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Jupiter meets Uranus April 2010 to mid-July 2010: what do you think of the show so far?

We are currently at a pause point in the unfolding of the new Jupiter/Uranus cycle, which began on 8 June 2010, having begun to build with noticeable effect from the end of March 2010.

Uranus went retrograde on 5 July, Jupiter does the same on 23 July. Late July sees the Saturn/Uranus opposition repeating, joined by transiting Mars shifting from Virgo to Libra at the end of July/start of August, triggering that opposition and the whole Cardinal Cross once more. Another stress point then.

I felt like writing something along the lines of  “Well, what do you think of the show so far?” and was looking for an angle to take. As usual, I was helped by one of the many emailers/commenters to this site, Clair, who last commented on 14 July 10:

‘….I’m still trying to figure out if this transit is positive or negative. It will be interesting to see your findings! As I have 3 planets in late Pisces, I think that Uranus conjuncting has turned my whole life upside down from relationships, home, work and friends. This may be positive or negative, time will tell and I’ll let you know…..’

She gave me my angle!

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Last  May 2009 I was interviewed by the American Federation of Astrologers, during which the following question came up:

(AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog….)

” AFA: Do you see Jupiter-Uranus as positive or negative change, or does it represent something else?

AW: Without the unimaginably destructive act of creation, the Big Bang, which as far as we can surmise began our universe, we would not be here to observe our world’s wonders as well as its terrors. Positive and negative energies are two sides of the same coin, wherever we look. I hope I have conveyed that unity adequately in ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’.

Today I want to look at some key collective impacts of this first phase of the new conjunction, bearing the above clearly in mind. You might make a different selection. The following stood out for me.


As I make clear in my 2009 book on Jupiter and Uranus, this combination of planets very strikingly co-incides with ‘great leaps forward’ in the restless questing of the human spirit via great journeys of discovery. For example, the first landing in the USA in 1513 by the explorer Ponce de Leon, near what was to be called Cape Canaveral, took place with Jupiter and Uranus exactly conjunct in Aries.

As the 2010 conjunction approached exactitude at 0 degrees Aries, on 20th May 2010 it was reported that Craig Venter’s company has created the first artificial living cell – using highly sophisticated computer technology.

On 7 June 2010, I received this comment:
‘Here is an exciting piece of news from MSN: Chinese scientists have been able to “teleport” data over long distances using quantum entanglement. Perfect Jupiter/Uranus symbolism!
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37556750/ns/technology_and_science-science/ ‘

On July 7, 2010 this report appeared: PAYERNE airport, Switzerland (Reuters) – A giant glider-like aircraft has completed the first night flight propelled only by solar energy: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=aircraft-completes-first-solar


First Solar Powered Flight

First Solar Powered Flight

And my own mind-blowing personal favourite of this first phase appeared in a whole page article in the UK’s Sunday Times, on 11 July 2010,  headed


Thanks to  the Planck satellite, we now  have ” a new picture of the universe (which) will give vital clues about the Big Bang that (we think) started it all….” ( Richard Woods)

To see that stunning image and accompanying article, go to: http://creation.com/planck-sees-big-bang


Planet Earth, Big Oil, Angry Humans:

For  99 per cent of us humans who can read/see tv/get on line, the biggest event of the first phase of the new Jupiter/Uranus cycle has to be the world’s greatest oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill which happened on 20th April 2010 and still continues, as the now universally hated BP struggles to contain it, locked head to head with the USA government and especially a very angry President Obama, whilst the devastated human and animal populations of the affected area continue to suffer untold economic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

In the AFA interview already mentioned in May 2009, I was asked about my thoughts regarding the energy field of the upcoming conjunctions in 2010/11. Having cautioned that when you are dealing with Uranus, if you can exactly predict it, it isn’t Uranus  – and that the upcoming conjunction would be held in a matrix of darkness, difficulty and delay provided by the accompanying Saturn/Pluto square – I made the following comments:

(AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog….)

The Jupiter-Uranus predilection for seeing no limits, leaping before it looks and challenging the established order expressed through the filter of the rash, angry impetuousness of Aries and locked with the harsh, power-driven determination not to budge of the Saturn-Pluto square, offers a difficult and dangerous picture ….

….Also suggested is fiery eruption disrupting the very fabric of the Earth itself…..”

