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Jupiter Uranus mission complete!

Well, folks, that’s it. My fifteen-year obsession with Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions is over. Time to move on to “pastures new”.

It is my hope that this extensive archive of articles and research will be of interest and value to astrology students and researchers – and their teachers – both now and in years to come. The archive includes a study of the behaviour of those two planets over 2,500 years, and the fascinating correlation which I have found to exist on the macro scale between the movements of  Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions and the unfolding of human history.

I had a faithful group of 10 volunteers from across the world who stayed with the project of reporting the symbolic impact of the 2010-11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions on all their lives. Their feedback is to be found in the “Tales from the Wild Ride” series in the archive, along with all their charts, data and names withheld for confidentiality. I am most grateful to them for their participation.

Perhaps it is apt to close on a personal note. What clues are there in my horoscope to this long-running Jupiter/Uranus obsession? Have a look – perhaps the bowl shape led by Uranus/10th, closed by Jupiter/3rd, is a clue? And the Asc/Desc  falling on the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, maybe?

Anne W's Horoscope

Anne W’s Horoscope

Quite a number of readers have asked me about MY Jupiter/Uranus year 2010/11: what disruptions and changes have come into my life? I said I would not say anything about my own life until the end of the project.

Given the conjunction sextiling the MC/North Node, and squaring a natal Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 10th, the answer is – quite a few! Firstly, my husband and I have unexpectedly become grandparents, our granddaughter having been conceived during the week of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries in early June 2010.

Secondly, I am off to be a student again in the autumn of 2011, to do a two-year part-time  MSc degree in Counselling Studies at  a distinguished Scottish University. My aim is to update my counselling skills qualifications, and to use the compulsory research module to ground me in more formal and rigorous research methodology than I have employed to date. My aim then is to use the second year’s 15,000 word dissertation to sketch out the basis for my third book. And who knows what else may arise therefrom?

So there it is. Many thanks to all the many readers of this blog, especially those commenters and emailers whose generous encouragement has kept me going at times when I was flagging!

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Jupiter meets Uranus - from

Jupiter meets Uranus – from

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