Feedback 2009-11

This is a selection of some of the public comments from 2009-11, the duration of Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries and Pisces

Sheilagh 3.4.2011

I have thoroughly enjoyed travelling along with you and am delighted that after a short break you will be back keeping in touch with us all. it’s a bit like miss JeanBrodie and her pupils isn’t it – I have the utmost respect for my teacher of astrology and still hear your words ringing in my head from time to time – we were very well schooled!!

Anne 4.11.2010

Found this fascinating! I’m now looking at the events in my own life over the last few months in a very different light.

Carole 2.11.2010

Fascinating update and could not agree more with Anne W’s note re Liz Greene – “if you can predict it – it isn’t Uranus”!

Rob 16.10.10

…to echo Mo, top quality writing Anne and beautifully painted through those broad brush strokes – you’ve captured the spirit….

Rob 7.8.2010

…am finding this ‘as it happens’ feedback very useful and I am grateful to your volunteers – there are strong mirrors out there! Very reassuring….So fascinating, what an inspiring piece of work you have brought into the world here!

Amelia 26.7.2010

Wonderful site.Thanks for your very interesting and enlightening blog. Very much enjoy it.

Dawn 16.7.2010

Another great article, Anne. It’s so helpful for us to have this information in one place, and to be able to see and analyze the many faces of this amazing conjunction.

Jen 15.6.2010

This is fascinating stuff! Thanks for all the research and I look forward to reading more of your work

Jude Cowell (Stars over Washington)11.6.2010

Anne, this is a great idea to collect tales of Jupiter/Uranus influences, and i thank you muchly for the link!

Marty 11.6.2010

Oh my God what a day! I can barely take it! Thank goodness for your site!

Marty 25.5.2010

I have just started reading through your articles and the different links. I have to say your work is amazing just as amazing as the daily news which corresponds almost exactly with everything for 2010 that you’ve written about!

Lauren 29.5.10

I so love to read the breadth and depth of your inquiry into “a meaningful cosmos” secure knowing that the roots of your insightful wisdom are helping to keep me grounded at a time when my thoughts and feelings are adrift at sea….

Rob 21.5.2010

in the face of a new found flowering fascination with astrology your site(s) are a great find – and the wit……!! pure fresh air – thanks

6.8.09 from’Linea’ by email:

I’ve just read your interview in the AFA journal of June 22, 2009. What an excellent article, such a fine example of how to do mundane astrology, with lots of good tidbits along the way.

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