Jupiter/Uranus in action: front line dispatches

Now that the first flush of excitement regarding the start of a new Jupiter/Uranus cycle on 8 June 2010 has died down, I thought it might be of interest to readers still following this site, to see from time to time some of the dispatches from the ‘front line’ of comments and emails I have been receiving since then, and my responses. This is ‘astrology live!’ It enables us to observe (outwith the main research project which will be taking shape behind the scenes as researchees make their day to day notes) some immediate impacts and reactions as planet Earth and its inhabitants move through a uniquely testing energy field.

I feel fortunate to have lively and challenging commentators!

The first two public comments and my answer follow a clear theme: the relationship between theories – in this case astrological theory re how the Jupiter/Uranus combo should play out in action – and empirical observation ‘on the ground’…..

8 June 2010 Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction

8 June 2010 Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction


Hello Anne,
Well, I’m getting rather confused and frustrated. I have never gone through this transit without seeing an impact on my personal life…and yet, this time, nothing. I realize Jupiter/Uranus will conjunct twice more, but I usually have significant “hints” in the area of activity by this point. Any ideas?
from Sherry



Sherry, I feel similar to you. I’ve had Jupiter and Uranus in the 5th house and it has been fun (lots of party invitations) but nothing life-changing YET. Keep in mind that there will be a lunar eclipse on the 26th-27th. So that could be the turning point needed for the conjunction to take full effect. We’ll see…

from Shana

Anne replies….

Hi Sherry and Shana

apologies for delay in reply. I have had one of my periodic switch-offs from computing – necessary to preserve tendons and sanity!

Your feedback clearly shows why we should do research as astrologers.

We only have to look at scientific theories to realise how marked the human tendency has been historically to take a theory as the truth – and not wish to contemplate contradictions. Look at what happened to Galileo in the 17th century when he challenged via his empirical observations the long-held Ptolemaic theory which endorsed the Catholic Church’s view that the Earth was the centre of the solar system!

My research on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in mid-February 1997 at 6 deg Aquarius, showed that of  17 researchees, 12 experienced inner/outer manifestations of the conjunction’s energies which supported the theory of what SHOULD happen, around the time of the conjunction: but five of them did not. Yet by the end of the research period of 1997/8, most of them reported very significant life changes in line with astrological theory. The stronger the Jupiter/ Uranus natal signature, the more dramatic and unexpected were the life changes.

So you can perhaps see from this why we need to take notes on what happened, if anything– or nothing – around the days preceding and following the conjunction; and at times when it is triggered off. Shana is right to identify the upcoming lunar eclipse – also, times when the inner planets trigger the three conjunction periods should be significant.

Eg tomorrow the Sun moves into 0 Cancer, squaring the conjunction and setting off the whole Grand Cross pattern. The UK tomorrow will hear its emergency budget delivered by the new coalition government (in itself a Jupiter/Uranus political shock!) which has been described in advance as the most radical and toughest budget of a generation.

But we also need to be patient and take the whole year from late Spring 2010 when the conjunction first began to come within orb, until early Spring 2011 when it finally separates for the third time, and Jupiter moves on. Only then will we be able to evaluate its essential impact both collectively and personally.

I will be writing to you researchees soon. Keep taking notes!


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8 responses to “Jupiter/Uranus in action: front line dispatches

  1. I appreciate your candor Anne, and yes, perhaps I am a bit impatient. I never attempt to “predict” transiting Uranus due to its very symbolism, however, I can usually “see” the area of influence even though I do not attempt to interpret the outcome. I have not experienced anything…not even a hint, internally or externally.The grand cross configuration consists of Saturn conjuncting my Sun and ascendant, square my MC with Pluto on the cusp of my 4th house, square my Sun and ascendant, opposition my MC. I think I might be a bit on the nervous side about the Pluto position. My 32-yr old daughter died rather unexpectedly in October 2009 and although the aspect wasn’t exact, the orb was within range and Pluto had just re-entered Capricorn. I believed it was Pluto heralding its arrival and it has put quite a fear in me regarding other family members. Of course there were many other factors to consider, but the absolute finality of her death has shaken my core (Pluto). It has also led to a complete restructuring of my family relationships…some for better, others completely severed. Along with her death, I lost 4 of my grandchildren to their respective father(s), two children to each dad and I haven’t been allowed to see or speak to them…a double trauma, as they are all I have left of her. None of this seems related to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, but I am wondering if I am simply “frozen with fear” and unable to express what would be my usual self. Perhaps I am blocking this potential gift? Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.


