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(I loved this comment: ” your photos are very ‘you’. That kind of Scottish, wry, well-lived and come through a hedge backwards yet totally together again kind of look…”from my old friend and former fellow student Sarah Bartlett.

Born and raised in the storm-tossed stark beauty of the Scottish Western Isles where my love for nature, sky and seascapes first arose. Driven always by restless curiosity about why we are here, and what we have to do to feel there is a point to it all.

Diverse work record, mostly vocational but not without its forays into interesting byways, eg the British Merchant Navy whose honourable discharge papers I hold, as well as a university Arts degree, and post-graduate qualifications in education, social work and psychological astrology.

I have always written in one context or another, with published work in newspapers, magazines and journals in the UK and USA in recent years; nearly always taught adult education students in a rich variety of settings; counselled for a long time both in social work and private practice; supervised social work and counselling students; taught and practised as a professional astrologer.

Since 2019 I no longer do horoscope readings, since I am focusing on mentoring student astrologers, offering mentoring support to fellow professional astrologers, teaching a small group of tutorial students – and, of course, writing. You can find details of my articles, essays and columns on astro-wiki.


“Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie” ( illustrated children’s poetry book)

“Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness” (memoir and analysis of thirty years’ intermittent paranormal experiences)


Jupiter Meets Uranus (“…a great introduction to how astrology works at the individual and social level…)    The first, print edition of this book was published in the USA by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009.

The Moon’s Nodes in Action ( described by Dr Liz Greene as “…a superb thesis…” )

Astrologer at Work


Note: I updated this site in September 2019, and it is now my main astrology site.

However, there is a considerable archive going back to 2008 which you will find at the bottom left sidebar of the Home Page. It is aimed at ‘…those writers and readers who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, mystery, pattern and purpose…’, so you may well find some articles there to your liking! Do have a browse…

Also – I have left the ‘old’ comments on this page. Just because I like and appreciate them still!


© Anne Whitaker 2019
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page of Writing from the Twelfth House


8 responses to “Biog

  1. Hi Anne,
    I’d love to join your test group.My info as follows-
    June 26,1962 Lakewood,Ohio USA 10:53am

    • Giselle, that would be great – as long as you have planet(s) Nodes, Asc or MC between 27 Pisces – 3 Aries ( this is the research orb I am using) Will check your chart soon and thanks for data.

  2. Oh! Sorry Anne! I was looking at my 4 Cancer Sun sitting at the table.I’ve got naught at Pisces 27-Aries 3.BTW,truly love your sites,all of them.

  3. Hi Ann,

    I’d like to join your research group. I’ve 3 planets sun, moon and jupiter all squaring AC in late pisces and I’m having my jupiter return. I’ve been feeling the effects of Uranus for years, much has happened and was waiting for jupiter. Have a look at my chart born 10.15 am 13/3/1975, Manchester, UK

    • Hi Clair

      I’m afraid the group is full now – I have to limit numbers in order to make things manageable! But if you would like to maintain informal contact as a supporter of the research, via posting from time to time to let us know the key turning points of the year (April 10-March 11) for you, that would be great.

  4. Hi Ann,

    That’s OK. I will keep you posted as much has changed since Uranus has been transiting (for me since 2008). I’m still trying to figure out if this transit is positive or negative. It will be interesting to see your findings! As I have 3 planets in late Pisces, I think that Uranus conjuncting has turned my whole life upside down from relationships, home, work and friends. This may be positive or negative, time will tell and I’ll let you know.


  5. Thanks Clair. Your comments have provided me with the inspiration I needed for the upcoming post. Keep an eye on the Weblog!


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