It is fascinating from an astrological viewpoint that the oil eruption generated by human arrogance, rashness and the placing of profit before safety, took place when the forming conjunction was still in Pisces, and conjunct the fixed star Scheat whose connection with disasters at sea was correctly pointed out by several astrologers prior to the Gulf of Mexico disaster – most notably, Theo White of  Global Astrology Blog and Jamie Funk of  FUNKASTROLOGY. Check them out!

Then, of course, there was the ‘fiery eruption’ of the Icelandic volcano on 16 April 2010 immediately preceding the Gulf of Mexico event. And we are still nervously awaiting the possible eruption of a second, much bigger, Icelandic volcano……


These, then, are my ‘picks’ from our collective life over the last few months, as the drama of a new Jupiter/Uranus conjunction – and beginning 14-year cycle –plays out within the structure of  the Cardinal Cross. How can we possibly separate out a polarity of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ from that weave?

No doubt those wonderfully ‘boldly going’ scientific leaps forward will prove to have their shadow side. Those universal human urges of greed and the drive for profit regardless of ethics are no doubt already beginning to hitch a ride.

I don’t know about you, but it usually takes my being hurled against the wall a few times before I begin to understand where and how I need to change my patterns….

We humans need to change our patterns in the way we live on Planet Earth. Maybe the terrible shake-up and wake-up call provided already by events in the Gulf of Mexico will at last force us all to take responsibility for the consequences of our addiction to an oil-powered lifestyle?


COMING NEXT : feedback from the front line, as my individual Jupiter/Uranus researchees send in their first questionnaires. Watch this space!!


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Uranus enters Aries May 28, sky falls in: Yes, no….or merely maybe? Part Two

Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?

Click HERE to read Part One (May 18 2010)

Part Two

One of the many consequences of our ongoing culture-wide attempt to iron out life’s creases is this: when faced with real, intractable difficulty and threats that cannot be ushered away, modified or exactly predicted, we go into tailspins, and panic.

Astrology – a healing and wounding art

Astrologers and their clients are by no means immune to this. Astrology is both a healing and a wounding art. Its practice can wind up individual and collective fear. We need to be aware of this.  Perhaps it is also worth pointing out that astrologers can be hubristic, arrogant and just plain wrong in their attempts to know what planetary patterns mean before we all get there – this can be damaging to their clients as well as themselves.

Astrology is a powerful aid to awareness. It is also very useful in mapping out Life’s terrain in broad terms, and in offering accurate timings. But Life reminds us often enough, through our mistakes, and errors of judgement of the planetary pattern, that the unconscious– collective and personal – by definition is precisely that. It is not notable for an inclination to reveal deeper intentions beyond the ego’s access, just because some astrologer is standing near the entrance cave to its mysterious terrain waving an ephemeris,  shouting “I’m pretty sure this Jupiter/Uranus transit means…………”

Having said all that, I am not sufficiently evolved yet to refrain from speculations of my own by staying entirely in each moment as it is happening, serenely abandoning my ego in accepting whatever the Fates choose to throw at me when Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, Saturn heading back to Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn zone in on my 1.5 degree Mars in Cancer in the Tenth House….. Part of me is out there fist-shaking. The other part is hunkered in the bunker with the Linus blanket and the food supplies.

Seeing no limits

Plenty of us will be swept by the firestorm of restlessness, idealism, imaginative enthusiasm, pioneering innovativeness, anger, ruthlessness and rebellion against constraint which we expect the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus sweep to bring. But the dynamic fire and air of astrological Jupiter combined with Uranus has a particular job to do, symbolically speaking: its function in enabling evolution is to see no limits. The Aries backdrop of the pair’s first meeting in June 2010 emphasises this strongly.

We set limits as best we can in our small lives; this limit-setting ranges from being mature, far-sighted and prudent in its focus, to being generated by sheer fear of  having to step out of our comfort zone. Jupiter/Uranus has no truck with any of that prudent planning or fearful defensiveness. Evolution has to move forward. So limits get swept aside, both collectively and personally. And to hell with the consequences! (Jupiter/Uranus in Aries’ words, not mine….)

I feel it is more helpful than otherwise, through the lens of astrology,  to have some advance warning of our movement into, and through, such a tempestuous energy field promising great disruption collectively and individually –  also opening us up to possibilities for growth as yet unknown.

