2. The Jupiter/Uranus volunteers sum up: “Alicia” ‘s story

I thought it might be of particular interest for those of you who have been following the research throughout the year – as well as anyone new dropping in! – to see the actual questionnaire I sent out to the “Jupiter/Uranus Ten” (as they will forever be known!) with one person’s story unfolding exactly as I received it. All the feedback has been clear and vivid. But I have chosen to feature “Alicia” not just for the clarity of her writing but also for  the detail of her astrological commentary. This truly is a “Tale from the Wild Ride”…..

Alicia Aged 53

Alicia Aged 53

Research Study:Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries and Pisces 2010/11

Questionnaire Four

(In responding to this questionnaire, please type in your replies preferably in black so that I can see them clearly. Please try to be reasonably economical in your responses! And disclose in detail only what feels comfortable to be published. )

A Year Summarised: mid-March 2010 to mid-March 2011

Here are some brief Notes to set a context for your feedback:

Jupiter conjunct Uranus is a combination of energies regarded as dynamic, unusual, disruptive, expansive, unpredictable – breaking down the old order, stimulating breakthroughs to new levels of expression and understanding, individually and collectively. It is most powerfully connected at a collective level to radical and disruptive environmental, social, political and technological shifts and breakthroughs.

Personal Life

i) General Overview of the period (NOTE: nothing in writing here – just mark x against the most appropriate category)

Did your life’s experiences during the year fit the Jupiter/Uranus ‘signature’ as briefly described in the notes above? (Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others)

Very much so XXX

Moderately so

Mildly so

Not at all

(Please do respond to this, everyone – it’s important  in order to get a “general overview” feel of the period in question)

ii) Summary of the most significant features of the year. Please add any comments you wish to make on the astrology in your particular case.

I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction in the 11th house.  Uranus rules my natal sixth.  Transiting Uranus as been alternately opposing my natal first house Mercury and coming near conjunct to my Desc.  My father died suddenly (Mercury rules natal 10th), my beloved young cat died suddenly and traumatically (Uranus rules the sixth) and traumatically, and my mother took a sudden turn for the worse and has been bedridden for months (Moon Uranus conjunction) and is now on chemo to help resolve an inexplicable medical issue.  My day to day life is utterly changed.  None of these things could have been predicted a year ago.  I almost lost my niece, too (the seventh house is the fifth from the third—my brother’s daughter), but thankfully her ascending Pluto saved her.  There have been a lot of endings, which I attribute to the fact that natal Uranus is tightly opposing both Chiron and the Black Moon in my natal chart.  The upside is that, professionally, things have never been better (Uranus sextiles natal Mercury/10th house ruler, from the 11th).  A tremendous irony.  But it’s left me antsy, and very aware that was was given could be taken away in a flash.  What it has taught me, very clearly, is that transits always reflect their natal placements, no matter if they hit something exactly or not.  Uranus was a few degrees away from my Desc and a few from exact to my Mercury, but it didn’t matter because Mercury/Uranus is one of the tightest aspects in my natal chart.

iii) Brief evaluation of the significance of the year relative to other years in your life (in as much as one can do this!) and whether the Jupiter/Uranus effect as defined in the introductory Notes was in your opinion able to be seen – or not.

There is no question that there has been more ruthless change in this past year than in any other I have ever experienced.  I have to reset all of my patterns.  Nothing has remained standing.

Our Collective Life

(I realise yet again, that some of you may not wish to bother commenting on world affairs, but it would be interesting to get your brief take, if you feel so inclined! Please indicate which country is your main focus in making any comments)

iv) General Overview of the year (NOTE: nothing in writing here – just mark x against the most appropriate category)

Did you notice anything significant in your own country/the wider world during this year?

Very much so XXX

Moderately so

Mildly so

Not at all

v) Any comments on March 10 to March 11 – eg was there a key event/development in your own country/the wider world which struck you as highly significant and in tune with the planetary symbolism?

I think we all witnessed revolution at work, all across the globe.  Most surprising was Obama’s return to favour in the polls.  It’s almost Alice in Wonderland-like.


vi) Any other comments by way of conclusion?

War, earthquake, tsunami, ecological disaster, revolution enforced from without and within.  I think Uranus should be happy with his partnership with Jupiter.  One thing we didn’t consider enough as astrologers was the Pluto effect that lingered—Pluto affecting the cardinal point guaranteed that death was on Uranus’ heels.  For me, personally, as well as globally.  It was a bloody revolution and its toll was high.


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1000 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participant “Alicia”2011
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


2 responses to “2. The Jupiter/Uranus volunteers sum up: “Alicia” ‘s story

  1. Your report, Alicia, was amazing, and yet scary.
    That’s no joke at all, Pluto transiting the 4th, Uranus the DSC and Saturn in the 1st house.

    I always felt that planets transiting the cardinal houses are even more intense than hard transits to natal planets.

  2. Thanks, segurelha. I will pass your comment on to “Alicia”.

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