Jupiter conjunct Uranus: a few thoughts on the 2010/11 encounter

In her new book “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing” published by the American Federation of Astrologers, (April 2009) Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker reveals the results of her extensive research project conducted during the 1997 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius.

Her research includes mundane events and the conjunction’s effects in individual lives, as she explains in AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog first published in May 2009 by the AFA Newsletter.

Anne also offers insights into the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries in 2010/11, featured in this post as an extract from that interview:

AFA: Do you see Jupiter-Uranus as positive or negative change, or does it represent something else?

AW: Without the unimaginably destructive act of creation, the Big Bang, which as far as we can surmise began our universe, we would not be here to observe our world’s wonders as well as its terrors. Positive and negative energies are two sides of the same coin, wherever we look. I hope I have conveyed that unity adequately in ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’.


Jupiter meets Uranus makes lightning!

Jupiter meets Uranus makes lightning!

AFA: What can we expect in general terms from the upcoming 2010/11  Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Aries and Pisces?

AW: in essence, the unexpected! And this question needs a whole article, not a few brief paragraphs. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces-Aries-Pisces comes into orb (10 degrees) at the end of March 2010, and separates (10 degree orb) in mid-March 2011. Fasten your seat belts! The human community and probably the natural world are in for a bumpy ride.

This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will arrive at a turbulent point: joining the last Saturn-Pluto square since its conjunction of the early 1980s, and amplifying the first Uranus-Pluto square from its conjunction which dominated the 1960s: that decade of the Vietnam war and its protesters, political assassinations, women’s liberation, musical revolution and the beginning of the micro-technology metamorphosis which has utterly changed our world in only a few decades.

In common with the 1997 conjunction that linked in an astonishing bowl shape with Mars, Saturn and Pluto (Jupiter Meets Uranus, p. 40), this will be no “ordinary” Jupiter-Uranus event: Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 0 Aries will form a T-cross with Saturn at 28 Virgo and Pluto at 4 Capricorn. Mars at 1 Virgo will trine Pluto, opposes Neptune and link back to quincunx the Aries Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

The Jupiter-Uranus predilection for seeing no limits, leaping before it looks and challenging the established order expressed through the filter of the rash, angry impetuousness of Aries and locked with the harsh, power-driven determination not to budge of the Saturn-Pluto square, offers a difficult and dangerous picture in the realm of international politics, for instance. Misuse of technology by angry, militant fanatics convinced they have God on their side and that the old order must be overturned, is a picture which arises from this.

We can also await more disruption and turbulence on the economic front, but I leave further speculation on this issue to those much better qualified to comment than I!

Religion is not going to diminish in impact; the Piscean backdrop to much of the conjunction will see to that. We may well see an inspirational “messiah”-type figure emerge with challenging and disruptive effect socially and politically in the Aries phase.

(NOTE: 19.9.10: little did I think (it being Uranus of whom we speak) that we would have an ‘anti-messiah’, that self-styled High Priest of the Militant Atheism persuasion, Richard Dawkins, and his plan to arrest the Pope, during 2010….) ( ….and  Autumn/Winter 2010….Julian Assange, anyone? The “messiah” of  uncensored openness?)

Also suggested is fiery eruption disrupting the very fabric of the Earth itself. On a more positive note, the urgency of the accelerating environmental crisis may give birth to great leaps forward in the pioneering of new technologies, e.g., for harnessing solar power and reducing environmental damage.

The challenging pattern I have described, set against the cardinal backdrop of the natural zodiac (which I used for most of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction charts in the book) also links in with the Super Galactic Centre, currently at around 0 degrees Libra.

A picture arises from this of major scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of the Universe or Multiverse, of which our tiny solar system is a mere blip of ephemeral matter. Perhaps the CERN Large Hadron Collider will work this time, and we’ll find the Higgs Boson particle at last . . . or maybe it really will blow us all to bits! There is a most interesting article bringing the CERN particle accelerator and the Super Galactic Centre together, at http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/29853. Check it out!

AFA: Do you have a particular area of interest where you expect the 2010 conjunction to deliver, as it were?

AW: One of my own special interests is in genetics and cloning. The 1969 conjunction in Libra saw a Harvard medical school team identify the first gene (see p. 93 of Jupiter Meets Uranus). The year after the 1983 conjunction in Sagittarius, a British scientist developed genetic fingerprinting (p. 93). In 1997 with the Aquarian conjunction, we had the announcement of the first cloned animal, Dolly (p. 43).

The conjunction in Aries in 2010 suggests the next stage, which could well be human cloning, currently illegal where the creation of a complete human is concerned. Maybe a defiant, pioneering male doctor/scientist is prepared to pit himself against the established order and rule of law to do so? There are “maverick doctor” rumblings in the press about this already. . . .

AFA: Do you have a special wish for the human community for something uniquely helpful which could emerge from this powerful and disruptive energy field?

AW: Yes. I would love to see science fiction fantasies over many decades become fact with the arrival on Planet Earth of small but fabulously evolved purple people from Planet Zog to teach us how to mend our ways. Now THAT would be unexpected!!

