Pre-publication Reviews

1.  “I must say I am impressed with Anne Whitaker’s scholarship and insight.‘From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing’ would make a marvelous doctoral dissertation, as it explores a limited configuration –Jupiter conjunct Uranus– with great depth and precision. Compellingly written and intelligently argued from start to finish, Whitaker’s book represents the cutting edge of astrological research. I heartily recommend it.”

Glenn Perry PhD, astro-therapist, consultant, director of the Association for Psychological Astrology and author of six books on Astro Psychology including “Essays in Psychological Astrology : Theory and Practice”

2. “ I have read your book – and enjoyed it very much. It is truly a fine piece of work and packed with so much information….it certainly deserves to be published.”

Juliet Sharman-Burke, administrator of the Centre for Psychological Astrology (London), author of a number of books on the Tarot, and co-author (with Liz Greene) of “The Mythic Tarot”, “The Mythic Journey ” and “The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest”

3.“ ‘From erotic bathing to star gazing’ provides a fascinating read in its entirety. It seems to be very complete; nothing missing, all there. You have done an excellent job. Congratulations.”

Ken Gillman, Editor of  “Considerations” magazine (USA)1983-2006

4.“It is a unique piece of work and you’ve laid it out so well….Yours is the kind of research that reads easily like a story because it was ongoing from the time, rather than – say – starting now and trying to see in retrospect what results and effects such a conjunction might have made. This is an astrologer’s book and ought to be taken up as a recommended text on astrology syllabuses, wherever the subject is taught, because this is real astrology….”

Paul F. Newman, astrologer, astrology teacher, writer and contributor to many journals including The Mountain Astrologer and  The Astrological Journal, author of  You’re not a person–just a birth chart and  Declination in Astrology The Steps of the Sun

5.“The book is good and the study itself is pioneering. What is impressive about it is the care with which a qualitative study has been set up to examine the way in which particular points in the planetary cycles work. It’s the type of model which future astrologers who undertake such analysis will find useful for their work. Though Anne Whitaker’s study concentrates on the qualitative aspects of the research, the model can also be used for quantitative work on a much larger scale.

A study of the Jupiter/Uranus aspects is long overdue and Anne’s book provides confirmation of their effects, which astrologers have long since known. There are many ‘aha’ moments throughout its pages, particularly in those areas where Anne’s contacts are allowed to speak for themselves. That added to her own analysis provides further evidence of the planets’ workings.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone who is interested in research into the planets and their cycles.”

Freda Edis, author of  “The God Within” the definitive study of the planet Mercury, and former Head Tutor of the Faculty of Astrological Studies(London)

6.“Colourful, insightful and painstakingly researched, there is simply no other study of its kind available.”

Frank Clifford of Flare Books(UK), and Principal of the London School of Astrology

7.“Well, your time in the 12th house has not been wasted. The book is fab,fab,fab. Interesting, informative, and best of all easy to read….It has so much information that it will be a constant reference work….My favourite titbit of information is the Cape Canaveral/Moon landing/ USA first landing connection – fabulous. Love the personal lives too, astrology in action….”

Carole Bone, librarian, Aquarius Rising (West of Scotland Astrological Association)

8.“ WELL DONE re the book….it’s a masterpiece of careful, inspired writing – I’m certain you will find a publisher”

Vicki McKenna, author of  “A Balanced Way of Living

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