But we need to be humble in the face of these great forces, recognising that there is only so much we can do to prepare for them.

Uranus moves into Aries on 28th May 2010.

8 June 2010 Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction

8 June 2010 Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction

The Jupiter/Uranus in Aries ‘touchpaper’ of 8 June 2010 sets off the complex, resistant but explosive firework of  the Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto energy field, with peaks in June and July 2010 as the inner planets move through, creating a Grand Cross pattern. The lunar eclipse late in June at 5 degrees Capricorn, and Mars late in July crossing 0 Libra, powerfully trigger off the conjunction point again:

So what are the speculations that I am unable to resist making?

Some of them can be found in the 31.10.09 extract from the interview I did last summer 09 for the AFA following its publication of my book  “Jupiter Meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing” “Jupiter conjunct Uranus: a few thoughts on the 2010/11 encounter.”

More of them can be found on my Jupiter Meets Uranus website, in the current series running
there titled “Back to the Future: Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU in 2010/11”, the most recent (28.4.10) being “YOU, me and Jupiter/Uranus in Aries: the wild ride begins! “Back to the Future”series Part 3”

One year on, I am happy to let you browse these, and the range of easily-accessed articles on the political, economic, scientific, religio/spiritual and individual impacts of  the upcoming pattern offered by the Web. For example, Theodore White’s Global Astrology Blog features some fine, detailed mundane astrology with a number of  specific predictions. There are also some very useful how-to-cope toolkit articles eg the Cardinal Cross series on Donna Cunningham’s excellent blog Sky Writer .

Observation or prediction?

And me? Well, as you will discover on reading  “Jupiter Meets Uranus,” my research interest centres on observation rather than prediction. I find it enduringly fascinating to watch how the essential meaning of energy patterns ripples out and touches everything. From the tiny microcosm of individual existence (I had 17 research subjects, all of whose lives were radically changed by the impact of the February 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius) to the vast macrocosm of 500 year blocks of history, I tracked the ripple of Jupiter/Uranus energy outwards from its core meaning, and was amazed by what I found.

My inclination now is, simply, to wait and see what transpires. In 1997, I collected large amounts of data. This time, I shall let you out there do it, and tell me your stories. If there are enough of them, I will post them on my “Jupiter Meets Uranus” site, thereby adding to our understanding of how the symbolism of the ‘music of the spheres’ plays out in both individual and collective life here on earth.

Whilst I wait, sharing the excitement and apprehension of  all of us who are strongly ‘plugged in’ to the upcoming Cardinal Cross, I have two powerful images which keep returning to me, illustrative of the essence of the Jupiter/Uranus pattern first in Aries, then in Pisces:

1.“A huge, dark room, silent. I am facing a wall; plate glass, smoked. I have a sense of a vast figure behind me, holding a huge rock above his head. He hurls it at the plate glass. It shatters with a gigantic, ear-splitting, splintering crash. Sudden daylight. I am gazing, shocked, at a landscape I have never seen before. Lightning, thunder……birds scattering and screeching. Sun rising….”

2.“Deep, fathomless ocean. The water slowly begins to move, swirling, eddying, rising. A vast leviathan rises, roaring in rage. A tsunami is triggered, vast waves rushing toward the horizon. The creature slowly sinks, back into the murky depths….”

As I draft this, (9th April 2010) the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is just applying within a ten-degree orb. Its ten-degree orb of separation will complete in just under a year’s time.

The Large Hadron Collider has successfully completed the first stage of its quest for the Higgs Boson….vast amounts of data now have to be processed. President Obama has just signed his fiercely-fought for healthcare bill, albeit watered down, into law. He has also just signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty with President Medvedev of Russia. There is collective anger rising in political upheaval, notably in Thailand and Burma – and in Iran, as dissent continues to be tamped down….but for how much longer?

The Catholic Church is becoming mired in possibly the biggest crisis of its history, as the focused rage of generations of those sexually abused by those religious who were supposed to nurture them, rises to the surface of a society no longer prepared to collude with such abuse…..

And finally….

