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Jupiter meets Uranus : a reader’s challenge

One of the scary delights of writing for the Web is that you never, ever know how readers are going to receive what you say. I have been fortunate so far in having a predominantly positive, informative and I hope useful dialogue with my readers. However, not long after writing the following article, the last sentence of the paragraph I quote below got one of my readers, CJ, going. He really put me in my place by email – and after some deliberation I responded. He asked me to publish my response to him. So I have done so. Let me know what you think!

Jupiter met Uranus, 8.6.10 : Calm down – we’re still here!

“……It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be.
So can we all calm down and just get on with life?……..”


To which CJ responded on June 14 2010:
TALK ABOUT A”deteriorating condition …..”  OF OUR PLANET…&…. “The energy created is dynamic, unique, door-opening, pioneering, fluid, quite unstable…..”  I GUESS THIS SITUATION, IS DYNAMIC, UNIQUE, DEFINITELY FLUID, AND EXTREMELY UNSTABLE !
To which I replied on 15 June:

Thank you for your very honest and direct email. The advice in the
article to calm down and simply get on with life is my attempt to
counter some of the hysteria flying around in the astro-blogosphere
and elsewhere, regarding upcoming planetary patterns. It is my way of
reminding people – especially astrologers who can get too grandiose at
times – that life has always been difficult on this earth, one way or
another, whether one knows astrology or not.

But you have also put me in my place. If I were in your location, I
would find it desperately difficult to calm down and just get on with
life at the heart of one of the worst environmental crises ever. So I
fully acknowledge that.

My interest is much more in observation of the planetary pattern than
in prediction, as you will probably have gathered from the research I
did in 1997 and the project I am now embarking on to study the impact
symbolically of the 2010/11 conjunctions. So if you want prediction,
then other astrologers are keener to do that than I.

Theodore White, At Global Astrology blog,
http://globalastrologyblog.blogspot.com/, might be a starting point.
You could also have a look at StarIQ – www.stariq.com who write about
current affairs.

Regarding pearls of wisdom…..that is a tall order!
Jupiter/Uranus in Aries speaks of pioneering leaps into exploring
entirely new territory, as a consequence of enforced change through
the pressure of painful and difficult circumstances (the conjunction
is set in the dark and threatening context of Saturn/Pluto energy)
. So
perhaps we can learn something new as a human community from this
desperate and destructive set of circumstances in the Gulf of Mexico.
Perhaps deep oil drilling will be slowed, made more difficult, or
halted. Perhaps more resources will be ploughed with greater urgency
and innovation into renewable energy sources. And perhaps – the
biggest challenge of all !  –
all of us will truly begin to face the
consequences of our addiction to oil and its double-edged benefits –
and  governments (with our consent) will push us into cutting back on
our wasteful consumption of an increasingly scarce resource.

At a personal level, I see no point in going through s–t unless I
learn from it. Collectively, maybe we will learn something from going
through this s–t. That, I think, is the optimism I might be inclined
to draw astrologically from this current awful crisis.

I hope you can take something from this response, CJ, inadequate
though I feel it is.

With all good wishes


…..I wondered whether he would reply, and waited with more than a little trepidation…..

on 18 June, from C.J:

Thank You !  I greatly appreciate the “observation” over “predictions”.
But, I think many of your followers could gain & appreciate the paragraph below…”pearls of Wisdom…”.   I hope you can put that…. in print, as it could perhaps benefit many.
I really appreciated his generous response. The whole correspondence very forcefully reminded me that what we say as commentators really has an impact. Just because we only ever hear from a few of many readers, we should always try to be mindful of the effect our words may have. I think that astrologers should be especially aware of this….

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

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Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?

Early in June 2010 (8th ring a bell with you?) around 99.9% of the world’s population will wake up in their home time zone and attempt to get on with life without the benefit of in-depth astrological knowledge. To that  99.9%, the world will be going on much as usual, depending on whether they live in the neurotic, gadget-driven, narcissistic, over-pampered West or in those parts of the world where you have to take a ten-mile round trip to acquire enough water to get you and your family through the day.  Life will be its usual mixture of good, bad and indifferent. What they will NOT be doing is benefiting from the symbolic foreknowledge available to the enlightened 00.1%,  ie  Us. Astrologers, that is.

