4. The Jupiter/Uranus volunteers sum up: “Eve”, “Kathy” and “Caroline”

Eve’s’s Year 2010/11

Eve Aged 51

Eve Aged 51

The most significant parts of the year were in February and  March 2010.  My husband suddenly went in for gallbladder surgery and my boss was “asked” to retire.  In late March, I left my sedentary secretary position and went back to a more manual labor job.

The conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter at 28 Pisces in August/Sept 2010 was when I injured my shoulder at work.  I was unable to work for the next two months. I found this significant due to the extreme astrological associations  with the actual conjunction.  (Uranus ruling shoulders and the injury exactly where the Star Scheat is located in Pegasus.

On the last conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus in January 2011, almost to the day, the Postmaster General announced that they were downsizing and restructuring the entire organization due to massive debt. I waited until March 25th to write, because certain details were supposed to be released on an early retirement buyout offer.  Unfortunately things are proceeding slower than expected.   I expect to have conformation of an buyout offer for me after our contract is ratified sometime in May.  I told Anne in an email my only misjudgment with this conjunction, was that I thought it would be the start of the beginning of my new life, when in fact it turned out to be just the beginning of the end of my old life.  Maybe that is due to the fact I was dealing with 29 degree of Pisces energy and not 0 Aries.  It has required me to acquire a double dose of patience.

I consider this past year a milestone year, the kind you use as markers in your life and consider it as a turning point into a new beginning.


Kathy’s Year 2010/11

Kathy Aged 54

Kathy Aged 54

The return after an absence of 17 years of the “Vertex” relationship which, as I now know, started in May 1988 with transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Vertex at the 1st degree of Capricorn and  the same said Uranus was in square to his Sun/Moon midpoint at  29 Pisces 52. This fast forward repeat run was completely unexpected, very disruptive to my well-organized life and my mental state, but also very exciting.

The influence of the conjunction seemed to be very strong May to Sept but diminished after that. The January conjunction at 27 Pisces passed without any out-of-the-ordinary happenings.

Now it remains to be seen what, if anything, Jupiter and Uranus return into Aries brings. Nor do I know if I want anything more to happen.

Funnily enough, when Uranus T reached his Sun/Moon a couple of nights ago, my phone rang. I think his extreme sensitivity to that point in his chart is the result of its location in his 1st house.

Jupiter and Uranus will be transiting my 9th house and his 1st in the near future.

Other than Vertex, nothing major happened except the sleepless months in the busy summer (my Mercury at 0 Aries trine Uranus in 12th house got overly activated by the 1st conjunction in June I think).

At the moment I am feeling like I’m turning into more me but then, no wonder, with many planets in Aries/Leo/Sagittarius. The whole chart is on the move because the fire element is very strong.

Active 9th house thanks to the conjunction. Lots of foreign travel after many travel-less years. Surprise meetings of old friends with a foreign country connection.  So yes, the influence was there to be seen. Now it feels like it was return to the life I am meant to be living with my 9th house Sun in Aries. Will also examine my past charts to see what derailed me in 1999/2000.


Caroline’s Year 2010/11

Caroline Aged 58

Caroline Aged 58

Now that I have a bit of perspective, or at the very least, a familiarity with the last year in transit I can say with new awareness that finding a place where I feel I belong has been the most significant journey of the past year…. a journey of the soul. (Jupiter – Uranus transiting my natal 4th house opposing my 2nd Saturn return in my natal 10th house, transiting Neptune in my natal 3rd house opposing my natal Rx Mercury in the 9th house, transiting Pluto 1 degree approaching an exact conjunction with my natal Chiron in the 1st house.

When 2010 began to unfold I was not expecting to relive my past as I did.

In mid March 2010 I suddenly returned to the country of my birth after a decade lived on 3 different continents. I had a vague idea of returning to live and work in my birth land but nothing was for certain. I tried to re-enter friendships that had once defined my sense of self in the world but too much time had passed, our lives had evolved in different directions, and I returned not understanding how much my values had changed in the passing years.

I had much difficulty adjusting to the changes and struggled to understand them. Relationships with my blood family also changed in unexpected ways that was both sobering and nourishing. I released painful attachments to family sorrows and personal disappointments.

I lived the entire year without my own home and experienced many changes and disruptions to my daily rituals that required me to be flexible and to gracefully fit into the daily rhythm of others, which I did with modest success.

In 2010 I did the same work that I had done when I was 28 and experiencing my 1st Saturn return – I helped friends and family redecorate their homes. I was somewhat bemused to be re-living work that I had once loved to do but now had lost it’s value for me.  Familiar stress and insecurities arose but with a different consciousness than 30 years past and so I was able to constructively use my past to form a new beginning.

With eyes opened I accepted limits and responsibilities that I had resented in the past. I had lived 10 years “ with one foot in and one foot out” the United States and it was time to make a firm decision of which way to step. I left the states in the beginning of 2011 and arrived to a place where I belong, a place for me to take root.

It has been an amazing year of inner growth that has brought a deeper accepting of myself and my relationships with others. It has been a significant year of changes, healings, and new beginnings.  I am at the threshold of a new way of living my life and this past year feels to be the gestation of something yet unborn within me.


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1100 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participant s”Eve”, “Kathy” and “Caroline”” 2011
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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