Jupiter meets Uranus – last call: “Tales from the Wild Ride” Part 11

Those of you following the fortunes of  “Giorgio”(28) “Maria” (32) “Harry”(41) “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54) “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81) will see that the exceptional disruption and turbulence which has so characterised 2010 for our world, is also continuing to make its mark on their lives as 2011 takes shape. In this and the two following posts, you will be able to read about how all ten of them fared during

Autumnal Equinox 2010 to Winter Solstice 2010, through to the first week of January 2011.



Mercury enters Libra 4.10.10

Jupiter turns direct 19.11.10

Mercury enters Capricorn 1.12.10

Uranus turns direct 6.12.10

Mars enters Capricorn 7.12.10

Full Moon 29 deg. Gemini 21.12.10

Sun enters Capricorn 21.12.10


Jupiter conjuncts Uranus exactly (3rd time) (27 deg 01 min d Pisces) 04.01.11


For readers new to the research, click HERE to read background notes on the project, HERE to read through Phase One of the research, and HERE to read through Phase Two (or to refresh your memories if you are an existing follower).

Now read on!


A) General Overview:

Q: Did you experience anything significant of an inner/outer nature  which was ‘out of the ordinary run of life’ during this time? (Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others)

1 = Very Much So/ 2 = Moderately So/ 3 =  Mildly So/4 = Not at All

Giorgio (28) : 1
Maria (32) : 3
Harry (41) : 3

B)  Summary of the most significant facets of this time:

(Can you relate the astrological significators I have set out to what your diaries tell you? eg to particularly important events/occurrences/shifts of understanding or perception which cast things in a new light, etc. If you can’t be that specific, do not worry! Just provide what seems relevant to you )

Giorgio (28)

'Giorgio' aged 28

'Giorgio' aged 28

The Autumn continued the major changes that I had started earlier in the year. My 5 month career break resumed with my decision to quit my old job! I started a new job in November (totally different field) for only 2-months, as in January I came to do an internship in (yet) another field and also in another country. Even more interesting, is that I am also planning for a big travel oversees for later in 2011. So many new paths!! This is happening as natal Uranus squares my natal Sun and Mercury, and opposes my natal Mars.

Jupiter turns direct 19.11.10: this was around the period I found the new job and quit the old one!

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in 4.01.11: this was when I started the new internship!

Maria (32)

Maria Aged 32

Maria Aged 32

I moved into my new apartment. Feeling a bit anxious over my dwindling account balance, I signed up to several employment agencies but have yet to receive an assignment. Even though I have no income coming in, I bit the bullet and decided to visit a friend in Georgia in late January. I may have the opportunity to write songs with this person. Also, a friend of mine with a website asked me to start writing for the site. None of this is paid, but I’m hoping it will pay off down the line as I really do love writing. I, also got a Numerology Career reading and out of all the careers given writing was by far the career i’m most suited for.

Harry (41)

Harry Aged 41

Harry Aged 41

The day Venus stationed retrograde in early-October my partner (a 7 Libra) suddenly discovered the relationship with the company in Zurich he had been working with since early-August was not what it appeared to be.  His work with the company ended very soon thereafter.  A couple of weeks later he discovered a second, more solid company in Zurich very interested in meeting with him, a process — with everyone having checked out for the holidays — beginning this month, January.


TO BE CONTINUED……with feedback from “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54) “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81)

February 08 2011

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February 09 2011

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February 11 2011

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NOTE: I will be sending out the Final Questionnaire in mid-March 2011, asking my ten researchees for their brief summary of Spring 2010 – 2011.

I will be asking them to evaluate the significance of the above year relative to other years in life ( in as much as one can!) and whether the Jupiter/Uranus effect  (which I will briefly re-define) was in their opinion able to be seen – or not.


For information on Anne’s definitive 2009 study of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, and her unique research into the impact of the 1997 conjunction on individual and collective life, click HERE

“Jupiter meets Uranus”

Anne Whitaker’s main blog is Writing from the Twelfth House, a lively and popular magazine-type site, set up in the summer of 2008   “….for those writers and readers – and fellow astrologers! – who share my preoccupation with questions of mystery, meaning, pattern and purpose….”

If you are looking for information, education, entertainment and inspiration, check it out!


800 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participants 2011
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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