What kind of astrologer are you as the summer of 2010 approaches?

Fist -shaking may help!

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

Are you out there shaking your fist yelling “Come on then! Do your worst! I love any kind of change!” (Sagittarians, anyone?? Arians?) or are you curling up in your bunkers with half a ton of provisions, bottled water and a meths stove to boil the kettle (Capricorns? Scorpios? Let’s not forget the chemical toilet here!), with gritted teeth and plenty of  good reading material?

I vary greatly from day to day in how Buddhist and accepting I can be about the unstoppable flow of change. Like anyone else both blessed and cursed with astrological knowledge, the prospect of what looks like very considerable global, national, local and personal disruption this summer and beyond, unsettles me to say the least. But there is only so much one can do. Looking at areas of your life where you KNOW you are frustrated, angry and where radical change needs to come, trying to introduce more space and openness there, is useful personal preparation for the sheer dynamism and disruption of what lies ahead.

Acres of news and magazine print, especially across the Web, is already busy speculating about “the upcoming mess” – as a magazine editor I know grittily and pithily put it. Just try googling “Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries 2010” or “Cardinal Cross summer 2010” and you’ll see what I mean.

We need to be as humble and trusting as possible that there is a greater intelligence than we can possibly imagine at work in all this, a mysterious destiny that “shapes our ends” as Shakespeare so eloquently put it. Recognising the limited extent to which humans are actually in much control of anything, in this technological age where so much is accessible to us, is very hard. Certainly, with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all symbolically and energetically grappling – amplified by Jupiter – the law of unpredictable and unintended consequences is like a cloak inexorably enveloping us all collectively and individually.

Our projections

Remember the Millenium Bug and the fear and panic we all projected onto that? I seem to remember reading that a Hong Kong taxi driver’s meter went slightly wonky at midnight on the dreaded day, and that was about it. Remember swine flu that was going to wipe out hundreds of thousands this winter? As a result of the very cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we may well see that winter flu bugs have been killed off, resulting in a lower incidence of deaths than usual.

It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be. So can we all calm down and just get on with life?

I trust that those few moderating paragraphs will have at least temporarily helped to reduce your blood pressure, and injected a rather needed note of  philosophical detachment into your contemplation of the Summer of 2010.

It is very much part of the contemporary zeitgeist to try and make life (if you live in the “developed” world, that is!) as easy, and pleasant as we can. We try to avoid facing up to the fact that we have a limited span on this earth, that life generally is an inextricable mix of happiness and pain, that we all grow old and decrepit, then die without much idea of what– if anything – comes next.

There is also the small inconvenience that our planet is subject to internal and external geological forces within the wider solar system which are utterly outwith human control. Even the most unobservant of us may have noticed this in recent weeks….

To be continued….

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

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Back to the future! Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU, from 1997 to 2010/11 ….

In considering the possible impact of the upcoming 2010/11 Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in Aries and Pisces, I have already set out some reflections on what the collective impact of the conjunctions might bring, in  AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog and the short extract from that interview : upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries in 2010/11.

Now feels like the time to begin wondering what the upcoming conjunction may mean for individuals.

I thought it might be useful first of all to set a context of  looking back in order to look forward. This set of three articles should help readers gain some perspective on what may lie ahead, first of all by taking advantage of the research I did for the last Jupiter/Uranus event.

In 1996 I became sufficiently obsessed with the upcoming 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 6 deg Aquarius to begin collecting research subjects willing to share their life experiences with me, gathering 17 subjects, nine of whom stayed right through to the end of the study.The research period I set was from January 1997 to the end of 2001, in order to  observe the full impact of the whole Jupiter/Uranus period of influence, including the three transits of Neptune across 6 deg Aquarius (where Jupiter and Uranus met in mid-February 1997) from Spring 1999 to Winter 2001. I wanted as part of the study to test out a claim of astrologers that major planetary meetings potentise thereafter the degree/s of the zodiac at which they meet. (According to my research, they do!)

