Bring it on, 19th September! Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces do religion….

You don’t have to be a very sage astrologer to work out that one of the likely backdrops to this upcoming 19th September 2010 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 29 degrees Pisces (the second of three during 2010/11) is going to be that perennial sustainer, challenger, inspirer, executor and persecutor of the human race – religion.

And sure enough, it is shaping up in bold primary colours already.

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2 responses to “Bring it on, 19th September! Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces do religion….

  1. I can’t help laughing at the idea that the Pope is allowed to escape culpability through a his ‘status’ as a Head of State – is he, I wonder, really willing to bend his knee to the secular God of Politics?

    Great though that the dynamic duo are flushing out the religious varmints – always thought of Uranus as a quickfire one-liner stand-up – does that make Jupiter the straight man? Humour usually has an active shadow side as well though and, well – will there be something that will prompt public backlash when the full Moon lands on Ju/Ur’s patch three days later?!

    Thanks Anne, and I hope all is well after your mishaps……

  2. Thanks Rob – good to hear from you. I am fine and thankful that both my mishaps were minor rather than major. Yes – that full moon will be interesting to observe!

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