Jupiter meets Uranus

Jupiter meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

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Anne Whitaker’s main blog is Writing from the Twelfth House, a lively and popular magazine-type site, set up in the summer of 2008   “….for those writers and readers – and fellow astrologers! – who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, pattern and purpose….”

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1000 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2009
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

22 responses to “Jupiter conjunct Uranus: a few thoughts on the 2010/11 encounter

  1. Awesome… really stunning subject. I will write about it as well.

    • Thanks, Ramon. There is much more that can, and will be said before the conjunction in Aries in June 2010! I look forward to others’ take on this stunning upcoming planetary event. Anne

  2. “Religion is not going to diminish in impact; the Piscean backdrop to much of the conjunction will see to that. We may well see an inspirational “messiah”-type figure emerge with challenging and disruptive effect socially and politically in the Aries phase.”

    I am curious. How did you come up with the idea of a messiah-type figure?

    • Hi Insania

      many apologies for delay in replying to your comment. ‘messiah’ – with a small ‘m’ – leapt out at me from contemplating the Jupiter/Uranus combination against the 0deg Aries backdrop. The energy speaks to me of a defiant, aggressive male figure with a mission of his own, heedless of conventional political, social and/or religious mores, fearlessly ( and possibly recklessly) taking on the status quo – which is conveniently provided in symbolic form by the Saturn/Pluto square also present in the energy pattern of this coming summer of 2010. Interesting times indeed!

  3. Great research on previous conjunctions. I have to agree with the prediction that the “human community and probably the natural world are in for a bumpy ride.”

    I found some links to previous bumpy times when the fixed star Scheat was activated. Jupiter and Uranus both align with this star at the same time later in the year: Cardinal Crisis – Scheat 2010.

  4. Thanks Anne, I wrote that without googling “Jupiter Uranus conjunction”. So I have added the link to this page as a comment, when it should have been part of the main blog. Anyways, there will definitely me a lot more discussion about this topic in the months ahead and I will be referencing your research.

    Now to look into this link with genetics, my best results at uni were in this area, especially quantitative genetcs, which is sort of obsolete now thanks to Uranus!

  5. Thank you very much for your answer!!!

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    • Hi Johnny

      thanks so much for the plug re my current writings about the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. I thought I had worn out my excitement on that subject after writing a book about the last one, which took place in February 1997. But this is not the case! I do hope that some of those ‘plugged in’ ( as indeed I am myself) to the upcoming energies will tell me their stories so that I can publish them on my site, thereby adding to our body of empirical knowledge regarding the playing of the great music of the spheres….and thank you for this deep, thorough and thoughtful piece on the first New Moon of the solar year!

      Let me know if you would like to trade links.

      Best wishes

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    • Thanks to AstroDispatch.com for picking up on Johnny’s excellent reflective piece on the Aries New Moon, in which he mentions my work on Jupiter/Uranus past and current….

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  9. Thanks, it was awesome to read about this interesting topic! I’m looking forward to the 8th of June 😉

    Greetings from Paris, France

  10. Hi Anne,

    I am interested in this particular conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus because it happens to fall smack on my Moon (29’33″ Pisces).

    Also, the conjunction that happens in September will fall very near my birthday (September 14th 1981).

    The Moon rules my 8th house. So I would suspect that unexpected blessings may appear regarding loans or things of that nature. But, as you said, expect the unexpected. 😉

    Whatever happens it’s bound to be exciting! Thank you for your insight and studies regarding this auspicious planetary configuration.


  11. Hi JoAnn

    thanks for dropping by – would you like me to include you in the research team? With that Moon position it would be great to have your feedback as the “Jupiter/Uranus year” unfolds.

    And thanks for your appreciation of my efforts. I thought I had worn out my Jupiter/Uranus obsession when I completed the research I did for the 1997 conjunction – with 17 research volunteers – but it would appear not!

  12. This is fascinating stuff! Thanks for all the research and I look forward to reading more of your work.

    The general feeling I’m getting from this conjunction is that it is an indication of big things happening on a global and a personal scale. It is especially intriguing to me because it is opposite my natal Pluto which is at 29 degrees Virgo, which of course Saturn has been hanging around.

    I am interested in how these generational aspects play out in a natal chart… and this one is too significant to not notice! I try to pay attention to others my age to see what they are doing with this energy, but all of my efforts/motivations/organizational skills sort of come and go these days… probably a result of this very transit in my own natal chart.

    Thanks again, I will continue to follow your work!

    • Dear Jen

      thanks for your positive comments – nice to know my obsessive ravings are of interest! But I have always been fascinated by the micro/macro outworking of planetary energies, and the Jupiter/Uranus combo is particularly compelling to observe. Do keep dropping by – and letting us know how this generational contact unfolds in your case.

  13. Hmmm… June 8th, that was the day Obama said he’d sack BP’s chief executive. Any big science breakthroughs reported? Methinks perhaps scientific breakthroughs oftentimes happen in a lab somewhere and the general public is not made aware until sometime later..

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