The research became a book, “Jupiter Meets Uranus”, which was published by the American Federation of Astrologers in April 2009.

All of my research subjects reported significant inner and outer life shifts, to a greater or lesser degree. For me, this was one of the big surprises of the research. But we are dealing with Uranus here, amplified by Jupiter. Shock and surprise is the name of this game. To quote one of the participants:

“A phenomenally significant year with most significant relationships sustaining great changes for the better,

but very painful and turbulent times…..”

1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

This was Georgia, summing up the essence of her life changes in 1997, when the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of 6 degrees Aquarius zapped her Venus. One of several big relationship surprises was motherhood – she had thought she could never have a child, regarded when he arrived as ‘a medical miracle’.

Those of my readers with any planets, Angles or Nodes linked in with the early degrees of the Cardinal Cross will be wondering more than most (not without a certain amount of nail-biting….!) what shocks and surprises await them, since the first hit of the 2010 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, on 8 June 2010, falls at 0 deg Aries. I can certainly include myself here in the ranks of the nail-munching wonderers: with a Tenth House Mars at 1.5 Cancer, I shall certainly be zapped by that Jupiter/Uranus lightning bolt myself….

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

I should stress at this point that I can only provide a general picture here. Uranus is always left field, and if you posit seventeen possible outcomes from a specific planetary pattern involving this planet, it is the eighteenth which will leap out at you from behind an unnoticed bush.

I should know!

Busily observing my research subjects’ lives, I forgot to notice  that I, too, was plugged into the research with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falling on my Sixth House cusp, squaring Second House Chiron at 4.5 deg Scorpio. At the end of 2001 and the research period, I collapsed with severe exhaustion and burnout after a year-long family crisis, and had to give up a successful career. (There were long-term Neptune and Saturn/Pluto transits backing up the Jupiter/Uranus pattern) However, I read stacks of books whilst getting the longest rest of my life (2002-8), wrote two books of my own including the research study published last year, and was able to change the balance of my whole life for the better.

So  – broad brush strokes work best with Uranus transits, in my view. If you can predict Uranus exactly, it isn’t Uranus!

You can take your individual horoscope along to your trusted local astrologer, and she/he will reflect with you in detail on the particular dynamics of  your chart in relation to the upcoming pattern.

The next article will  feature some colourful extracts from the lives of my research subjects. Do you have the Sun, or Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, your Angles or Nodes poised to receive the impact of the 0 deg Aries first hit in June 2010? I had five subjects whose Sun was triggered by Jupiter/Uranus. There were three Venus people, including Georgia, quoted earlier. Four Jupiter Return people, of whom  the two youngest dropped out. Two Saturn people. One Chiron person. One MC/IC person. And three North Node people. Read about the Jupiter/Uranus impact on both their inner and outer lives, and gain some idea of  what, in broad terms, this dynamic set of planets may bring your way.

The third article will explore the Cardinal backdrop to the 2010 0 Aries phase of the conjunction and its complex attendant pattern, again from the point of view of individual lives. It will also spend some time on the 14-year Jupiter/Uranus cycle, exploring its powerful, disruptive impact. The more strongly highlighted Jupiter/Uranus energy is in your horoscope, the more influential this cycle was, is and will be.Where were you in 1997/8? What life changes did you experience? In 1983? In 1968/9? In 1954/5? In 1941? In 1927/8 (the last time the conjunction occurred in Aries)?

I hope, in subsequent articles over the next couple of years, to present some real life feedback: how did the 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction affect YOU? If there is sufficient response I will then publish YOUR stories anonymously on this site – but only with your permission. In this way, we will be contributing through our empirical observations, to the overall body of  astrological knowledge. This process of observation and recording has been going on for at least six millennia….

