Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU in 2010/11! (Part 2 of Back to the Future! series)

On February 28 2010, I posted the first of three monthly articles reflecting on the possible impact upon individuals of the June 2010 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries.

To re-read the first one in the series, click below:

Back to the future! Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU, from 1997 t0 2010/11…

Jupiter meets Uranus makes lightning!

Jupiter meets Uranus makes lightning!

In considering the possible impact of the upcoming 2010/11 Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in Aries and Pisces, I have already set out some reflections on what the collective impact of the conjunctions might bring, in AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog and the short extract from that interview : upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries in 2010/11.

Now feels like the time to begin wondering what the upcoming conjunction may mean for individuals.

I thought it might be useful first of all to set a context of  looking back in order to look forward. This set of three articles should help readers gain some perspective on what may lie ahead, first of all by taking advantage of the research I did for the last Jupiter/Uranus event.

Back to the Future! series: Part Two 29.3.10

Caveats re Prediction

It is always important to bring humility to bear in contemplating what the great energy fields of the solar system may have in store for us, as their vast patterns shift and change to the dance of Time, drawing us, tiny individuals, into their swirl. Astrology’s track record on accuracy of prediction both collectively and individually is patchy, to say the least! (For more on this, see Can the future be predicted?)

A further caveat arises in considering any upcoming pattern with Uranus powerfully signified. I have often quoted one of Liz Greene’s wry comments in one of her seminars given at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London : “If you can predict it, it isn’t Uranus….”

My own long experience as an astrologer, astrology teacher and (with my own and loved ones’ horoscopes) nervously nail-munching outer planet transit and progressions watcher over the last thirty years has indicated the following: you can draw broad brush strokes with a reasonable degree of accuracy when it comes to Uranus: but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you posit seventeen possible outcomes from an upcoming, say, transiting Uranus to natal Venus aspect (this being a favourite for the nail-munching!) none of them will manifest, at least, not in the way you think!

Jupiter Meets Uranus – theoretical core of meaning

This factor was very much in my mind as I sketched out, in Chapter 6 of  Jupiter Meets Uranus (pp 59-83), the broad terms of reference for  what my research subjects’ experiences might be during the period when the 1997-8 conjunction, exact at 6 degrees of Aquarius in February 1997, was in operation. (Seventeen research subjects each had a key planet, Angle or Node  at 4-7 degrees of Aquarius. I logged their data before the conjunction, then sent them three questionnaires during the period of February 1997-January 1998.)

Here I quote from the book, pp 60-61:

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

Objectives and expectations

My objective was to see whether the energies of the complex and contradictory 1997 pattern, with the Aquarian Jupiter-Uranus conjunction as its pivot, could be observed at work in essence in all the participants’ lives. As Alexander Ruperti observes :

“…what the conjunctions actually instigate is a rebellion against one’s own bondage to the values which condition one’s personal behaviour and viewpoint.” 2

I wanted to test out whether this theoretical core was evident in the lives I was setting out to study. For individuals, what I expected overall was a mixed picture in January and February 1997, with thwarting, blocking and difficult circumstances and significant endings on the one hand; but new and unexpected developments woven in, which become clearer as the year went on.

(note: as the 1997 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction built up, the dominant foreground  energies were Mars, Saturn and Pluto, always a testing combination, demanding endurance and persistence, bringing separations and endings of varying kinds. It is interesting to note for the June 2010 conjunction that the Aries backdrop brings in a Mars influence, whilst the Saturn/Pluto square is a dominant part of the overall planetary picture. So the overall June 2010 energy pattern has strong resonances with that of January/February 1997.)

Common to all participants, I thought,  should be a more than averagely changeful year with more than averagely difficult and unpredictable dimensions, whose inner thrust was towards greater expansion and  freedom of operation in those spheres of life connected to the planets being triggered by the conjunction and its attendant pattern.

The above paragraph sums up what individuals, in essence, can expect from any Jupiter/Uranus conjunction strongly triggering – by conjunction, square or opposition – any natal planet, Node or Angle. My 1997 research demonstrated quite clearly in the lives of the individuals concerned, that the more strongly you are ‘plugged in’ to a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, the more powerful you can
expect its impact to be. This supports what astrology textbooks have long said, and what one can observe in reading horoscopes over a reasonable period of time.


Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

1997 –  “Lucia” – the ‘mutable babe from hell’

The most stunning and vivid example of this came from “Lucia”– the ‘mutable babe from hell’ as she is fondly called by her friends! – who on the very weekend of the conjunction ie 15-16 February 1997, led a group of deprived inner-city youngsters through a life-changing experience in the remote and beautiful North-West of Scotland.

Her feedback was especially important: as the research subject most powerfully ‘plugged in’ to Jupiter/Uranus energy both natally and by transit, her account provided the bridge in the research between personal and collective experience.

Lucia’s account can be found in pp 80-83 of Jupiter Meets Uranus.

