Jupiter meets Uranus 8/6/2010: individual, community, collective….

The “Jupiter meets Uranus” site is taking an exciting turn as we move toward the new conjunction. I have in recent days committed myself (am I mad or what?!!) to doing a follow-up study from the one  I did on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of February 1997 “Jupiter meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing. (UK buyers, click HERE ) Have you got your copy yet?

I am approaching my quota of 20 volunteers who are “plugged-in” to the late mutable/early cardinal energy of  the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries, and will be sending me their feedback on how it was for them as the observational year (March 2010 – February 2011) unfolds. It is fantastic that they are prepared to do this – and I will be treating their feedback with appropriate care and confidentiality, as I did the 17 participants in the previous 1997 research. So – keep watching this space to see a research study being invented before your eyes!

And there are still a few more places for volunteers with planets/Angles/ Moon’s Nodes in late mutable/early cardinal signs. Just leave a comment and I will contact you.

I have acquired some interesting and lively commentators, most recently Shana – of  http://www.shanatinglipton.com/blog/. In response to a comment of hers, I have written a short piece on some contemporary events which I thought I’d share with the many readers of this site – in the spirit of “here it is – as it happens.”

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

from Shana June 2, 2010 at 1:03 am Hey Anne and friends,

I dunno if this constitutes the first celebrity Jupiter/Uranus moment but Tipper and Al Gore divorcing after 40 years of marriage seems kind of Uranus. And having his tropical sun sign in Aries (along with transiting Jupiter and Uranus) could make for a milestone moment.

One for the books?


from Anne : June 3, 2010 at 12:59 pm Hi Shana

thanks for posting this link. The important point to look for in identifying the action of Jupiter/Uranus, in essence, is that it should bring into being, unexpectedly and usually shockingly, conditions which are entirely new. So we need to focus on that – and the Gore split certainly illustrates J/Uranus energy at work as you say. Gore was also born under the tough Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1947 just after WW2, and Saturn/Pluto people feel the harsh grind of that combination at each aspect – we are now at the waning square (from the 1982 conjunction) which is part of the Grand Cross pattern with Jupiter/Uranus in Aries. As I put it in another article on this site, written a year ago:

“The Jupiter-Uranus predilection for seeing no limits, leaping before it looks and challenging the established order expressed through the filter of the rash, angry impetuousness of Aries and locked with the harsh, power-driven determination not to budge of the Saturn-Pluto square, offers a difficult and dangerous picture……”

This is validated today with news of the gun massacre of 13 people (including the killer) and the serious injury of many others in Cumbria, England, UK, by an apparently mild-mannered man who broke through any limit of acceptability (Jupiter/Uranus in Aries) and acted out the worst side of the Saturn/Pluto combination – mass murder. (check out Reinhold Ebertin “The Combination of Stellar Influences” (AFA) p188)

And a nation born under Saturn/Pluto – Israel – is currently attracting international condemnation for its treatment of people of goodwill trying to bring humanitarian aid (the plus side of Jupiter/Uranus in Aries) to ordinary citizens suffering under the Gaza blockade.

Here you see an example of the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries energy field, set in its Saturn/Pluto context, operating at three levels at once: the personal, the community, and the wider collective.

“As above, so below” in all its awesome truth….


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12 responses to “Jupiter meets Uranus 8/6/2010: individual, community, collective….

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    • Thanks for the plug! Happy to reciprocate, do drop by again. There will be more material on how this unique summer 2010 energy field plays out in individual and collective life, as described by the planetary pattern.

  2. Hi Anne, Am not sure if my chart may help but birth details are 6.55am 11 March 1946 Manchester England.
    I have 29.33 pisces asc with venus conjuncting, sqr my cancer moon at 0 degrees. My aries merc is at 8 in 1st house and neptune at 7 libra in 7th.
    I recently left my partner and moved to another state and cooler climate only to find that I cannot find a suitable house am living in student accommodation – OK but not long term I hope and a piece of land I am trying to sell is just not happening.
    Am very aware of not feeling as bright as a button especially with uranus sqring moon as I type. My hope factor is in the doldrums but age and experience tells me it will pass and my aries nature is getting very ratty and impatient. Look forward to your posts Pat

  3. Thanks Pat!

    I will log you in to the study since your planets certainly fit the criteria. Be in touch soon with further details.

