Your copy of Jupiter meets Uranus

“…‘Jupiter Meets Uranus‘ is a great introduction to how astrology works at the individual and social level. Readers without any knowledge of astrology may want to skip past a paragraph or two here and there, but Whitaker’s style is engaging and her explanations are always clear. By taking a relatively small slice of the astrological pie and examining it in detail, she makes it possible for non-astrologers to understand how astrologers think – a valuable insight for anyone wanting to know more about this ancient discipline’s workings in the contemporary world….” Armand Diaz, books and articles editor for the Astrology News Service, a joint project of NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN.

To read the rest of this review which makes a great introduction to the book, click HERE

Jupiter meets Uranus - from

Jupiter meets Uranus – from

I have decided to offer out this research as a free gift to any student or teacher of astrology who wishes to add to their existing knowledge of astrology in general and the Jupiter/Uranus combination in particular. It would be great if you felt you could return something for this gift, by making a small donation to the Scottish Cot Death Trust (which researches the causes of unexplained sudden deaths in infants and small children, and offers research-based advice as well as supporting bereaved parents) or to a favourite charity of your own.

Thanks – and do let me know in due course what you think of the book...

Download  Jupiter Meets Uranus now [5.3 MB PDF]