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Waiting for 19th September: Jupiter meets Uranus: “Tales from the Wild Ride” Part Six

We are about to have the second exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, at 29 degrees Pisces, on the 19th of September 2010. What will the energy field surrounding that point add to our already disrupted, fast-changing world – for both individual humans and the wider collective? Keep watching this space!!

In the meantime, I thought it would interest readers following the fortunes of the 12 participants ‘plugged-in” to the 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, to see an edited selection of their ‘takes’ on events in our collective life during the April-June 2010 period of Phase One of the research.

The final question posed for Questionnaire 1 centred on
‘Our Collective Life’.

Despite my making clear that the 2010/11 research would – unlike the 1997 research I did  for “Jupiter Meets Uranus” – largely focus on personal life, the mundane astrologer in me could not resist asking questions about what the 12 participants had perceived the key issues to be during

a) April and May 2010 (the build-up period to the 8 June conjunction)
B) the first two weeks of June 2010.

I made the request pretty low-key, thus : “I realise that some of you may not wish to bother commenting on world affairs, but it would be interesting to get your brief take, if you feel so inclined!”


Six out of twelve rated Period A) as very significant, three as moderately significant, one as not significant at all. Two gave no response.

Six out of twelve rated Period B) as very significant, one as moderately significant, two as mildly significant. Three gave no response.


For Period A), unsurprisingly, two events were mentioned by everyone except  the person who thought nothing at all had happened of any significance during April and May 2010.

Subject Louis (60), UK, sums this up briefly and well. He also commented on the UK’s May general election result, a  first of its kind since the Second World War:

“ Icelandic volcano, BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster were main headlines.

(Fiona (61) said about the latter: “ ….Made me feel absolute despair and rage and like the apocalypse was upon us all…”)

UK: Run up to a general election which returned a coalition government which is depressingly right wing with no interest in society or its progress.  A very serious issue in prospect for work as this government will most likely cut many worthwhile areas of public expenditure while supporting the rotten schemes of developers and their cronies.

In one sense the dark bubbling oil and the grey ash are similar in many ways to the coalition government.  Enveloping, disabling, suffocating….”

From the USA, Alicia (53) identified “….first iPads for sale in the USA, April 3rd.  Bound to revolutionize the laptop industry and the publishing industry (ebooks)….”

From Finland, Kathy(54) offered this comment: “….Several resignations in domestic politics resulting from a bribe scandal in connection of the parliamentary elections that was revealed already in 2009 and is still constantly in news. Also the head of the national TV’s news operation had to go as his wife is one of the people accused of taking bribes. This is big news here as Finland is always in the top 3 of the transparency international list of the least corrupted countries….” She also highlighted  an unusual scientific development: “….An interesting piece of news: A plasma brake to combat space debris: http://www.fmi.fi/news/index.html?Id=1271239224.html ….”

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

For Period B)

From the USA, Alicia (53) had this to say about the general mood in New York where she lives:  “….This isn’t an event, but I’m going to say it anyway because the effect was very pronounced.  Everyone around here was a nervous wreck.  (More than usual.) Irritable and touchy, rude, angry.  Driving safely was impossible.  It seemed to get back to ‘normal’ craziness levels by the third week of June….”

Julia (37), USA commented: “…. While some of the disasters of April and May were waning, they were being replaced by a steady stream of natural disasters and civil unrest. The period felt uneasy, as if problems that had been developing over time were revealing themselves….”

Diana (38) USA found the following event most significant, having considered that nothing of significance had occurred during the April/May period: “….It was announced around June 1-2 that Al and Tipper Gore were divorcing. To me this sounded like pure Uranian energy (as they had had such a long marriage)….”

Eve (51) USA observed that “….The only thing that dominated the TV was the BP oil spill and what was being done to help the situation.

I also keep an eye on the Congressional meetings taking place with the Postal  Regulatory Commission affecting the restructuring of the United States Postal Service.  It looks like the 5 day delivery proposal might be headed for the trash bin. Say it isn’t so, that means three more long years of work for me.  (no early out)….”

Maria (32) USA’s take: “….The NBA Finals, The World Cup, BP not being able to fix the leak, the Stock Market rollercoaster. I remember reading during this time someone’s opinion that sporting events are used by the powers that be to  distract people from what’s really going on in the world. I found it very interesting that the global
economic/money crisis kinda flew under the radar during The World Cup….”

Giorgio (28), currently in Iceland: “….In general, a collective mood of tension and instability. Diplomatic conflicts, war tensions, environmental worries, economical problems and corruption exposed. A time of big change continues…..”

Having said ‘very much so’ regarding the significance of world events during the April/May period, and like most people highlighting the Gulf Oil Spill, Harry (41), USA was disarmingly honest in his response to questions about Period B: “….I have no doubt a lot was happening in the world around me, but, in all honesty, I can’t think of anything in particular.  The Aries Sun in me was myopically focused on a growing opportunity overseas for my partner and I….”

Barbara (81), USA, had a brief, trenchant, all-purpose comment: “….Regarding Our Collective Life, I keep up on all current events, e.g., oil spill, government legislation, stock market ups and downs, but try not to let any of that upset me inasmuch as I have very little control over any of it….”

Whatever your views may be, I feel pretty sure you will agree with me that this piece of detail from Kathy (54) probably deserves the last word! “….The Free Thinkers of Finland organized an exchange event on June 4: they collected from the public Bibles and gave porn magazines in return….”


And my own personal last word on the April – mid-June ( extending to mid-July) 2010 period?

In the article following are my ‘picks’ from the most disruptive, left-field events in our collective life over the last few months, as the drama of a new Jupiter/Uranus conjunction – and beginning 14-year cycle –played out within the structure of  the Cardinal Cross.


Jupiter meets Uranus April 2010 to mid-July 2010: what do you think of the show so far?


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