Jupiter/Uranus 2010/11: “Tales from the Wild Ride” Part One

In 1997/8 I followed the lives of 17 subjects ‘plugged in’ to the 5-6 Degrees Aquarius ‘hot spot’ where those two dynamic planets last met – in February 1997. Their turbulent tales from the left field appear in “Jupiter Meets Uranus” published (eventually!) in April 2009.

By the time I had completed that project, my friends, family and students were so fed up with my Jupiter/Uranus obsession that they began crossing to the other side of the road when they saw me approaching(I exaggerate, but only slightly!)

However, so compelling has been the interest in the 2010/11 Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in Aries and Pisces across the Web, and so persistent my emailers, commenters and volunteers, that here I am, at it again. Am I mad or what??!!

Of the many volunteers, I have had to restrict my group to 12. It would not have been realistically possible to take on more, given the demands on my time and restrictions imposed by eyesight problems which I hope will not get much worse over the coming months.

(For those of you Virgoan types who are interested in more detail re how the project is set up and structured, I have created a special page in which I have posted some of the ‘boring but necessary background stuff’. Click HERE if you want to check that out. NOTE: I am allowing a wide orbital range of 22 Pisces to 5 Aries. This is five degrees applying to the 27 Pisces – 0 Aries ‘hot spot’ where the conjunctions take place – and five degrees separating.)

But now, on to the first of those Tales from the Wild Ride, which will now unfold on a regular basis until next Spring 2011. A great big ‘thank you’ to those volunteers prepared to share their unfolding stories with the rest of us. Apart from some minor editing, you are reading their own words.Through them, you will be able to observe the transformational impact of the turbulent unpredictability of Jupiter/Uranus, held in a matrix of darkness, delay and difficulty brought by Saturn/Pluto – so obvious ‘across the map’ of the spring-autumn period of 2010 in our individual and collective lives….

The New Moon - a cycle just beginning....

The New Moon - a cycle just beginning....

In the beginning…..

1) April and May 2010 (build-up period to conjunction on 8.6.10):

Five subjects’ feedback :

Personal Life

Did you experience anything significant of an inner/outer nature during this period? (Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others)

(Please indicate which of the following 4 categories applies)

Very much so: 4/5
Moderately so: 1/5
Mildly so: 0/5
Not at all: 0/5


Alicia Aged 53

( Asc/Desc 23 Virgo/Pisces – included  to see the extent to which a wide orb ‘delivers’ )

Alicia Aged 53

Alicia Aged 53

Very Much So

In a nutshell, everything broke.  My laptop (which I depend on for my livelihood) had to be repaired not once, but twice, and spent the whole period in the shop (Uranus rules my sixth).  My fridge broke down.  The wiring in my house kept shorting things.  Lots of frustrations with things electronic.

I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction in the 11th—my best friend had a major rift with her son (still not mended), and my mother had one with another family member…..

Sometime around Easter, suddenly fell out of love with someone I’d been in love with for more than three years…..

Intellectually, creatively and intuitively, this period was very intense and rewarding for my astrological work.  I broke a lot of new ground in these months—particularly in researching psycho-sexual development and relating it to the asteroids…..

There has been a major breakthrough, for me, in understanding the way sexuality develops and the ways it can manifest differently in different people.  I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re still in the dark ages about understanding sexual orientation.  I relate this to the (Ed. Jupiter/Uranus) energy falling in my 7th house and to the general Aries/Libra stimulation….. I’m looking forward to where this is going to take my work.


Julia Aged 37

(Venus 26 Pisces conj Sun 01 Aries /8th House)

Julia Aged 37

Julia Aged 37

Very Much So

Yes. From March onwards, escalating across April and May I experienced one of the most difficult and stressful periods in my life….

The problems of this time came down to the fact I’ve been pioneering a radically new concept and while it’s been gaining a great deal of support and significant progress has been made, the first six months of this year and in particular March, April and May, were periods of great difficulty and set backs.

My experience of this period was one of extreme contrast – finding that on the one hand extremely powerful people and organisations were lining up by my side to support my project, but on the other hand traditional societal and economic models were working against my endeavors and at times making it feel as if I’d set my heart on an impossible task.

……I felt acutely aware of the fact that two opposing sides were in a showdown, both holding their ground, the innovators raising the bar and pushing harder than ever to bring new ideas and approaches to the fore, as the traditionalists pushed against them, being as obstructive as possible.
During this period I was very much aware that I was not the only person feeling frustrated and at times angered at the scenarios unfolding around the world. Many friends and colleagues were feeling similar emotions and feeling at the end of their tether; sick and tired of the status quo and feeling like something has got to give.

