considered to be too fluid and unstable.

This general principle applies very well to the new Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 0 deg.18 min. Aries. The energy created is dynamic, unique, door-opening, pioneering, fluid, quite unstable and likely to remain so for the best part of another year. The planets meet exactly again on 19th September 10, this time at 28 deg. 43 min. Pisces, with both planets retrograde.

Then again on Jan 04 2011, at 27 deg. 02 min. Pisces going direct. Jupiter returns to Aries on 22 January 2011, Uranus not until 12th March 2011. At this point there is a 10 degree orb of separation between the two – Jupiter at 10 deg. Aries.

Only then should we consider the conjunction to have done its initial mould-shattering work,  and the new 14-year cycle to have truly begun.


So – anyone out there who is interested in seeing how we mere humans and our planet respond to the great music of the spheres – through the unique combination of notes of Jupiter and Uranus – keep watching this space!

In my book published in 2009, “Jupiter meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing” I presented collective manifestations of the energy of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 6 deg. Aquarius, as well as the turbulent and unique life histories of my 17 volunteers during the 1997/8 period of the research.

This time, I am largely limiting my efforts to researching the lives of 20 volunteers. I simply do not have time to collect all the collective data I did last time. So – it would be great if followers of this site sent me comments with a brief explanatory note plus reliable Web link, to any collective events they considered to fit the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries terms of reference.

My colleague Jamie Funk of that great site FUNKASTROLOGY highlighted the 8th June 2010 USA-wide vigil of protest against the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – surely the biggest, most shocking event of the build-up period whilst the conjunction was still in Pisces.

And just this evening, from my friend and colleague Jude Cowell’s brilliant mundane site “Stars Over Washington”,

Jun 10, 2010

House bill to protect US power grid – Jupiter conjunct Uranus

” In a flurry of perfected synchronicity, the House passed a bill yesterday (June 9) to protect America’s power grid – hours after June 8, 2010’s Great Conjunction of idealistic, expansive Jupiter and electrical, disruptive Uranus @ 00Ari18, the Aries Point of World Manifestation, Fame, Prominence, and Recognition….”

AND – my personal scientific highlights:

the first on 20 May 2010, just a couple of weeks before the conjunction was exact: Craig Venter’s company created the first artificial living cell – using highly sophisticated computer technology.

Second, on June 7, 2010 at 10:11 pm e, Sherry said: ‘ Here is an exciting piece of news from MSN: Chinese scientists have been able to “teleport” data over long distances using quantum entanglement. Perfect Jupiter/Uranus symbolism!’


There is much, much more which I simply do not have the time to assemble. We are living in very fraught, but very exciting times…..

to be continued  – keep dropping by!



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900 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

14 responses to “Jupiter met Uranus, 8.6.10 : Calm down – we’re still here!

  1. Oh my God what a day! I can barely take it! Thank goodness for your site! This is what happened to me so far this month. I have been out of work since Xmas (I was made redundant) Been trying to find work. In May I had interviewed for 2 jobs and got close but no cigar, on the company I interviewed with on May 28th I decided to chase them back, and they offered me the job. Boy of boy, what a mess. I joined a medical clinic. Never worked in this environment in my life before (come from Corp. Finance) I found the transition extremely stressful and difficult as the position is a high-responsibility (there were 4 other people in the job and they quit this year or were let go because they made a mess of it) The job is a challenge and I ‘thought’ I could handle it, but found the opposite to be true. I wanted to quit on Tuesday but my boss told me to stay and said he’d help me adjust and lighten my workload. However, TODAY things just went from bad to worse. Apart from some terrible medical news to hit one of our patients, I ended up freaking out and losing my cool in the office. I broke a shoe, broke a tooth, quit the job -only to be asked very nicely by the boss to ‘please stay a month’. I am working 45 hours a week and feel like I am about to collapse…I left the office drained of all my energy, broken shoes, painful teeth (couldn’t eat anything) and feeling very very emotional…on top of this I have not had any money/payments since the 1st of May and so I am behind with the bank loans etc…..WHEN is this all going to stop????

