3. The Jupiter/Uranus volunteers sum up:”Giorgio”, “Maria” and “Harry”

Giorgio’s Year 2010/11

'Giorgio' aged 28

'Giorgio' aged 28

Basically: Uranus joined with Jupiter, in square to Pluto, and opposition to Saturn. Having Mars at 0º Libra, Mercury at 29º Sag, and Sun at 26º Sag, I was under a great push for change. In early 2010, I decided to quit my job and applied to a new temporary project in Iceland which I did in spring and summer. This was a great adventure (Uranus transit to Mercury and Mars) and a first shift (the first entry of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries). 

Returning home, I started a new job in October but then, together with my fiancé, we applied to an internship back to Iceland to which we were accepted and started in January 2011 (retrograde transit). This is now our new home, and our new careers.  We are living in a local community, with environmental matters. It might really be a long-term new beginning! And Uranus goes ahead again in Aries.

The conjunction of Uranus/Jupiter felt on 2nd house. My natal Sun in 11th house was squared by it. You can clearly see all the astrological themes! Particularly, the revolutionary influence of the conjunction expressed by a change of a career and in values (2nd house), and by new long-term and social engagements in a group setting working for a cause (11th house).

This year (2010 and early 2011) was very significant, in my life. I am still not sure about the consequences of the major change that has happened. But it seems to be at least together with 2000, as one of the two years of biggest change in my life. I think this was because there was a major T-square that transited 3 of my natal planets, not just the Jupiter/Uranus. It has been a major change (this is also Saturn return), but Uranus/Jupiter push the boundaries of conventional: I quit my career to begin living in an intentional eco community abroad.


Maria’s Year 2010/11

Maria Aged 32

Maria Aged 32

I quit my job of ten years and finally filed for divorce even though I had been separated since October 2010. I moved briefly for educational purposes, came back and moved into a new part of my city. I had been living in the same place for ten years prior to that. I tried to get a job with my new skills but no such luck. Out of the blue, however, I was asked to write and edit for an entertainment website. I’ve gotten to do red carpet events and write about the stuff I love: music, film, and technology. It’s a complete 360 from what I was doing before, but I love it even though it’s hard work. I am doing my best to make the website popular and profitable. At the time of this writing, we are writing a business proposal to get investors so we can do a website redesign.

This year has been very significant! It feels like I completely lived one life and am starting another. The life that I lead now, is more true to who I am.


Harry’s Year 2010/11

Harry Aged 41

Harry Aged 41

Recognizing the importance of this Jupiter/Uranus event happening conjunct my Sun at the same time I was experiencing my Uranus opposition Natal Uranus and Jupiter opposition Natal Jupiter helped me to streamline my intentions, focus, and more courageously begin the process of realizing several important goals.  I knew they wouldn’t take root at this time, necessarily, but that they — with the doggedness of Saturn — eventually would. I also understood that putting myself out in the field where that bolt of lightning (Uranus) would be able to find me was the way to go and, drawing on the optimism of Jupiter, that’s exactly what I’m doing.


I feel as if, although there were definitely changes with both my partner (who’s an early Libra) and I — and even changes within the changes, some taking form, others disappearing as quickly as they arrived –, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on my 00 Aries Sun was the planting of the seed, so to speak.  The actual changes manifested by Jupiter/Uranus will come, I suspect, with Jupiter’s subsequent transits and Eclipses to this 00 Aries degree.  This experience, like I said, was the planting of the seed.


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700 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participants “Giorgio”, “Maria” and “Harry” 2011
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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