“Six thousand years ago, when the human mind was still half asleep, Chaldean priests were standing on their watchtowers, scanning the stars.” ( The Sleepwalkers by Arthur Koestler )


To be continued: article Two follows at the end of March 2010


Jupiter Meets Uranus
Jupiter Meets Uranus

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Latest review of “Jupiter Meets Uranus”…. from Dawn Bodrogi at The Inner Wheel….

Undoubtedly for me one of the the finest astrological discoveries of 2009 was a new blog called The Inner Wheel by accomplished and experienced astrologer and writer Dawn Bodrogi. I read through her site’s extensive book list last autumn, and emailed her on discovering that I either owned or had read every single book on that list! Thus began a fruitful exchange and a new astrological friendship which I very much hope will continue. At the end of 2009 she read my newly published book “Jupiter Meets Uranus”. Two days ago, feeling rather gloomy because a bout of tendonitis is restricting my writing capacity and time, I  was immensely cheered up by finding a terrific writeup of my book on her site! Here are some extracts from what she wrote – to read her post in full, and be enticed by more of Dawn’s excellent writing, follow the link at the foot of this post. Over to you, Dawn….

Jupiter meets Uranus

“….in order to give more exposure to good astrological writing and to spread the word about what’s available out there, from time to time I’m going to feature a book that I think is well worth the read for people who are impassioned about astrology, its history, and its future direction. These aren’t book reviews, per se, but I will be pointing out the worthwhile and interesting books that contribute in some way to astrological knowledge. In short, books that help us to think astrologically, and therefore make us better astrologers. Worth a look for that alone.

I’m pleased to say that the first featured book is Jupiter Meets Uranus, by Anne Whitaker. Anne is an astrologer and writer living in Scotland, and is a graduate of The Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, the astrology school Liz Greene founded with Howard Sassportas. Her blog, Writing from the Twelfth House, is always a great read, and full of interesting diversions. I recommend her posts about her own paranormal experiences, to be found serialised on her new blog “Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness”.

Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction every 14 years. What happens when the planet of higher learning, adventure and exploration joins forces with the revolutionary spaceman? Well, Anne Whitaker decided to do her own exploring. The answers are not unexpected, but surprising in their accuracy and timing. What happened under a Jupiter/Uranus banner? Ponce de Leon discovered the “New World.” Mary Shelley published the story of Frankenstein (still a cautionary tale for our times), a man walked on the Moon and Dolly the Sheep was cloned. And that’s only for a start.

Anne’s book takes us through the Jupiter/Uranus high points (and inevitable low points) in history, and the chapters read like a novel. Her scholarship is first rate, and her observations insightful. The book is well worth a read simply for her descriptions of Jupiter and Uranus, and the introduction (do not skip) takes us on a journey through the mythology of each planet. …When you get to the end of this book, you will feel that you know both Jupiter and Uranus a lot more intimately, and will understand more clearly their function in a chart.

.... If you aren’t normally a reader of general astrology books, this one is a good place to start. The first thing you notice when you read the book is how good the writing is…. Anne’s book is lively, clear, often funny, and her enthusiasm for her subject jumps off the page. Whether you enjoy seeing the correlations between astrological aspects and history, or you simply wish to understand how the combined energy of two more remote planets can merge to move us all forward via sharp collective shocks, pick up this book. At the end of it, you’ll be a better astrologer than you were when you entered it, and I can’t give a higher recommendation than that…..”

To read the rest of this commentary, and to enjoy more of  Dawn Bodrogi’s clear, informative and insightful astrological writings,

CLICK here: The Inner Wheel

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

UK buyers, click HERE


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Preparing for 2010/11: Prometheus unbound?

Astrology is a double-edged art.

It bestows the inestimably joyful gift of awareness that we are all woven into some vast, meaningful pattern – in which the tiniest of individual threads ( you, me….) is a key part of the weave. It contributes a significant lens to the many through which we limited humans  attempt to expand our vision and comprehension of both the collective and individual patterns of life on this tiny, precious planet of ours.