    Sorry to hear that life has been so difficult for you – these are times when, as you say, age and experience come in very handy!

    All good wishes and thanks again for volunteering


  4. Fighting with disappearing posts again, so if this is a duplicate, please forgive me!
    Just read that Jupiter was hit by a comet or asteroid and the impact was caught on film…interesting considering the timing!

    • Hi Sherry

      I think Jupiter/Uranus triggering both our charts has made you able to read my mind! I have been thinking of starting a research file for collecting collective and cosmic events during the observational year of March 10 – Feb 11 which resonate with the Jupiter/Uranus energy field, and which are ‘picked up’ both by members of the research team and by interested supporters of the research project in general – and here you are, contributing to it before I even ask…. thanks for this interesting item which I will use as the start of the file. It’s great to have this help.

      When I did the research for the 1997 conjunction year, I had stacks and stacks of newspaper cuttings. But building a file of brief summary sentences accompanied by a Web link as you have done, strikes me as a more efficient way of doing things. I hope that other
      readers will pick up on our exchange and send in links from time to time!

  5. Anna McCarthy

    While my MC at 3 Aries 46 is widely conjunct my husband’s Mercury/Neptune opposition at 28 Virgo 36/44 is closer. He is normally sedate, but last Friday with the Moon in Pisces, he went off and bought a Toyota Rav 4 and got us $13,000 into debt. His Tercel does have 270,000 miles on it and it did break 2 belts driving home on Saturday so that the engine boiled over, so I felt better about it – eventually. Not one belt but two! I cut my finger very badly on Friday while stewing about all this.

    Today, a young man who has been sober for a while went drinking last night and is still nowhere to be found by his wife and child. Another young man who is manic depressive and had been doing very well, has been up all night. My daughter’s Venus is the same as my Mid Heaven and her Saturn is 1 Cancer but I am steadfastly repressing any thoughts about that. And so it goes. We shall see.

  6. Anna McCarthy

    I have a very good friend with 29+ Pisces Sun in the 7th. She took up with a very sweet mild mannered fellow 3 years ago who was supposed to be manic- depressive. He was so lovely and neither manic nor depressive that I thought the diagnosis was wrong. A few months ago when Uranus opposed his Jupiter he went crazy. Really crazy. His Jupiter, which squares Uranus, is 0 degrees Aries! I am waiting to hear the latest. He has been hospitalized a few times and arrested a few times. Very sad for all concerned. I liked him so much and he had such a brilliant, interesting chart.

    • Thank you for this very dramatic feedback which is highly illustrative of the more destructive, “seeing no limits” dimensions of Jupiter/Uranus. Also whilst presenting research evidence publicly like this, although it is useful evidence for validating the claims of astrology, none of us should forget – as Anna points out – the human distress which lies behind the interesting symbolic correlations. We aspire to be detached observers but that should never be at the expense of our humanity…

  7. Hi Anne.

    Do you need any more volunteers for your research? If you do, here comes:

    My Mercury sits at 0 57 Aries and my Vertex -axis runs on 0 30 Capricorn/0 30 Cancer.

    My life has been very “mercurial” and Vertex has been actively involved in meaningful relationships. I am looking forward to new and exciting experiences.

    DOB 29 March, 1956
    TOB 12:40 pm
    POB Mikkeli, Finland.

  8. Hi Malla

    happy to have you! The more international our research is, the better! Will log your data and be in touch with more detail end June or so. In the meantime, try to keep a brief diary. I have never worked with the Vertex – so some new learning there…

    Thanks for volunteering


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