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E-Book: Jupiter Meets Uranus 1997/8 and 2010/11 by Anne Whitaker

I’m happy to announce that, as from today, this ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’ blog has become an archive. From here, any student of astrology, practitioner, or interested member of the public can access an  e-copy of the book I wrote on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of 1997/8 set in its personal and historical context (initial print edition published in 2009 by the American Federation of astrologers). Also accessible directly from this site – just browse the categories on left-hand sidebar – is the whole range of articles I wrote during the 2010/11 conjunction, including a study of the turbulent lives of ten volunteers from across the world ‘plugged in’ to that conjunction – “Tales from the Wild Ride”.

In the recent words of reviewer Armand Diaz:

“…‘Jupiter Meets Uranus‘ is a great introduction to how astrology works at the individual and social level. Readers without any knowledge of astrology may want to skip past a paragraph or two here and there, but Whitaker’s style is engaging and her explanations are always clear. By taking a relatively small slice of the astrological pie and examining it in detail, she makes it possible for non-astrologers to understand how astrologers think – a valuable insight for anyone wanting to know more about this ancient discipline’s workings in the contemporary world….” Armand Diaz, books and articles editor for the Astrology News Service, a joint project of NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN.

To read the rest of this review which makes a great introduction to the book, click HERE

I do hope you enjoy both the book and the article archive. I’d be delighted to hear from any of my readers! And if you like my writing, there are many articles on the broad themes of “…mystery, meaning, pattern and purpose…” to be found on my main blog, an archive since May 2016 after 8 years of regular postings : Writing from the Twelfth House.

Astrology: Questions and Answers is now my main blog, and is well-stocked with articles on a wide range of astrological topics, with something for all levels of astrological knowledge from beginners to experienced practitioners.

AND: check out my other two e-books: Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie, a delightfully illustrated book of quirky children’s poems, and Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness,  my memoir presenting an open-minded exploration and analysis of thirty years’ intermittent paranormal experiences.



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Jupiter meets Uranus in Pisces, Australia floods: please help Queensland

I have taken to going ” off line” on Friday night, only returning to the Web on Monday –
perhaps a reflection of my January mood. During last weekend off, I was wondering what to post today – scratching my head for inspiration.
Ten minutes ago I opened my  “Writing from the Twelfth House” email:, and found the post: an urgent appeal for help for the Queensland flood disaster, from my Australian writer friend and colleague, Annie Evett.
Annie writes:
……Blessed with our modern technology, no doubt you will have heard via facebook, twitter, live feed news coverage or seen incredible scenes on youtube outlining the disaster befalling Queensland in Australia…..
There is something you can do to help! Please read the rest of Annie’s appeal by clicking HERE


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Waiting for Jupiter/Uranus 3 as the old year wanes….

The third and final conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus – at 27 Pisces – takes place on the 4th January 2011. On 22.1.11 , Jupiter re-enters Aries, with Uranus re-entering Aries on 13.3.11. From an applying orb of 10 degrees in March 2010, to the separating orb of 10 degrees in mid March 2011 when Uranus will be at 0 deg Aries and Jupiter 10 deg Aries, it will have been some year, both for our world and for individuals ‘plugged-in’ to the conjunction’s 27 Pisces – 0 Aries “Hot spot”!

Jupiter meets Uranus - from

Jupiter meets Uranus - from

Check out the link below to read my brief post  setting the scene for the next phase of the exploration of “Tales from the Wild Ride” which follows the lives of ten brave volunteers throughout an unforgettable year.

How was it for you, in 2010 dominated by this uniquely disruptive planetary duo and  the attendant Grand Cross Of Jupiter/Uranus, Saturn and Pluto? How are things right now?

All of today, I have been grabbed by a manic fit of energy (yes, I am also ‘plugged in’ to the Hot Spot!) which has seen me completely reorganise the layout of this site into what is a much more accessible form. Scroll down the Home Page on the left, and I hope you will agree. Enjoy your browse! And a Happy New Year!

Jupiter Meets Uranus: next up, 4th January 2011….

ps. I am still hoping that that Purple Person from Planet Zog will appear before the Spring….


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A little local difficulty!

Just to let the many followers of the “Tales from the Wild Ride” series know that the problem I did not know I had until this morning has now been fixed! You can now actually access all the

2010/11 Background Notes for ‘Tales from the Wild Ride’

pages on the site – listed in white on the black panel just below the unmissable cover of “Jupiter Meets Uranus”. Apologies for any tooth-grinding frustration which this may have engendered!

I have just returned from holiday and will soon be posting new material. In the meantime – have a browse, there’s plenty to check out!