Astrology can also raise fear and apprehension: it provides very accurate timings so that we can know exactly when certain energy patterns are coming to their peak. But our attempts at predicting precisely how those energies will manifest – both collectively and individually – have ranged historically from considerable accuracy to being way off the mark. As a critic wryly observed not long ago, if astrologers could consistently predict accurately they would all be millionaires by now.

The myth of Prometheus, who stole the gods’ fire in order to use it for humanity’s enlightenment and was savagely punished for his hubris, is a salutary one to contemplate as we think of astrology’s double edge. Fire warms us, lights up the dark, protects us – but it can also burn the hand that bears it. All illuminating knowledge, everything which takes humans a step forward into the light, also casts a dark shadow.

And here we are, as another year and decade end, contemplating one of the astrological calendar’s most dynamic and exciting cycles. The fourteen-year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus, which last took place at 5-6 degrees of Aquarius in February 1997, is coming to an end. The new one zaps zero degrees Aries with its lightning bolt in June 2010.

And the myth of Prometheus, powerfully connected to the planet Uranus,  becomes once again startlingly relevant.



In my new book “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazingpublished by the American Federation of Astrologers, (April 2009) the results of my extensive research project conducted during the 1997 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius are revealed.

The research includes both mundane events and the conjunction’s effects in individual lives, as I explain in AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog first published in May 2009 by the AFA Newsletter.

I also offer insights into the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries in 2010/11, an extract from that interview.

It has been terrific to see the amount of interest generated to date, both by the book and by the above articles which appeared recently as posts on this site.

Next year, I will take some time to reflect on what the upcoming conjunction may mean in essence for individuals “plugged in” to the dramatic energy field of zero degrees of Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn – the cardinal cross triggered by the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

Now, though, I feel it is time to return to first principles, to address those thoughtful individuals who understand that grasping the core meaning of  any combination of planetary energies is a fruitful way to proceed – prior to indulging in speculation regarding what branches may grow from that core!

The following is an edited series of extracts from Chapter One: Introducing Jupiter and Uranus, taken from   “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing

……Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction in the heavens  every fourteen years. Why should the prospect of such a  meeting generate excitement, and anticipation of “fresh woods and pastures new” ?  How  did astrological Jupiter and Uranus acquire their individual names and meanings? Why are their energies in combination regarded as being so dynamic,unusual, disruptive?……

Planets’ symbolic meanings to date have been derived over time from the astronomy of the planet which is linked to the name, from the mythology associated with the name of the relevant god or goddess, and from empirical observation of the links between  planets’ movements by transit  and corresponding manifestations at both an individual and collective level of earthly life.


Jupiter King of the Gods

Jupiter King of the Gods

Thus, from a weave of the above factors, astrological Jupiter came to be known as “the great benefic”, the planet  bringing opportunity: personal wealth, political prominence, high social position, professional success – “kingship”of various kinds as befitted mythological Jupiter’s role as king of the Olympian gods…..

Psychologically, all forms of  over-confidence, inflated sense of one’s own importance, arrogance and hubris were assigned also to the realm of Jupiter. These represent the shadow side of Jupiter’s undoubted blessings of robust faith in life’s essential value and goodness, the longing to know and to grow in wisdom, and the ability to have fun and inspire other people.

Just as Jupiter the king in Roman myth ( Zeus in Greek myth) was the law giver, so Jupiter the planetary symbol came to relate to those laws, principles, perspectives and ethics which set a context for a larger vision of life than one would have without the prompting of this powerful, fiery force of nature. In its shadow face, those dimensions become distorted into that within human nature which imagines itself to be above the law, able to annexe God to its own side, always able to justify action no matter how dire and inhumane.

The restless drive to grow, to expand, to live a life rich in meaning, to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience as far as  possible, lies at the core of astrological Jupiter. So does its shadow; restlessness which cannot and will not accept the limits set by age and time, the domain of Saturn….


