Jupiter/Uranus has an E.T. moment….the highlight of 2010/11?

Recently, NASA announced that its Kepler probe had found more than 700 suspected new planets, including up to 140 of similar size to planet Earth. This was from a trawl of, wait for it, only 150,000 stars: a mere fraction of the estimated 100 billion which lie in our home galaxy, the Milky Way. When aliens arrive on Earth, an increasingly likely prospect if many eminent people in the know including Stephen Hawking are to be believed, they clearly have the right to an official Earthling for greeting purposes.

The Pope? President Obama? The leader of the European Union? The President of Russia or China? Richard Dawkins?

No, none of the above. And definitely not a task to be entrusted to a man. I heard the great news on the radio last Friday morning, one week after Jupiter Meets Uranus Part 2 occurred on 19.9.10. Our future relationship with planet Zog has just taken a step forward! Yes, the United Nations is to appoint

“an obscure Malaysian astro-physicist who is head of its little-known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa)” – a lady by the name of Mazlan Othman –

to be the official Greeter for the Purple People

when they first set foot on our illustrious planet.

It took my husband some time to convince me that I had not overstayed my time in the Land of Nod the night before that radio bulletin. I did not quite believe this story until I saw it in black and white in the Sunday newspapers.

It has got to be my personal favourite for the Jupiter/Uranus Quirky Scientific Award for the 2010/11 conjunction.

This news has also taken me a little closer to having my greatest wish for the 2010/11 conjunction fulfilled, as expressed in an interview in the summer of 2009 with the American Federation of Astrologers’ Newsletter:

“….AFA: Do you have a special wish for the human community for something uniquely helpful which could emerge from this powerful and disruptive energy field?

AW: Yes. I would love to see science fiction fantasies over many decades become fact with the arrival on Planet Earth of small but fabulously evolved purple people from Planet Zog to teach us how to mend our ways. Now THAT would be unexpected!!….”

To read the whole interview, click below:

AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog….


400 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


12 responses to “Jupiter/Uranus has an E.T. moment….the highlight of 2010/11?

  1. Hi Ann!

    This really was a hilariously funny story.Here in Finland many people were happy to hear that EU would not be in charge for organizing the matter :).

    Unfortunately it seems that, at the end, it was a case of somebody’s imagination running wild. The lady in question- Mazlan Othman – was not aware of her appointment as the official welcome comittee when contacted about the matter http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2010/sep/27/un-alien-ambassador-mazlan-othman.

    Well – we got a good laugh out of it!

    • Hi Malla

      thanks for the update here! Do you have “April Fool’s Day” in Finland? We have it in the UK on 1st April every year, when all kinds of extravegant jokes can be played both in the public and private realm. My first reaction was that it was a joke – until it was widely reported. Well – now we know!

  2. I have quite a feeling that alien disclosure will occur close to 2032 (84 years after 1948 Roswell), this is also a time when Uranus transits Gemini, Pluto transits Aquarius, and Neptune in Aries. Perfect energy for those “science fiction” events.

    Maybe Uranus in Aries will feature the first stages of an alien disclosure. And first alien contact this century, before the great technological advance predicted to occur by 2090 when both Pluto and Uranus transit Aries.

  3. Anne…..fab!

    I think you’d be the perfect ambassador – just so long as they’ve got a sense of humour as well – can you imagine! – and, does this also make of you their official augery?

    love it that your wish may well be coming true!

  4. personally, never doubted it – seems inevitable, if we do make contact, that our psychology will shift radically – astrology has always been helping us expand our sentience into the cosmos, so, perhaps this augers well for the ‘great art’

  5. Definitely fits the theme, saw a video of some army guy in the US talking about UFO’s disabling nuclear weapons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A251mIx76Y

    Had an idea that this time Jupiter conjunct Uranus might portend change to Jupiter. A big ring of clouds has disappeared now. I wonder if it appears brighter? A few prophesies around suggest Jupiter may change in someway and be significant, comet strike, change in orbit in th eyears ahead.

    Well this recent conjunct exactly opposite my Sun had a big impact. Didn’t sleep properly for weeks leading up to it, felt a wreck. Even took myself to the docs but he just said “you got kids”. The kids themselves picked up on it and played up awful but now they have settled down again. Though the boy with Neptune rising is still a bit touchy, he has Aspergers so didn’t appreciate my change in routine.

    Totally changed my website, new url. Absolutely stressful doing that, so much work and I thought I had lost all our posts at one stage.

    The exact moment of the opposition of Uranus to my Sun, I was skyping with Marina to help me through it. I was so rebellious and she handled me well. I wanted to post a scathing critique of my detractors, but Marina deflected the impulsive rage(Uranus can be angry I think). So I lashed out with moderation on someone elses forum.

    Still standing!

    • Hi Jamie

      great to get this blend of collective and individual feedback. The post of Chief Alien Welcomer may be needed sooner than we think! Who should we invite to apply?

      Glad to hear you are still standing – ah, the tempering effect of the feminine principle….don’t take me too seriously by the way. I may be female, but Jupiter/Uranus sq my Mars/Uranus has led to some hectic rage moments in my life too!

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