Spring Equinox 2011 and The Big Picture

After nearly two years of commentary and research on Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, with special focus on the 2010/11 one in Aries and Pisces, I am nearly done (in more ways than one! Being obsessed may be absorbing, but it is a tad tiring….) It will soon be time for me to move on to other things.

Whilst I await their summing-up of the year 2010/11 from my ten volunteers who have stayed with the project all the way through, I am publishing a series of posts of a long essay I have just finished, reflecting on what  Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions can tell us not only about our past, but also about our future….

Jupiter/Uranus is now settling into a new 14-year cycle, continuing with its ancient symbolic task of “seeing no limits, as it challenges old frontiers and reveals startling new vistas of experience and discovery”. As a human community, we have begun a new voyage into the Unknown. Comfort and security are never key features of such voyages….

Join me on this last journey of reflection, exploration and discovery by reading though the posts listed below, as they appear. Enjoy!

Spring Equinox 20.3.2011

Spring Equinox 20.3.2011

Spring 2011 and The Big Picture: what Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions may reveal

Big Picture series Part Two: Jupiter/Uranus and the new world order?

Big Picture series Part Three: Jupiter/Uranus through the four elements

Big Picture series Part Four: Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions through Aquarius

Big Picture series Part Five: the Aries Point meets the Void

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