Latest feedback on ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’

From Charlotte M, by email, 8.7.10

‘ I LOVE your book Anne, I imagine it is the definitive work on the Jupiter/Uranus cycle, and I for one, have been given a much deeper insight into this cycle thanks to your work.  Your style of writing makes it accessible for the academic as well as the layman, and that is a gift.  I hope for more books by you to read, and keep in my library, although very thankful to have your website at hand.

I was so interested to hear about the testing of the first solar flight around the world recently…so apt, and yet again, astrology in action…..’

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

UK buyers, click HERE


Jupiter met Uranus, 8.6.10 : Calm down – we’re still here!

….and a fresh Jupiter/Uranus 14-year cycle has just begun…..

AND – a new astrology study is about to commence (the sequel to the one I did in 1997), with a brilliant new group of volunteer researchers joining me to share their experiences over the next year.

But first, let me set a sensible context (astrologers? sensible? It is possible…) by quoting from one of the articles I wrote and published on this site in the run-up to the Great Event of 8.6.10 : (18.5.10: Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?)

“……It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be. So can we all calm down and just get on with life?

I trust that those few moderating paragraphs will have at least temporarily helped to reduce your blood pressure, and injected a rather needed note of  philosophical detachment into your contemplation of the Summer of 2010……”

We also need to remember that, with any planetary cycle, the first time the two planets meet, as Jupiter and Uranus famously did on Tuesday, is just the beginning.

The New Moon - fragile, fluid, barely forming....

The New Moon - fragile, fluid, barely forming....

For example, in the ordinary 29.5 day cycle of the Sun and Moon, the two planets meet, in darkness, as they will tomorrow at 21 deg. 24 min. Gemini. It takes 2-3 days for the fragile crescent of the New Moon to appear, a sign in the heavens that the energy represented by the latest New Moon is just beginning to take shape and to manifest in the world. This is why traditional advice is to wait until a few days after any New Moon before launching a new venture of any kind. Before that, the energy is considered to be too fluid and unstable.

This general principle applies very well to the new Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 0 deg.18 min. Aries. The energy created is dynamic, unique, door-opening, pioneering, fluid, quite unstable and likely to remain so for the best part of another year. The planets meet exactly again on 19th September 10, this time at 28 deg. 43 min. Pisces, with both planets retrograde.

Then again on Jan 04 2011, at 27 deg. 02 min. Pisces going direct. Jupiter returns to Aries on 22 January 2011, Uranus not until 12th March 2011. At this point there is a 10 degree orb of separation between the two – Jupiter at 10 deg. Aries.

Only then should we consider the conjunction to have done its initial mould-shattering work,  and the new 14-year cycle to have truly begun.


So – anyone out there who is interested in seeing how we mere humans and our planet respond to the great music of the spheres – through the unique combination of notes of Jupiter and Uranus – keep watching this space!

In my book published in 2009, “Jupiter meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing” I presented collective manifestations of the energy of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 6 deg. Aquarius, as well as the turbulent and unique life histories of my 17 volunteers during the 1997/8 period of the research.

This time, I am largely limiting my efforts to researching the lives of 20 volunteers. I simply do not have time to collect all the collective data I did last time. So – it would be great if followers of this site sent me comments with a brief explanatory note plus reliable Web link, to any collective events they considered to fit the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries terms of reference.

My colleague Jamie Funk of that great site FUNKASTROLOGY highlighted the 8th June 2010 USA-wide vigil of protest against the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – surely the biggest, most shocking event of the build-up period whilst the conjunction was still in Pisces.

And just this evening, from my friend and colleague Jude Cowell’s brilliant mundane site “Stars Over Washington”,

Jun 10, 2010

House bill to protect US power grid – Jupiter conjunct Uranus

” In a flurry of perfected synchronicity, the House passed a bill yesterday (June 9) to protect America’s power grid – hours after June 8, 2010’s Great Conjunction of idealistic, expansive Jupiter and electrical, disruptive Uranus @ 00Ari18, the Aries Point of World Manifestation, Fame, Prominence, and Recognition….”

AND – my personal scientific highlights:

the first on 20 May 2010, just a couple of weeks before the conjunction was exact: Craig Venter’s company created the first artificial living cell – using highly sophisticated computer technology.

Second, on June 7, 2010 at 10:11 pm e, Sherry said: ‘ Here is an exciting piece of news from MSN: Chinese scientists have been able to “teleport” data over long distances using quantum entanglement. Perfect Jupiter/Uranus symbolism!’

There is much, much more which I simply do not have the time to assemble. We are living in very fraught, but very exciting times…..

to be continued  – keep dropping by!



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