5. The Jupiter/Uranus volunteers sum up: “Louis”, “Fiona” and “Barbara”

Louis’s Year 2010/11

Louis Aged 60

(Louis was included in the study because his progressed MC/IC had just shifted into Aries/Libra)

In retrospect, regardless of what I said in previous questionnaires, the significant features for me were probably new learning, meeting new but not necessarily easy people and travelling a lot to Europe.  Yes there was an increased feeling of unease, connections with much younger people facing death through illnesses out of the blue and a sense of having little time left to do an awful lot.

I think the response to the previous question suggests that the effect was able to be seen and felt.  It hasn’t been very enjoyable as even the new learning has had an obsessive and even desperate quality to it.


Fiona’s Year 2010/11

Fiona Aged 61

Fiona Aged 61

It all seems so petty and personal in the light of the current situation in Japan, but I learned to not listen to every body who wishes my attention.   I still am eager to listen to my daughter, to my best friend but my indiscriminate listening to just anyone has disappeared in this year.  My twenty years of dogged devoted listening from my training as a homeopath has flown the coop.  I just don’t have the patience any more to mother everyone….I feel both guilty and relieved.


Barbara’s Year 2010/11

Barbara Aged 81

Barbara Aged 81

Summarizing the past year: Two steps forward and three steps back. Financial losses, stressful, health problems. Intuition out-to-lunch; made many decisions I regretted later.

Jupiter in my First House all year should have made my life easier, however, Uranus in my First House at the same time, injected the unexpected, surprise element that kept me off balance. With natal Uranus in my First House in Aries, you’d think I would be used to it.

Other factors to consider: the Solar Eclipse 1/15/10 conjunct my natal Venus and the Solar Eclipse 7/11/10 conjunct my natal Pluto added to the mix.  Looking back at similar Solar Eclipses in 1972 and 1991, I can report those two years were particularly stressful with a sensation of floating and plans not working out.


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450 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participants”Louis”, “Fiona” and “Barbara” 2011

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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