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Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?

Early in June 2010 (8th ring a bell with you?) around 99.9% of the world’s population will wake up in their home time zone and attempt to get on with life without the benefit of in-depth astrological knowledge. To that  99.9%, the world will be going on much as usual, depending on whether they live in the neurotic, gadget-driven, narcissistic, over-pampered West or in those parts of the world where you have to take a ten-mile round trip to acquire enough water to get you and your family through the day.  Life will be its usual mixture of good, bad and indifferent. What they will NOT be doing is benefiting from the symbolic foreknowledge available to the enlightened 00.1%,  ie  Us. Astrologers, that is.

What kind of astrologer are you as the summer of 2010 approaches?

Fist -shaking may help!

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

Are you out there shaking your fist yelling “Come on then! Do your worst! I love any kind of change!” (Sagittarians, anyone?? Arians?) or are you curling up in your bunkers with half a ton of provisions, bottled water and a meths stove to boil the kettle (Capricorns? Scorpios? Let’s not forget the chemical toilet here!), with gritted teeth and plenty of  good reading material?

I vary greatly from day to day in how Buddhist and accepting I can be about the unstoppable flow of change. Like anyone else both blessed and cursed with astrological knowledge, the prospect of what looks like very considerable global, national, local and personal disruption this summer and beyond, unsettles me to say the least. But there is only so much one can do. Looking at areas of your life where you KNOW you are frustrated, angry and where radical change needs to come, trying to introduce more space and openness there, is useful personal preparation for the sheer dynamism and disruption of what lies ahead.

Acres of news and magazine print, especially across the Web, is already busy speculating about “the upcoming mess” – as a magazine editor I know grittily and pithily put it. Just try googling “Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries 2010” or “Cardinal Cross summer 2010” and you’ll see what I mean.

We need to be as humble and trusting as possible that there is a greater intelligence than we can possibly imagine at work in all this, a mysterious destiny that “shapes our ends” as Shakespeare so eloquently put it. Recognising the limited extent to which humans are actually in much control of anything, in this technological age where so much is accessible to us, is very hard. Certainly, with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all symbolically and energetically grappling – amplified by Jupiter – the law of unpredictable and unintended consequences is like a cloak inexorably enveloping us all collectively and individually.

Our projections

Remember the Millenium Bug and the fear and panic we all projected onto that? I seem to remember reading that a Hong Kong taxi driver’s meter went slightly wonky at midnight on the dreaded day, and that was about it. Remember swine flu that was going to wipe out hundreds of thousands this winter? As a result of the very cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we may well see that winter flu bugs have been killed off, resulting in a lower incidence of deaths than usual.

It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be. So can we all calm down and just get on with life?

I trust that those few moderating paragraphs will have at least temporarily helped to reduce your blood pressure, and injected a rather needed note of  philosophical detachment into your contemplation of the Summer of 2010.

It is very much part of the contemporary zeitgeist to try and make life (if you live in the “developed” world, that is!) as easy, and pleasant as we can. We try to avoid facing up to the fact that we have a limited span on this earth, that life generally is an inextricable mix of happiness and pain, that we all grow old and decrepit, then die without much idea of what– if anything – comes next.

There is also the small inconvenience that our planet is subject to internal and external geological forces within the wider solar system which are utterly outwith human control. Even the most unobservant of us may have noticed this in recent weeks….

To be continued….

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

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