2010/11 Background Notes for ‘Tales from the Wild Ride’: 1.Guideline Notes for Participants

I am currently re-ordering this site – to turn it into a more user-friendly Jupiter/Uranus research archive, in preparation for when the study I have been running since Spring 2010 comes to its conclusion – in Spring 2011 as the new Jupiter/Uranus cycle in Aries gets into its fiery stride!

So – do bear with me as I turn some background material into posts, in order to file them more clearly.


1.Guideline Notes for Participants

This is qualitative, not quantitative research. My aim is to observe the effects, if any, of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in Aries (8.6.10 exact ). Pisces (19.9.10 exact retrograde) and Pisces (04.1.11 exact direct) on the lives of a self-selected random group of 12 volunteers, all of whom are directly ‘plugged-in’ via planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, or Moon’s Nodes to the degrees of the three conjunctions. For interest, I have included one person whose Progressed MC/IC has just entered Aries/Libra, squaring his Uranus in Cancer.

I am allowing a wide orbital range of 22 Pisces to 5 Aries. This is five degrees applying to the 27 Pisces – 0 Aries ‘hot spot’ where the conjunctions take place – and five degrees separating. One person in the research has her Angles on the mutable 22 degrees “outer limit” . Another has her MC/IC on the cardinal “outer limit” of 5 degrees. So it will be interesting to observe whether the ‘outer limit’ people and the Progressed person have significantly less potent experiences than those more exactly ‘plugged in’ – or not.

It has been difficult to decide the best method of collecting your feedback as simply and clearly as possible. In the end, I have decided to send you six questionnaires at different stages of the year April 10 – March 11.

Since the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falls on a very powerful degree ie 0 deg Aries, the Very First Point, I have decided to divide up the year of the research into four cardinal quadrants(after the first questionnaire which will be looking at the April/May 2010 build-up period to the 8.6.10 conjunction in Aries):

Summer Solstice and 0 deg Cancer; Autumn Equinox and 0 deg Libra; Winter Solstice and 0 deg Capricorn; and Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries. I will email to ask for feedback after each of these quadrants.

At the end of March 2010 I will conclude by sending a questionnaire asking you to sum up the year of the research. Don’t worry! I am setting up the questionnaires with some simple tick-box categories, followed by some space to give detail in your own words.

You will be asked to sum up the essential points of your inner and/or outer life during the unfolding of the research year. Bearing in mind that an ‘average’ (I use the term with full appreciation that there is probably no such thing, but we have to have some common terminology here!) life has a mix of ups and downs, what I am looking for are inner( eg dreams, intuitions) or outer occurrences which are outwith the parameters of what you would see as normal and average in your particular life and the lives of those close. Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others.

I really need you to be disciplined in how much you write, since I have a limited amount of time to spend on this project and hope not to have to do too much editing. If each person provides five fairly short summaries as the year unfolds, plus a final ‘summing up’ the year, then I hope that what will emerge is a clear picture of what each individual life has manifested.

IMPORTANT: I am very careful with confidentiality and will be checking back with you before posting biographies and charts anonymously on the Web. You can help me here by ONLY writing in your questionnaires that which you would be comfortable to see in the public realm.

I don’t need any of you to worry too much about commenting on the actual astrology, unless you want to! What interests me is simply collecting biography, with specific dates from your diaries of particularly important events/occurrences/shifts of understanding or perception which cast things in a new light, etc. I can then look at all the feedback and see whether there are links between the symbolism eg relevant eclipses, exact days of the three conjunctions, and your life stories.

I know this is probably impossible – but let’s try and be as objective as we can. If nothing happens when astrology says it should, that adds to the information provided by the research!

I have written extensively on Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in my book “Jupiter meets Uranus” and no doubt one or two of you will have acquired copies. This will be useful because you can read and reflect on what this dynamic, unusual, difficult, disruptive, ground-breaking combination brings to both collective and individual life. But if you don’t have the book, there are a couple of articles on the ‘Jupiter meets Uranus’ website which introduce these two powerful planetary characters. It would be useful to read them, to help you orient towards the research year.

And finally ….

As I said in my first email to the group, this fiery,energetic, pioneering, impatient, explosive, aggressive version of the conjunction is – through the Grand Cross it makes with the Saturn/Pluto square – held in a matrix of darkness and difficulty, frustration, deep-testing and delay. We can see this collectively in the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, with battle lines drawn between the USA government and BP – and the thwartings and delays occurring in the desperate attempts to contain this disaster. I can see from the feedback to my Jupiter/Uranus site, emails and my own personal experience, that those of us ‘plugged-in’ at a personal level have been handed a tiny chip of the same energy to wrestle with.

One of the things I will be looking for is some kind of easing-off and moving forward come the autumn of 2010, as Saturn moves away from the Grand Cross pattern. But then the conjunction retreats back into Pisces for the winter……so we shall just have to be keen observers, as well as coping with our own personal slowly emerging new world order…….

1100 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus Research Study
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

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