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Jupiter/Uranus’ disruption continues: Part 7: more Tales from the Wild Ride

I am pleased to say that 75% of my original twelve research subjects have now returned their responses to Questionnaire Two. (Still not too late, the missing 25%!) This is a good return for ongoing research from which there is always a  drop-out rate. Those of you following the fortunes of  “Giorgio”(28) “Maria” (32) “Julia” (37) “Diana” (38) “Harry”(41) “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54) “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81) will see that the exceptional disruption and turbulence which has so characterised 2010 for our world, is also continuing to make its mark on their lives.

For readers new to the research, click HERE to read background notes on the project, and HERE to read through the first phase of the research (or to refresh your memories if you are an existing follower).

This next phase deals with

Summer Solstice 2010 through to Autumnal Equinox 2010.

To review the key astrological significators for that period which were given to our researchees with their Questionnaires, click HERE.

Now read on!


A) General Overview:

Q: Did you experience anything significant of an inner/outer nature  which was ‘out of the ordinary run of life’ during this time? (Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others)

1 = Very Much So/ 2 = Moderately So/ 3 =  Mildly So/4 = Not at All

Giorgio (28) : 1
Maria (32) : 1
Julia (37): N/R
Diana (38): N/R
Harry (41) : 1

B)  Summary of the most significant facets of this time:

(Can you relate the astrological significators I have set out to what your diaries tell you? eg to particularly important events/occurrences/shifts of understanding or perception which cast things in a new light, etc. If you can’t be that specific, do not worry! Just provide what seems relevant to you )

Giorgio (28)

'Giorgio' aged 28

'Giorgio' aged 28

Background: after years of feeling stuck in my job, I finally decided to quit and go abroad volunteering. However, this is a temporary experience between May and September 2010, so I am looking for what might come next.

The time between June and September was then spent in Iceland. As of 21st June, I received two new opportunities that I promptly applied; the following two days, I had difficult situations within my work group, and also my relationship.

First two weeks of July I traveled extensively, in one of my greatest life adventures (as Uranus retrogrades into Pisces). For instance, I hiked the Icelandic volcano. Strikingly, when Saturn entered Libra, 22nd July, I started having a major relationship crisis which lasted the 2 weeks of the cardinal climax! It was a very intense time!!

Curiously, a repetition of this happened again in the days surrounding the 23rd September equinox. We are very gradually figuring out which paths to follow in life, making personal revolutions in our future directions.

One last conclusion: the decision to follow this exciting and liberating adventure was amazing; I lived a epic summer of joy, but marked with several deep perspective shifts in the aforementioned dates. Maybe in Aries fashion, it marks a departure from conventional living, and creating my own individual unique path. But grasping futuristic trends, for instance we are thinking of an eco-village…..

Maria (32)

Maria Aged 32

Maria Aged 32

I believe Jupiter/Uranus was hitting my South Node (2nd House) while Saturn was on my North Node (8th house).Chiron/Neptune inconjunct my North Node and the Moon squaring my nodes several times during this period.

Also, had the Cancer eclipse on my Jupiter/Sun. Four days after my last day at work was my birthday. Had a nice dinner with friends was surprised by a few people showing up, felt very loved.

Next day moved out of state for six weeks to do an accelerated academic program. Barely slept as I was socializing and completing complicated assignments almost daily. Got one of the top scores in class. Felt as though I made lifelong friends while in the program.

Received my retirement payout from my old job. Never had so much money in my whole life.

Immediately began to feel paranoid that I was gonna spend it all in a month or something ridiculous. Began to look for an apartment. Found a perfect one by
happenstance in a completely different neighborhood than I was looking for. Was told by the manager that it was promised to a current tenant. Got a call several days later that the tenant decided to stay in their original apartment and that the apartment was mine if I still wanted it. Went to several “celebrity” parties and met some celebrities,  all of whom seemed very down to earth which I was not expecting.

Put out feelers to volunteer in my new field to get experience and was offered a
job on the spot that requires a lot of responsibility. A completely unexpected incidence of unprotected sex broughtincidence of unprotected sex brought on by heavy social drinking. I was not depressed, just out having a good time with
friends. Highly disturbing once I sobered up because I’m usually VERY
responsible. Forced me to refocus on being in control and responsible for my sexual health (possibility of pregnancy, disease, etc.) and my drinking behavior AT ALL TIMES. Not going to be intimate with anyone again until I receive a clean bill of health. Some other (2nd house/8th house) craziness has gone
down in the last few days but it happened after the Equinox so I look forward to the next questionnaire!

Julia (37) N/R
Diana (38) N/R

Harry (41)

Harry Aged 41

Harry Aged 41

After making travel plans during the last week in June 2010(during the Lunar Eclipse period), my partner — a 7 Libra Sun — traveled to Zurich in July, during the week of the Solar Eclipse at 19 Cancer (conjunct my partner’s Progressed Mars, ruler of his 9th House), in fact, to interview for a job.  At the same time, two other law firms here in the States met with him, liked him and quickly offered him positions.
On 29th July, as Mars prepared to move into Libra, the Zurich law firm stepped up and offered him a Partner position.  As those planets moving into Libra are in opposition to my Aries Sun/North Node — indicating a situation not of my creation forcing me to adjust and make changes –, that this would be happening because of my Other Half makes sense.

He received the official Work Contract on 5th August, was welcomed aboard officially via company email on the 9th, and the immigration process — as we’ll be moving to Switzerland because of this — was started on 20th August.

We then learned today (23 Sept), after an initial delay with the paperwork — Hello, Mercury Retrograde! — that his Work Permit should be approved within a month with our Visas following soon thereafter, probably within two weeks.  And then we’ll be set to make the Big Move!

TO BE CONTINUED……with feedback from  “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54) “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81)

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

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