Jupiter/Uranus brings more disorder: Part 8: ‘Tales from the Wild Ride’

Summer Solstice 2010 through to Autumnal Equinox 2010

Those of you following the fortunes of  “Giorgio”(28) “Maria” (32) “Julia” (37) “Diana” (38) “Harry”(41) “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54) “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81) will see that the exceptional disruption and turbulence which has so characterised 2010 for our world, is also continuing to make its mark on their lives.

For readers new to the study, click HERE to read background notes on the project, and HERE to read through the first phase of the research (or to refresh your memories if you are an existing follower).

Last week,  Part 7 featured “Giorgio”(28) “Maria” (32) and “Harry”(41). “Julia” (37) “Diana” (38) have dropped out, but “Caroline” (58) has happily dropped back  IN since last week, boosting our continuing group  to 10 participants.

This week features “Eve”(51) “Alicia” (53) “Kathy” (54).

To review the key astrological significators for that period which were given to our researchees with their Questionnaires, click HERE.

Summer Solstice to Autumnal Equinox 2010:


A) General Overview:

Q: Did you experience anything significant of an inner/outer nature  which was ‘out of the ordinary run of life’ during this time? (Bear in mind that any planetary energy can strike a ‘dumb note’ with you, but be vividly observable in the life/lives of family or and/or friends and/or significant others)

1 = Very Much So/ 2 = Moderately So/ 3 =  Mildly So/4 = Not at All

Eve (51) 1
Alicia (53) Very emphatically 1
Kathy (54) 2

B)  Summary of the most significant facets of this time:

(Can you relate the astrological significators I have set out to what your diaries tell you? eg to particularly important events/occurrences/shifts of understanding or perception which cast things in a new light, etc. If you can’t be that specific, do not worry! Just provide what seems relevant to you )

Eve (51)

Eve Aged 51

Eve Aged 51

I have noticed that some of the dates differ on exact transit times because I live in another country with another time zone.  I will use my dates. (Thanks for mentioning that, Eve. Since I have several different time zones to deal with, I have used GMT time zone for the UK for all of them. I am sure that readers will bear that in mind.)

On June 16th my cousin informed me we were having more trouble with my 84 year old aunt.  She was really hallucinating and having a hard time finding reality.  We went to the emergency to make sure she wasn’t having a stroke.

June 17th I was having a angry day at work, with a bad attitude, due to company restructuring and workload increases. I have grown very weary of our leadership, and have no patience anymore with all the BS.

June 18th-June 20th I had my aunt stay at my house so my cousin could get a break.

June 21st. Worst rebellious day yet at work.  I finally lost it with all the government hypocrisy.  Let’s just stay, I took an unpopular stand, exposed hypocrisy with my handy Iphone camera and emailed it to the powers that be.  SHIT HIT THE FAN! I angered management and some co-workers. Relationships were strained to say the least.

July 2nd co-workers continued to be hostile to me and to others.  The crumbling of our industry has pitted co-worker against co-worker and today it was another co-worker day to Go Postal! I believe this event is what lead to the changing of leadership, which was temporary anyway.

July 8th. I angered another co-worker who was a friend.  Management seemed to be throwing her a lifeline, while deciding to stick it to the rest of us.  I had no problem with that, only I had much more seniority then her and could simply out bid her.  The choice was, to save myself, I had to screw a friend.  That was a choice, I did not want to make. I knew that If I told everyone that I was taking her job, they wouldn’t repost it and things would remain the same.  I must admit, I was angry and probably should have kept my mouth shut and went directly to her.  Instead I mouthed off and she got the “Ugly” version from some back stabbers.   She became enraged that I would use my rights and my seniority to outbid her because she was a friend. We made up on July 19th after not speaking for a few weeks.

July 12th We got a new Temporary Boss.

July 13th – July 15th Went to training for other aspects of work.

July 28th- July 29th Carpal tunnel in both hands acting up again.

August 16th -August 18th Sometime during these days my shoulder had gotten injured and on August 18th I did not go to work.  Doctor ordered no lifting, no stretching, (not that I could anyway)

August 20th MRI

August 25th Dr. gave me a shot of cortisone to help inflammation.
(I won’t go into detail as you have read my blog as to how the injury occurred) (A.W. note: this is a fascinating example of astrological symbolism playing out in real life – check it out!)

Sept 2nd I started physical therapy to try and get my range of motion back in my shoulder/arm.  This is still continuing until I return to work.

Sept 14th back to the Doctor for follow up.  Ordered off work until Oct. 6th.

Sept 18th was our Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  I posted an article as you know and It was the most traffic to my site since it’s inception.  In fact since the first conjunction, the traffic on my blog has gone up 3,000 percent.

During my time off I have had a shift in consciousness an “Eureka” moment so to speak.  I was watching a TV show on prisoners.  They were saying how long time convicts have a hard time readjusting to the outside world because they have been “institutionalized”.  I sat there a moment and realized that this has happened to ME.  Thirty years of a government job has left ME “institutionalized.”

I saw another program and it showed 16 beagles that were rescued from a testing lab.  They have known nothing but their cages all their life. When they were let out, it was only to be TESTED ON.  I saw the fear in their eyes, as each one ventured out of their cages, to the first taste of freedom and love in their life!