    • The main body of my reply was sent as a private email to Sherry. Here is an extract, relevant to her query about the apparent non-manifestation of the Jupiter/Uranus energy….

      “….As regards Jupiter/Uranus this time around: the energy is held in a matrix of darkness and difficulty via the Saturn/Pluto part of the
      overall cross.

      So I would expect any process of ‘breaking through
      to new light’ to be delayed and difficult to get to, for many of us strongly ‘plugged in.’

      I think your diagnosis that you are frozen at
      present, is probably accurate. I did bereavement counselling for a very long time, totally separate
      from my astrological work,and I know just how long it takes to process loss and pain.

      The frozen stage is I think protective until the
      psyche recovers enough from the shock, to begin to contemplate healing.’

      Sherry, you expressed pleasure and surprise to me at being part of this research project. I am still reeling with surprise myself since after the 1997/8 research I remarked to my friends and family that NO WAY would I be mad enough to take on such a project ever again. (Tip, you guys out there: Never say never!!!) But I also feel an undertow of reluctance in the face of all the work – and have been putting off writing the protocol for the last week! This is the Saturn/Pluto effect I have just been talking about which I think we will see across the map, as it were: from eg the big picture manifestations of this huge and protractedly difficult to fix oil explosion disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, to the upheavals, frustrations and delays in breaking new ground in our tiny personal lives.

      As you said at the outset of your comment, Sherry – patience, that’s the key. And faith, that the planetary symbols are outworking in ways which can bring in fresh, positive energy if we work with them as consciously as we are able….

  2. and for Shana,
    Be careful there :-)…The last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was in my 5th house. I was 43. Had already raised 4 children, youngest was 17. Both of my daughters experienced sudden unexpected pregnancies within 8 weeks of each other and of course I thought, “this is the transit”…3 months later I found myself pregnant against all odds. So, I have a daughter the same age as 2 of my grandchildren. Talk about unexpected! She was definitely my Uranian “twist”. Anything is possible!

  3. Anna McCarthy

    Well, so far the transit had been about bad news mostly. My adored acupuncturist friend died of rectal cancer at 54. She had 4 planets Scorpio plus the Asc. with the Moon conjunct Neptune 0 degrees Scorpio. Her husband has Moon Virgo 0 degrees-the conjucntion makes a yod in their charts. She did survive way longer than I expected. She was a luminous being.

    Another friend with lung cancer. He has been smoking for 50 years but still sad as he is a very helpful person on the planet. Granddaughter with 1 degree Cancer Mars and close Mercury is going to lose a tooth from dental phobia. Should have paid her dentist instead of going on vacation in Puerto Rico, I guess. Another granddaughter is pregnant which she fervently desired, but now reality is setting in – but hardly a cause for lamentation. Grandson in law unexpectedly competent, smart and pleasant-good father material.

    Another acquaintance with 0 Aries had cataract surgery successfully.

    I am sick of all my usual pursuits and sick of antibiotics, craving something new and different. What patience?

    • Yes, there has been quite a bit of bad news around lately – I have seen this too in the context of my own, relatives and friends’ lives, to a greater degree than usual.

      As I reflect on the research study and how best to set it up, I have also been reflecting on the particular power of this Pisces/Aries shift as the backdrop to the 2010/11 conjunctions. The end of an old cycle, and the start of a new one, happens every 14 years with Jupiter/Uranus. But this one is potentised, I think, by its occurrence at the end of the very Zodiac cycle itself with Pisces, and the start of a new one with Aries. There is something very literal and potent here. And the scything back of the old order to clear space for the new to emerge, can be seen manifesting very harshly. This could be why there seems to be so much death around, both literal and symbolic. The Gulf of Mexico disaster at a collective level, may signify the protracted death of the illusion that humans can intrude on the deep fabric of our planet without great penalty. Hopefully the ‘something new’ that emerges from this death can wring more responsible behaviour out of us re Mother Earth…..

      “….I am sick of all my usual pursuits and sick of antibiotics, craving something new and different. What patience?….”

      Jupiter/Uranus in Aries speaks….!

  4. Another death in my realm…I’m a Child Protective Services Investigator. Had an 11-year old boy die in his sleep last Sunday (not a suspicious death). He had a heart attack. Tragic. Parents are devestated. Was difficult for me to offer support and comfort to the family as it brought back a lot of pain surrounding my daughter’s death.

    • Dear Sherry

      thank you for your openness again. There is nothing I can think of to say in relation to this feedback which would be adequate. Except that I feel for you from my own experiences of loss, and of having had to support people in my professional life through desperate tragedy.

      Perhaps my response to Anna, above, can offer a little perspective on the larger scale.

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