Uranus with Rings

Uranus with Rings

Uranus appeared in 1781, seriously upsetting  the orderly cosmic structure upon which astrology was predicated. William Herschel had not expected his exhaustive telescopic sweep of the heavens to yield another planet, but it did: the first to be discovered since prehistoric peoples began to scan the heavens….. The name finally settled for from Roman myth was Uranus, following the same mytho-logic which had named Jupiter, then Saturn…..

Astrologers also adopted Uranus as the new name, but there is just one problem. Empirical observation, as already noted, is the third strand in the weave of confirming a planet’s symbolic meaning. However, as Richard Tarnas points out in his masterly essay Prometheus the Awakener.there is a consensus amongst modern astrologers, based on empirical observation since its discovery, regarding the core principles associated with the  planet Uranus. However, the mythical figure most clearly evoked by those principles is not Uranus/Ouranos!

What are those core principles? Here I quote  from Tarnas:

“The clear consensus….is that the planet Uranus is empirically associated with the principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform and revolution, and the unexpected break-up of structures; with excitement, sudden surprises, lightning-like flashes of insight, revelations and awakenings; and with intellectual brilliance, invention, creativity, originality, and individualism. In addition to the occurrence of sudden breakthroughs and liberating events, Uranus transits are linked to unpredictable and disruptive changes…Uranus is regarded as signifying the individualist, the genius, and the rebel.”

Tarnas points out that these observed qualities bear little resemblance to the mythic Uranus/Ouranos, there being nothing in his character to suggest rebellion, genius or the impulse for change….“….the mythological Ouranos not only diverges from but contradicts the meaning of the astrological Uranus.”….

It would seem from this,  that  the logic which allocated to the new planet the name of the next god in the mythical pantheon, broke down when this particular planet’s behaviour was subjected to empirical observation. It seems rather apt, given its reputation for contrariness, that the planet should be Uranus!

Which mythic figure best expresses the core principles manifested by astrological Uranus ? Tarnas links the planet clearly with Prometheus, a towering, unforgettable character from Greek myth. Prometheus was a Titan, descended from Ouranos, who rebelled against the gods, helped to overthrow the despot Kronos, tricked Zeus, and stole the divine fire of ultimate knowledge from Olympus in order to liberate humanity from the power and domination of the gods…..

Astrological Jupiter and Uranus together – the dream team ?

A first reaction to the combination of those two ‘masculine’ energies, fire and air, rulers of Sagittarius and Aquarius, tends to be positive and enthusiastic. Exploration and innovation, the quest for meaning allied with the drive for revolutionary change, are attractive facets of the human journey. What harm could come from them?

We certainly need the enthusiasm and exuberance of fire, and air’s spirit of enquiry. We need fun, adventure, learning, information and dialogue: life without them would be desperately dull and stagnant.

But deeper investigation can lead to a degree of disquiet! Again, reflecting on the Greek mythology of …. Zeus and Prometheus can help to build a picture which has dark as well as bright shading….

Prometheus had been Zeus’ ally in the Titans’ uprising against Zeus’ father Kronos. But Zeus (Jupiter in Roman myth)had a short memory for a favour, and showed no mercy towards Prometheus when the theft was discovered. He had him chained to a rock for eternity whilst a griffin pecked out his liver each night. Zeus’ harsh behaviour showed him to be  more interested in maintaining his superior position, than in sharing what the gods had for the benefit of both gods and humankind.

Prometheus at first glance appears the more enlightened and progressive of the two. Yet he displayed considerable arrogance in deciding what would benefit humanity without, presumably, consulting a few of their representatives to see what the general feeling was! In concentrating on what humanity could become, he was too far up in the airy realms of theory to think of what the repercussions of human beings having godlike powers might be. Compassion for the impact of mind-expanding theories on the lives of ordinary individual mortals was no concern of his.

There are other rather unsavoury aspects to Zeus and Prometheus which it is well to bear in mind…..

To put it bluntly, the mythology shows us that we are in the company of two archetypal figures who between them have a sweeping and bright vision of how humanity should conduct itself,  and what it can achieve. At the same time, however, they are prepared to be ideologues, hypocrites and thieves who can be motivated by greed and opportunism as well as idealism in the pursuit of their vision.