I was hesitant about taking any previous early retirement offers from my job because of fear.  Fear that I have known of no other way to make a living.  Fear that I will have to live on less. Fear that I will make a bad choice. But I know, that if I face the fear, I will find freedom.  Now I only have to wait for another early out offer and I will be on my true path.  I think I won’t have to wait too long, as we are losing money at an accelerated pace.

I am still hoping for “THE CAGE DOOR TO OPEN” on my last conjunction, If not, I have three LONG YEARS of testing left.

Alicia (53)

Alicia Aged 53

Alicia Aged 53

The conjunction occurs in my seventh house, opposite my chart ruler, Mercury, which also rules my MC.

My 20 year old niece (represented by my 7th house, the fifth from the third) who has Mars in Libra at 1 degree, was rushed to hospital and spent the month of July going to the brink of death and then just as suddenly coming back again.  She did this 4 times.  A medical miracle.

My father, who had Mars at 5 Libra, passed away suddenly on August 13th.  His Mars was conjunct my Mercury, the ruler of my 10th (father).  The fact that I have Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Uranus conjunct the Moon, and the rulers of both the 10th and 4th affected by the conjunction—well, I should have expected upheavals in the parental axis.

Pluto certainly played its role in the transiting square.

Kathy (54)

Kathy Aged 54

Kathy Aged 54

Most of my energy all this period went on building/re-building/demolishing/re-building my Vertex relationship (Vertex at 1 Capricorn conj. Lunar eclipse 26.6.10).  This is him with the Sun/Moon Midpoint at 29 Pisces 53.

This is not what I expected from the transits. (Note A.W: as Liz Greene said: “If you can predict it, it isn’t Uranus!”) I thought they would bring career changes (9th house Mercury and Sun at 1 Aries/9 Aries) in preparation of the Jupiter and Uranus transits through the 10th. Although the blog on 9th house themes I started last year in September is doing well, I realize now it is the “fatal encounters” producing Vertex at 1 Capricorn which is the most active spot in my chart.

On July 3rd in Crete, out of the blue, met a person I had met once before: in February 1977 in Mallorca, Spain. The meeting took place because I happened to be in Crete (1st time since 1985) and I happened to be with Vertex who had a business meeting with this person.  Talk about “co-incidences”. The funny thing was that we both felt like we had found a long-lost friend or sister or something.

When Saturn entered Libra (22.7.10) found myself booking a trip to Cyprus although finances were already low after the two weeks’ Greek Odyssey in the first half of the month. Real 9th house Jupiter extravaganza!

When Saturn moved exactly opposite Uranus (0 deg Libra/Aries) (26.7.10)
I found myself in a very bad mood. Irritable, dark, angry, depressed. Not at all like the usual sunny and overly optimistic rising Leo with Jupiter attached to the ASC. Realized that Mars+ Saturn conjunction (30.7.2010) did not only oppose my Mercury at Aries Point but was also in semisquare to my 4th house Moon and my ASC. No wonder. Ended up having a very long passive-aggressive e-mail exchange with Vertex.

Nephew into hospital 11 – 12 August with a very severe epileptic seizure.  Was in constant contact with my sister for 48 hours (Saturn transiting through my 3rd house).

In Cyprus 13-20 August.

When Uranus retrograded back into Pisces (15.8.10) saw my first ever shooting star. Unfortunately we also had very bad news regarding the health of the husband of best friend in Cyprus (he has Jupiter at 1Aries in 4th house, Saturn at 27 Virgo in 10th, Chiron at 3 Capricorn in 1st house and rising Sag).

The ex from Tunis of a dear friend of mine whom she hasn’t seen for 8 years, suddenly surfaced. He had gone to a lot of trouble to find out her whereabouts; she moved back to Finland 5 years ago. Now he’s going to fly over for a visit. She has her Moon in the 7th at 1°9’ Aries and her Pluto at 2°48’ Libra is in 1st house. I had been wondering why nothing extraordinary was happening in her life with such transits.

On 2 September had a call from my ex employer asking me to do an intercultural communication training for their new staff.  Used to do trainings for them before but not for the past year. Happy to do something that is the real me (with my 9th house Sun and my 9th house Mercury at Aries Point).

From 5 September onwards so busy dreaming the nights away that woke up exhausted in the mornings.

When the Sun was at the last degree/s of Virgo just before moving into Libra (23.9.2010) I had an oncoming migraine attack for several days (I do not suffer from migraine). Obviously crossed wires in the brain because Uranus/Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury and the Sun opposed them all.

Overall a very restless and busy three-month- period. Am exhausted and would like to go into the bedroom, close the door and sleep for several weeks non-stop.

TO BE CONTINUED……with feedback from “Caroline” (58) “Louis” (60)”Fiona”(61) “Barbara”(81)

Jupiter meets Uranus

For information on Anne’s definitive study of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions (published AFA 2009), and her unique research into the impact of the 1997 conjunction on individual and collective life, click HERE


1950 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Research Participants 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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  1. carolebone@hotmail.co.uk

    Fascinating update and could not agree more with AW’s note re Liz Greene – “if you can predict it – it isn’t Uranus”!

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