The period was mainly one where I worked exceedingly hard behind the scenes, maneuvering around a multitude of obstacles that relentlessly presented themselves, finding plans got delayed and just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

However, ……the delays caused by the obstacles during March, and to an even greater extent April, which came to a climax in May, have led to better opportunities in the long run. New opportunities started to present themselves during April and May, some from external sources, others because I tried some new ways of doing things…….  I think I came out of that period stronger and braver than when I entered it.


Kathy Aged 54

(Mercury 01 deg Aries widely conj Sun 9 Aries /9th House)

Kathy Aged 54

Kathy Aged 54

Long Easter week-end in Barcelona. Because of lack of resources have not been able to travel since 2000. First time for 15 years to travel to a new place. Like coming home. Blown away by Gaudí. The trip resulted in many well-received articles for my blog.

The friend I travelled with had never been abroad in her life (63 years of age). Two weeks after Barcelona she won a free trip to Florence, Italy in October. Also suddenly she has had a lot of contacts with foreigners which in her everyday environment is not normal.

Sudden death of a dear friend, my family doctor from Cyprus (16 April).

An out-of-the-blue phone call from my Cypriot male friend on May 28th. His Sun/Moon is on 29°53’ Pisces. We met May 1988 (I was living on Cyprus then), had no contact 1993 – 2005 (I moved back to Finland in March 2000). He got in touch via common friends in 2005, we met briefly in January 2007, had a long week-end in Berlin March 2009 and have been in touch ever since. He was my travelling-companion on the Greek odyssey I just returned from. An extremely challenging relationship but difficult if not impossible to put a lid on.


Harry Aged 41

(Sun 0 Aries conj NNode 0 Aries conj Chiron 2.5 Aries/8th House)

Harry Aged 41

Harry Aged 41

Moderately So

Much of what I experienced in May (April was fairly quiet, I believe) —  beginning May 10th, in fact — was done so through my partner, someone with a 7 Libra Sun.

An opportunity to work — and subsequently live — overseas, one that had been bubbling on a back burner since late-October (when Saturn was Direct and first moved into opposition with my Sun and was conjunct my natal Jupiter/Uranus), suddenly picked up a great deal of steam.  We once again found ourselves seriously considering the probability of making this move and how it would change our lives, etc and so on.

In a way, with Uranus ruling my 7th House, this kind of makes sense.  This Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in opposition to my natal Jupiter/Uranus and conjunct my Sun/North Node could certainly manifest in the lives of those I share my life with.

I also learned that a dear friend of mine, another Libra who has this Uranus/Jupiter conjunction on her Ascendant, landed a sizeable role in a big Hollywood movie in LA at the same time she learned her Mother might possibly need bypass surgery in NYC (Pluto is moving over her Midheaven and through her 10th House).

Like I said, most of the events I’m witnessing are happening to those I consider partners or close friends.


Caroline Aged 58

(MC 1 Libra/IC 1 Aries)

Caroline Aged 58

Caroline Aged 58

Very Much So

Themes of family and home predominated my thoughts and feelings. April I returned to live and work in the US after 10 years living abroad. I am without a home, job, or money. I am new born, vulnerable and exposed, temporarily living with friends who are as close as family.

I felt disoriented in my new, unfamiliar environment. I had trouble connecting with the community and spent most of this time at home on my own. Feeling like a fish out of water.


To read the whole “Tales from the Wild Ride” series now unfolding from August 2010 to March 2011,  click HERE:



All comments/shared experiences most welcome! If you have enjoyed this first of the Tales from the Wild Ride, it would be great if you could send the link around your networks, so that as many people as possible can follow the series and see ‘astrology in action’!


1600 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Participants in 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus Research Study
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


14 responses to “Jupiter/Uranus 2010/11: “Tales from the Wild Ride” Part One

  1. I was at the pool with the grand kids. Little boy came to play under the umbrella waterfall. Leaving he slipped and fell backwards, banging his head/neck on the corner of the ledge. Blood began to trickle down his whole spine and then to pour. He was attended to while waiting for the ambulance. Don’t know the outcome….

    • I’m afraid we can see a manifestation of Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, held in that dark Saturn/Pluto square, in the poor little lad’s sudden head injury. Let’s hope it looked worse than it was, and that he is now on the mend….

  2. Okay Anne – You asked for it, so here goes. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falls in my 7th, with the closest aspect being a sextile to my 9th house retrograde Mars in Gemini. Uranus rules my Chiron and Moon.