Latest Sun images

Latest Sun images

I am revising and completing this article on 29th April 2010: just over two weeks after the Icelandic volcano’s eruption on 14th April 2010 – fire through ice! – caused several days’ disruption of the world’s air travel following UK air space being virtually closed down. (Ours was just one of the holidays ashed-out…) On 20th April, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Louisiana coast became the largest oil spill in US history. NASA has just unveiled stunning images of our Sun from a new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms. On 27 April there was an announcement that the biggest ever telescope was going to be built in the Atacama Desert to enable us to see farther into the cosmos than we have ever seen before…..

As I publish on 25 May 2010, just before Uranus’ shift into Aries,  the biggest Jupiter/Uranus scientific breakthrough thus far was announced on 20th May. Craig Venter’s company has created the first artificial living cell – using highly sophisticated computer technology. Fasten those seat belts. Here comes that wild ride….

ps again: researchees out there: don’t forget to keep taking notes, and report in to Ground Control (ie this site) now and then. Good luck!!


Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

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My main blog is Writing from the Twelfth House, a lively and popular magazine-type site, set up in the summer of 2008   “….for those writers and readers – and fellow astrologers! – who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, pattern and purpose….”

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Review for “Jupiter Meets Uranus” from Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope magazine, USA

“ On June 7, 2010, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct at 0 deg Aries. The meeting of these two outer planets, which occurs about every fourteen years, is generally accompanied by a variety of dynamic changes in all fields of human endeavor. Most simply defined, Jupiter-Uranus is the “growth and awakening of human consciousness”. The previous conjunction was in 1997, when astrologer Anne Whitaker took it upon herself to study the influence of the Jupiter-Uranus dynamic duo in individual lives and in political or newsworthy events.

The result of her study is Jupiter Meets Uranus. (author’s note: published by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009, not 2003 as stated in this review) Many astrologers have pointed out the exceptionally challenging planetary cycles that are coming our way over the next few years (see The Astrology of 2012 and beyond, for example). A formidable T-square involving Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries replicates the Depression-era T-square from the 1930s; similarly, humanity has some major economic problems to manage now.

However, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a powerful counterpoint, bringing what Whitaker describes as “ faith, courage, and an exploratory expansive spirit to the service of breaking down limited or partial vision”. Great! Just what we need! In addition, Jupiter-Uranus is productive of “joy and a vital sense of connection with life as a meaningful and worthwhile experience”. To all the gloomy doomsday-sayers, don’t forget to factor in this exciting dynamic.

The author chronicles what has happened historically during previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, noting that this cycle often corresponds to major paradigm shifts. Two Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in particular relate to the one that’s coming in 2010. On April 3, 1513, explorer Ponce de Leon was the first European to set foot on the continental United States (Columbus landed in the West Indies a few years earlier). Ponce de Leon landed near what is now Cape Canaveral, where, thirty-three Jupiter-Uranus cycles later, Neil Armstrong and his crew set off for the Moon and became the first to set foot on the lunar landscape.

In 1513, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurred in Aries: in 1969, it occurred at 0 deg Libra, exactly in line with the pending 2010 conjunction. These examples reflect the pioneering, exploring spirit of this planetary duo. The most recent conjunction in 1997 featured a number of major historical landmarks, including the first cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly.

In Chapters 6 and 7, the author tracks and reports on the lives of seventeen people who have their natal Sun or other or other important point at 5-6 deg Aquarius, which was where the 1997 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction took place. invariably, each of their lives went through major changes. Some were punished for holding onto limited visions, whilst others experienced more independent, vibrant, creative changes according to the nature of their natal planet at 5-6 deg Aquarius.

The message is clear: if you have natal planets at 0 deg Aries or at 0 deg of any of the other cardinal signs, you’re due for a personal paradigm shift in 2010. If you’d like to explore what your options are, or how to best deal with this influence, check out Jupiter Meets Uranus. ”

Reviewer: Chris Lorenz

Appearing in: Dell HOROSCOPE,‘The World’s Leading Astrology Magazine, November 2009

(note: I have attempted without response to thank Dell Horoscope and Chris Lorenz for this review and to ask permission to reproduce it on this site. I have taken no reponse to mean ‘Yes, that’s fine!’ If it is not, please let me know and I will remove it forthwith)

Jupiter meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

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Anne Whitaker’s main blog is Writing from the Twelfth House, a lively and popular magazine-type site, set up in the summer of 2008   “….for those writers and readers – and fellow astrologers! – who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, pattern and purpose….”

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