    • Marty, Marty! What a ghastly week….you are by no means alone, let me tell you. We all just have to hang in there. My own prescription for myself is to say through gritted teeth ( sorry, not the best thing to mention in your case! ) “Well, this is another facet getting cut on my diamond soul”. It helps me. Might/might not help you…..

  2. Anne, this is a great idea to collect tales of Jupiter/Uranus influences, and i thank you muchly for the link!

    Recently i’ve heard and read so much Scientific Breakthrough news that i’ve not been able to keep up at all…but next time i find something it will be sent along to you!

    One i do remember is the synthetic cell creation announced about 2 weeks ago. i think New Scientist has an article on it:


    So glad you’re typing and researching again, Jude

  3. Hi Jude

    great to hear back from you so quickly! And thanks for link to add to synthetic cell creation link I’ve already posted here. I have got some other mundane comment which you might be interested in – see:

    Jupiter meets Uranus 8/6/2010: individual, community, collective….

    How about being one of my Mundane outreach researchers? Anything you find which fits the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto pattern, be it politics, science, society, medicine, etc – post it in a comment. I now have nearly 20 individual researchees to follow up, so will not have time to do Mundane as well. It would be great to have you on board!

  4. Hi Anne,
    I had relatively uneventful day on Tuesday. I was hoping it would an out of the blue lucky day for me, but so far nothing.

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone else has to say about their day.

    Thank you for this very interesting post.

    • Hi Angela

      great to hear from you and will check out your site. Glad someone had an uneventful day on Tuesday!

      • Anne,
        You know it just hit me that the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is an exact conjunction to my 0 Aries Moon in my 7th house. Is it possible I could have been feeling the effects of this earlier and reacted to it then?

        I had been wrestling with selling my home for some time and came to a decision to sell in mid May. I actually listed my house for sale on June 3. It’s a decision that I still have mixed emotions over.

      • Hi Angela

        yes, it is entirely possible. Sometimes events happen exactly on the day of a major planetary conjunction, but there is always an applying and separating orb of influence. So taking a major step into new territory just before the conjunction was exact on 8.6.10 fits the bill….good luck with it all!

  5. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet. I can ‘feel’ something exciting coming up (I believe that we can feel our timeline up ahead to some extent- perhaps as a ‘fluctuation in the field’), but Saturn needs to move his backside out of the way first! 🙂 And, reading the comments above, they consist more of Saturn frustration than Jupiter/ Uranus liberation!

  6. Hello Anne,

    Hmmm very interesting!

    Now I didn’t take any notice of what was happening/how I was feeling at the time – but have just been back and checked if I posted any blog entries written on that day.

    There was one – at my blog Joy Frequencies – Automatic Responses & Stepping Outside the Box – link – http://joyfrequencies.blogspot.com/2010/06/automatic-responses-stepping-outside.html

    And also another one at my poetry blog written the day after about a strange silence I felt.

    Link to it here – http://outofmyocean.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-silence.html
    – as I wrote in the comments in reply to someone
    – “I love silence too, in fact most of my day is spent in silence with just the little interruptions of everyday background sounds – but the silence that prompted this writing was a strange slighly surreal silence, somehow it felt different as though it had more weight, more meaning.”

    Blog posts are handy for checking where my focus/thoughts/feelings were at a particular time, so now I will have to think of both of these posts in reflection of Jupiter meeting Uranus.

    Additional information – I am currently experiencing chiron returning to its natal position at 0 degrees Pisces.

    • Hi Susannah

      good to see you on this site too!And thank you for your reflections and links. I am about to go off to the scenic North West of Scotland for a few days’ break so should have time to browse your posts then. It is very important to pay attention to shifts and changes in the inner world you highlight, as well as the outer – Jupiter conjunct Uranus (in its dark and difficult, restrictive Saturn/Pluto context currently) is no exception!

