Reviews 2009 +

Autumn 2009

I am pleased to say that there have now been several favourable reviews of ‘Jupiter meets Uranus’, with more to come. I will post them gradually over the next few months, listing them also on this page. Enjoy!

A Five Star Review on – by Jude Cowell (June 2009)

Another Five Star Review – on by Leah Whitehorse (July 2009)

Brief email review from Reinhold T – Wisconsin USA (October 2009)

Thumbs-up from Jonathan Cainer, the UK’s top astrologer (November 2009)

A great heads-up on Theodore White’s Global Astrology Blog(November 2009)

USA’s Dell HOROSCOPE Magazine Review by Chris Lorenz (November 2009)



To read Dawn Bodrogi’s generous review of ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’, click HERE


The Mountain Astrologer magazine USA, April/May 2010 Issue


May 2010

“As the somewhat-scary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction prepares to burn its way across the sky — scary in part because it’s involved in a huge cardinal T-cross (and occasional grand cross) involving Pluto and Saturn, and bringing in Moon, Venus, and Mars by August 2010) — it would probably be a good thing to attend to what this might mean. The place to go to do that would be this uniquely-researched book which is not only the sole book I know of devoted only to this subject, but the result of a dedicated research project intended to dig out the most of of what it might mean, especially personally……However you look at it, this is a most timely book to have right now.”

( from John Townley of AstroCocktail )

To read the full review, and then explore John and Susan Townley’s brilliant in-depth astrology website, click HERE


September 2010


Facebook meets Jupiter/Uranus at the 19 September cafe!

(and a review from Kenneth Irving)


June 2012

Click HERE to read a review from Armand Diaz, Ph.D, books and articles editor for the Astrological News Service, and author of a most interesting and stimulating book about astrology which I am currently reading: Integral Astrology.


2 responses to “Reviews 2009 +

  1. If you still have a space for volunteers for your research, I would like to join. My Nodal Axis is 0 Libra/Aries trining my Ascendant. My natal Jupiter/Sun conjunction (6th) trines Uranus/Midheaven conjunction.

  2. Hi Shaye

    great! I need a Nodal person. It would be great if you could email me your BData – kept in confidence.

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