Light and shadow : current times

In the West at least, we have all  benefited from advances made possible by the restless brilliance of the human mind and spirit, that precious gift of divine fire symbolised in myth. The rapid development of our scientific and technological knowledge and expertise from the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century onwards has been particularly stunning.  Interestingly, these advances greatly escalated from the appearance to our view of the planet named Uranus in the revolutionary decade of the 1780s,during a time known in Europe as the Enlightenment.

But  the shadow side of that gift is becoming increasingly evident as our Earth becomes more and more obviously damaged by our drive to better ourselves. Further dangers now loom as our expertise in genetic engineering and cloning technology grows. We are increasingly able to take apart the very fabric of life, and weave it to a highly conjectural new pattern  unknowable in its ultimate results…..

I do hope that this edited extract has two effects!

One, to enable the reflective reader to gain a clearer core picture of  the combined planetary energies involved as the Jupiter/Uranus energy field of 2010/11 takes form. (Using a wide 10 degree orb, the conjunction begins to apply in March 2010,  finally separating in March 2011)

And two, to stimulate interest in

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

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May 2010

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Review for “Jupiter Meets Uranus” from Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope magazine, USA

“ On June 7, 2010, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct at 0 deg Aries. The meeting of these two outer planets, which occurs about every fourteen years, is generally accompanied by a variety of dynamic changes in all fields of human endeavor. Most simply defined, Jupiter-Uranus is the “growth and awakening of human consciousness”. The previous conjunction was in 1997, when astrologer Anne Whitaker took it upon herself to study the influence of the Jupiter-Uranus dynamic duo in individual lives and in political or newsworthy events.

The result of her study is Jupiter Meets Uranus. (author’s note: published by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009, not 2003 as stated in this review) Many astrologers have pointed out the exceptionally challenging planetary cycles that are coming our way over the next few years (see The Astrology of 2012 and beyond, for example). A formidable T-square involving Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries replicates the Depression-era T-square from the 1930s; similarly, humanity has some major economic problems to manage now.

However, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a powerful counterpoint, bringing what Whitaker describes as “ faith, courage, and an exploratory expansive spirit to the service of breaking down limited or partial vision”. Great! Just what we need! In addition, Jupiter-Uranus is productive of “joy and a vital sense of connection with life as a meaningful and worthwhile experience”. To all the gloomy doomsday-sayers, don’t forget to factor in this exciting dynamic.

The author chronicles what has happened historically during previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, noting that this cycle often corresponds to major paradigm shifts. Two Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in particular relate to the one that’s coming in 2010. On April 3, 1513, explorer Ponce de Leon was the first European to set foot on the continental United States (Columbus landed in the West Indies a few years earlier). Ponce de Leon landed near what is now Cape Canaveral, where, thirty-three Jupiter-Uranus cycles later, Neil Armstrong and his crew set off for the Moon and became the first to set foot on the lunar landscape.

In 1513, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurred in Aries: in 1969, it occurred at 0 deg Libra, exactly in line with the pending 2010 conjunction. These examples reflect the pioneering, exploring spirit of this planetary duo. The most recent conjunction in 1997 featured a number of major historical landmarks, including the first cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly.

In Chapters 6 and 7, the author tracks and reports on the lives of seventeen people who have their natal Sun or other or other important point at 5-6 deg Aquarius, which was where the 1997 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction took place. invariably, each of their lives went through major changes. Some were punished for holding onto limited visions, whilst others experienced more independent, vibrant, creative changes according to the nature of their natal planet at 5-6 deg Aquarius.

The message is clear: if you have natal planets at 0 deg Aries or at 0 deg of any of the other cardinal signs, you’re due for a personal paradigm shift in 2010. If you’d like to explore what your options are, or how to best deal with this influence, check out Jupiter Meets Uranus. ”

Reviewer: Chris Lorenz

Appearing in: Dell HOROSCOPE,‘The World’s Leading Astrology Magazine, November 2009

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Jupiter meets Uranus

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