  7. Hello Anne

    Apologies in advance for the length of this post (on the New Moon)…..

    I found June 8th through 10th to be immensely ‘productive’ – three significant events amongst many others on the personal/collective front

    Work has been central – an ongoing dispute at work led to ‘investigation’, which felt more like the ‘inquisition’ (Saturn/Pluto?) – this, in turn, has led to an emergent positive trend/solution – this trend emerged during 8th to 10 th June

    A second feature has been personal finance, which has been under a similar constraint, and which has also affected the situation above (Jupiter opp. Saturn?) – this too is now showing signs of resolution – these signs have also emerged within June 8th to 10th

    A third significant factor has been emotional pressure/outbursts , which in large part contributed to events giving rise to the need for the ‘investigation’ (getting the picture…?) – over the 8th to 10th June this too has transmuted into positive action (Mars/Pluto/Moon trines with aspects to conj.?) including new supportive attitudes/strategies focusing on ‘recovery’ and ‘innovation’ – amongst other things, these are manifesting a change in attitude amongst seniors ie. the management team

    Could be that the nature of this dispute/trend somewhat reflects the current ‘field’ of the Jupiter/Uranus chart. The time frame you have highlighted above is really useful for midwifing the positive trends and managing expectations – ‘trouble at mill’ has come to a head – creativity, innovation and self expression, which were formerly a hallmark of our work, have been suppressed in the work place (who wants to be a clone!?) – however, the old suppressing issues/policies (at work) and, significantly, their supporters, are now under scrutiny (you could say that ‘the tables are turning’) – ‘our’ hope is that we-all can sustain the impulse for positive change – the dates you have highlighted above, up to the re-entry of Uranus into Aries on March 12th 2011, is very useful in giving a potential perspective on the time frame for this sustain, at least in the crucial initial stages

    I realise I am being general (and somewhat cryptic) in describing these events – it feels right to do so – in order to flag up emergent trends that seem to express the character of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction/aspects as I experienced it over these 3 days – heirarchy vs co-operation, conservatism vs inspiration are key issues – openness and self honesty, and communication/compassion in particular have been crucial in resolving these and need to be maintained…big time

    Given that both Jupiter and Uranus are going to slide back into Pisces before they return to Aries this feels appropriate – (it is perhaps not until) then we will begin to see something NEW emerging ie. the ‘sprout’ itself…

    Is there a signature for the conjunction that helps us see ahead? For us all for sure there is ongoing work/process – are we ‘in labour’? Viewing the conjunction as a seed, that has commenced germination and begun to break (out of) its shell, is a useful symbol – while we may not be able to say just what it might grow into, it may be a help-full symbol for getting a handle on the emergent process itself, in relation to what may come next

    In my own chart both Mercury, Moon, Uranus and Neptune are within fairly direct orb of influence of the J/U conjunction with a slightly wider orb to my Ascendant and 6th/12th house cusps

    Thanks Anne for your on-going great work – with apologies again (and my daughter’s laughter in the background – oh, Dad!),


  8. Hi Rob

    do not apologise! It is good to have a long and subtle reflection on the early outworking of these complex energies. As I said in my book about the conjunction, and found from the research on 17 individual lives then, Jupiter conjunct Uranus is by no means an unmixed blessing! Its signature is always the bringing to birth brand new, forward looking conditions – but these are often shocking and unwelcome at the time, until their benefits become clearer as the cycle unfolds. Given the tough and restrictive Saturn/Pluto matrix in which this conjunction is held, new conditions are likely to take stable shape with a ‘no pain, no gain’ flavour. But breaking through limits regardless of who/what might be disrupted, is Jupiter/Uranus’ evolutionary ‘task’as it were……thus a sense of humour, and humility, in contemplating and living through this energy field, is essential in my view!

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