Jupiter combined with Uranus : seeing no limits

It is very important for those of us strongly ‘plugged in’ to the upcoming June 2010 planetary pattern dominated by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries, to hold in heart and mind as we go through various anticipatory fantasies (or periods of nervous ‘what-if -ing’, to put it rather less grandly!) the essence of this particular planetary combination, (which I discuss at some length in Chapter One of Jupiter Meets Uranus).

The dynamic fire and air combination of astrological Jupiter combined with Uranus has a particular symbolic function in enabling evolution, which is to see no limits.

This breaking through limits, as a means of enabling growth of a dynamic and unexpected kind, can very much be seen in the impact the conjunction had on the lives of my 17 research subjects in 1997-8.


Jupiter King of the Gods

Jupiter King of the Gods

Jupiter/ Uranus meets Venus

I quoted the case of “Georgia” in the first article, who was one of my Venus people. Jupiter conjunct Uranus fell on her Venus. She acquired a Greek lover ten years younger than herself, had a ‘miracle’ child – having been told previously that gynecological problems would render her unable to have children – and went through many other relationship shocks and disruptions, including the surprise acquisition of step-siblings.

Two other Venus people were part of the first phase of the research from 1997-8: Harriet” and  “Frank”(not their real names). Both of them were unexpectedly swept off their feet by new lovers, relocating to different parts of the UK. In Harriet’s case, she married an Irish farmer and went on to have several children in quick succession. Given her previous urban background and lifestyle, this was totally outwith any life plan she may have had.

Impacts: internal, external, and ‘other’

It is also important to remember in our contemplating of possible manifestations of the upcoming conjunction, that planetary energies have broadly speaking an internal, external, and ‘other’ impact: that is, your inner landscape can be a seething ferment  of  new ideas bubbling up (eg me, as I incubate the beginnings of my third book and contemplate Tenth House Mars about to be squared by Jupiter/Uranus in Aries) whilst the external landscape and relationships with other people seem just as usual. Energies can make their presence felt on any/all three of these levels, as the process of change begins its disruptive impact.

Jupiter/ Uranus meets the Sun

Some of my 1997-8 subjects’ feedback illustrates this well. Claire”, one of my Sun people – transiting Jupiter/Uranus conjunct her Aquarian Sun square Mars in Scorpio –  described herself thus in February 1997: “ My inner life is a rampant beast with all sorts of questions and demands….” She was working in Africa with a major children’s charity, and helped to see into law a major Children’s Statute during the period of the research.

By the end of the research period, (which I extended to December 2001 to study the impact of Neptune on the 4-7 degrees Aquarius band activated by the February 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction) she had been promoted and moved to China, then returned with another promotion back to East Africa!

Jupiter/ Uranus meets the MC/IC

“Nicholas” had the conjunction fall in his 6th House, square the MC/IC axis in Taurus/Scorpio. The research period saw his unexpected early departure from a 30 year career in Scottish Local Government, and the completion of a major house move with his new partner, whose mother’s unexpected death during the research period brought her a substantial legacy.

This latter is a good example of the conjunction impacting via the life of another key person in the subject’s life. The whole period was also characterised by unpredictable disruptions as the major changes unfolded.

Jupiter/ Uranus meets Moon/Saturn

Katya”, with a natal Moon/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in the 12th House, experienced turmoil with her ex husband, two relationship changes and a divorce, and two family deaths  plus the setting up of her own dental practice by the end of the extended research period. That whole period was also characterised by unpredictable disruptions (and computer problems!) as the major changes unfolded.




I hope that these few vivid and colourful examples from my 1997 research, and the extracts from my book Jupiter Meets Uranus, will help you to begin to build a perspective within which to contemplate what the upcoming conjunction in June 2010 may bring.


At the end of April 2010, in Back to the Future! series: Part Three,

I will be exploring the Cardinal backdrop to the 2010 0 Aries phase of the conjunction and its complex attendant pattern, again from the point of view of individual lives. I will also spend some time on the 14-year Jupiter/Uranus cycle, exploring its powerful, disruptive impact. The more strongly highlighted Jupiter/Uranus energy is in your horoscope, the more influential this cycle was, is and will be.Where were you in 1997/8? What life changes did you experience? In 1983? In 1968/9? In 1954/5? In 1941? In 1927/8 (the last time the conjunction occurred in Aries)?

Any feedback you Jupiter/Uranus folk out there can give me on the impact of this cycle on your lives, would be really welcome! In my own case, I can certainly say “Yes” to unpredictable new disruptions giving rise to major life changes which broadened my horizons and extended my capacities, on every one of the last four. How about you?