    The biggest thing so far has been the discovery that I may have the ability to channel healing energy; I use the word MAY because at this point I have no way of knowing if it’s just a fluke. I found out by working on my husband, who describes feeling an electrical sensation or heat when my hands hover just above him – I don’t even need to make direct contact in order for him to feel better.

    My Aquarian hairdresser – who I was friendly with – passed away suddenly after a brief, mysterious illness. Her husband phoned me to give me the bad news. She was so young and healthy; it came as quite a shock.

    While I was out for a walk, I stopped to give a visiting tourist from a foreign country directions, and as we were talking another woman stopped to talk as well, saying she sensed I was someone she wanted to know. Turns out she’s an Aquarius with a Sag rising who had just relocated from across the country. Since then, we’ve been developing a friendship.

    A longtime friendship ended (my decision), and although I still care for her, I feel relieved. The irony is that the new friend I made has an indirect connection to this former friend through an old friend of hers. I live in a bit city, so it’s a pretty weird coincidence.

    I’ve also made lots of astrological friends through the internet and have learned a great deal about myself through these interactions. It’s been a very healing experience for me, with many epiphanies taking place.

    I’m enjoying these posts and am hoping I’m not the only reader with a long list to contribute (lol!)

    • LB – thank you for this brilliant feedback! By next spring we should all have a better grasp of just how many branches can spring from the same recognisable core of a particular planetary pattern. Seeing this vital, unique essence shining through all 17 of the varied lives of my 1997 researchees made all the slog of doing the research worthwhile…

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  4. Hi Anne

    am finding this ‘as it happens’ feedback very useful and I am grateful to your volunteers – there are strong mirrors out there! Very reassuring….

    After my comment re the 8th June conj. the my own finance/work/emotions experiences have been through a process of hiatus through resolution into further emergence over the last two months – it seems that the original problems have become elevated to a new level, but, it is one where the gains made have become grounded and are now making it possible to build through revisiting the problems, in a positive way, rather than having to deal only with the hiatus – it has the quality of waves + experience. The onus is to stay with it and accentuate the positive.

    New problematic events have come in around family/education/security – again the same process and sequences are apparent and ongoing

    Am beginning to see this as a clean-up process of (all?!) the unfinished business and weaker areas of my life as well as those of my close ones – as you said earlier the key is not to panic. but, to accept the opportunity – its pretty hard core tho and I can almost feel my soul spinning with the impacts

    This coming New Moon is exact opposite my natal Chiron – I will be with my partner and daughter – we are rebuilding our lives together and it is a long and hard process – but, we are finding that here too, by being dedicated and attentive, it is the gains we have made over the last few months that far outstrip the losses that preceded them – I hope the healing focus of Chiron and the diplomatic and loving focus of Venus will be with us all through this time

    So fascinating, what an inspiring piece of work you have brought into the world here!


    • Hello Rob

      thank you so much for this deep, thoughtful and illuminating feedback to add to your previous contributions. It’s great to be building a picture together, via commenters and volunteers, of such a challenging and changeful energy pattern as we are all currently moving through.

      Thank you also for your kind and affirming words. Much appreciated!

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  7. Surely, it is the most pressing period of my life, uranus conj jupiter at fourth house (placidus system) opposes most of my natal planets in 10th house!! (Uranus in Libra)- Marsin Libra – JUpiter in Virgo)? confusion, isolation , many financial problems , i also have natal chiron in 29 degree Pisces… many many problems
    changes appeared as far as my inner evolution is concerned , as i started to focus on my self, discovering my weak points , and having a lot of interest in astrology and meditation techniques..
    just trying to understand me but having a lot of difficutlties , to lead myself out of my self-undoing methods i used to follow.
    decisions must be made but i assume that this is not the proper period …
    jupiter conj uranus again in september and i really dont know what to expect? it s also that pluto who is hard pressing (it is also the ruler of my chart)
    god helps me , i suppose!

    • Dear Christina,

      yes, and God also helps those who help themselves, which it seems from your feedback that you are certainly doing…”changes appeared as far as my inner evolution is concerned, as i started to focus on my self, discovering my weak points , and having a lot of interest in astrology and meditation techniques..”

      The best any of us can do is try and use our astrological knowledge to work with the prevailing energies which are pushing us to grow. I know from my own experience what a tough, slow process this often is. But if you have faith and keep going, the fruits should eventually appear.

      All the best with your Jupiter/Uranus journey!


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