2010/11 Background Notes for ‘Tales from the Wild Ride’: 4: astrological significators June-Sept 2010

I am currently re-ordering this site , to turn it into a more user-friendly Jupiter/Uranus research archive, in preparation for when the study I have been running since Spring 2010 comes to its conclusion – in Spring 2011 as the new Jupiter/Uranus cycle in Aries gets into its fiery stride!

So – do bear with me as I turn some background material into posts, in order to file them more clearly.


Summer Solstice to Autumnal Equinox 2010:


Sun into Cancer on 22.6.10
Lunar eclipse at 5 deg Capricorn 26.6.10.

Uranus retrogrades 5.7.10 at 0.5 deg Aries
Saturn enters Libra 22.7.10
Jupiter retrogrades at 3.5 deg Aries 23.7.10
Saturn exactly opposite Uranus(2) (0 deg Libra/Aries) 26.7.10
Mars enters Libra 30.7.10

Venus enters Libra 8.8.10
Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces 15.8.10

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces 9.9.10
Jupiter conjuncts Uranus exactly (2) (28 deg 43 min r Pisces) 19.9.10
Sun into Libra on 23.9.10
Full Moon at 0 deg Aries 23.9.10.


100 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page



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