To be continued


Jupiter Meets Uranus

Jupiter Meets Uranus

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8 responses to “Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU in 2010/11! (Part 2 of Back to the Future! series)

  1. Hi Anne – You mentioned wanting feedback, so I hope this helps. Sorry if it’s a bit long, but a lot happened. 🙂

    The ‘97 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction conjoined my natal Moon in the 5th at 6 Aquarius 50, and squared my 2nd/3rd house Mercury at 6 Scorpio 30. It’s probably worth noting that my natal Mercury is also conjunct Neptune/Jupiter.

    I actually felt the energies as early as the Fall of ’96 – I experienced a series of strange costume dreams in which I was an artist, so following this impulse — and without any training– I began to paint. My art seemed to strike a chord with people, and through word of mouth alone, I sold many prints.

    I also started receiving very strong, detailed psychic impressions from other people — prior to that my psychic abilities seemed to occur randomly, or else occasionally through dreams.

    Late 1996, 1997 and 1998 represented a very significant time period for me – my popularity grew significantly, and for the first time in my life, I felt a genuine confidence in my creative abilities. I also received more recognition professionally, (at least from a particular sector) — I worked in a very stressful special-education environment, and fellow co-workers (therapists and teachers) began to ask my opinions and to recognize my insights as being valid and worthwhile. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction also trined my MC/Aldebaran conjunction, within 3 degrees.

    On a separate note, my mother’s health began to suffer, and consequently, I took on a more maternal role in our relationship. I also expressed more anger towards her, perhaps because I sensed that our time was running out — I desperately wanted to resolve our “issues” and to receive (what I considered to be) some form of long overdue acknowledgment from her. That didn’t happen.

    My natal Moon, through solar arc progression will soon be nearing the degree of the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction – I’m wondering if I’ll feel any effects. I’ll be looking forward to reading about other people’s experiences.

    • Dear LB

      reading your feedback makes me wish I had been on the Net when researching for my Jupiter/Uranus 1997 study!! This is wonderful material – so vivid, so affirmative of the creative power of Jupiter/Uranus – and of the challenging, growth-provoking difficulties it also brings.

      I can feel Jupiter/Uranus beginning to grip me again, as the new conjunction starts to form. It will be great to collect some more life stories as this year-long period unfolds. I am setting a ten-degree orb applying, and the same separating. Wide, I know….but it gives us a year of observation and sharing. I am always interested to see if I can sense from feedback given, when the beat of new energy begins to make itself felt in those ‘plugged in’ to the exact aspect….

  2. Great read Anne! I am one of your test subjects for the upcoming transit and I thought I’d bring you up to date because things are starting to heat up in my life. Uranus is just 2 degrees away from my 29 degree Pisces Sun in the 9th house. Changes started happening at about 25 degree Pisces. The need for change in my job became overwhelming. When you do a solar arc progressed, my moon is at 25 Pisces. So far, I have changed jobs (titles) within the Postal service 3 times. I still do parts of my old job while also doing new things on my new job. They removed my Postmaster in Febuary and I went from his secretary to a distrubution clerk job (that was my choice.) He retired (not his choice) effective April 1st. We have a temp Postmaster now and he will be leaving to be replaced with a new one in several weeks. My husband had emergency Gallbladder surgery last Monday, this was not to much of a surprise, since we knew he had stones but the speed in which he went from attack to surgery was quick. I started my astrology blog in January 2010. The last time I had my astrology website was 1997-1998. In 1983 I started Astrology. Looks like some Astrology themes going on for me durning Uranus Jupiter conjunctions.

  3. Hi Mo

    this is good up-to-the minute observation, letting us see the energies of the Uranus part of the dynamic duo limbering up….and interesting linkbacks to earlier stages of the cycle…Thanks!

  4. A few possible early Jupiter-Uranus manifestations………A big increase and expansion of ‘blogging’ on the internet……..The Hubble IMAX 3D movie, which shows some of the most popular and amazing Hubble pictures taken so far, coming to your town soon…..(I am looking forward to seeing it!)

  5. My Sun is Aries 0 in 5th in a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. I have felt frustrated for the last year that I cannot escape my current financial situation. I dream of starting my own alternative business on the other side of the country but have no financial resources to achieve this. Seven years ago I felt a similar frustration as Uranus closed on my IC. I was trapped in an unhappy marriage – suddenly circumstances brought about my release and, totally out of character, I upped and left my family to live with a new man who I had only known a few months.

    It’s the waiting I can’t stand…Uranus just decides to strike suddenly out of the blue and then all hell breaks loose. You just have no time to think about what is happening to you. I am rather nervous about what might happen this time.

  6. Dear Elaine

    “….It’s the waiting I can’t stand…Uranus just decides to strike suddenly out of the blue and then all hell breaks loose. You just have no time to think about what is happening to you. I am rather nervous about what might happen this time….”

    Thank you for articulating so well what most of us researchees ( I have Mars 1.5 Cancer in 10th House so am very much part of the project too!)are probably feeling right now.

    I hope you will keep in touch as the summer unfolds, and let us know what transpires for you. Good luck!

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