Back to the future! Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU, from 1997 to 2010/11 ….

In considering the possible impact of the upcoming 2010/11 Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in Aries and Pisces, I have already set out some reflections on what the collective impact of the conjunctions might bring, in  AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog and the short extract from that interview : upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries in 2010/11.

Now feels like the time to begin wondering what the upcoming conjunction may mean for individuals.

I thought it might be useful first of all to set a context of  looking back in order to look forward. This set of three articles should help readers gain some perspective on what may lie ahead, first of all by taking advantage of the research I did for the last Jupiter/Uranus event.

In 1996 I became sufficiently obsessed with the upcoming 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 6 deg Aquarius to begin collecting research subjects willing to share their life experiences with me, gathering 17 subjects, nine of whom stayed right through to the end of the study.The research period I set was from January 1997 to the end of 2001, in order to  observe the full impact of the whole Jupiter/Uranus period of influence, including the three transits of Neptune across 6 deg Aquarius (where Jupiter and Uranus met in mid-February 1997) from Spring 1999 to Winter 2001. I wanted as part of the study to test out a claim of astrologers that major planetary meetings potentise thereafter the degree/s of the zodiac at which they meet. (According to my research, they do!)

The research became a book, “Jupiter Meets Uranus”, which was published by the American Federation of Astrologers in April 2009.

All of my research subjects reported significant inner and outer life shifts, to a greater or lesser degree. For me, this was one of the big surprises of the research. But we are dealing with Uranus here, amplified by Jupiter. Shock and surprise is the name of this game. To quote one of the participants:

“A phenomenally significant year with most significant relationships sustaining great changes for the better,

but very painful and turbulent times…..”

1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

This was Georgia, summing up the essence of her life changes in 1997, when the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of 6 degrees Aquarius zapped her Venus. One of several big relationship surprises was motherhood – she had thought she could never have a child, regarded when he arrived as ‘a medical miracle’.

Those of my readers with any planets, Angles or Nodes linked in with the early degrees of the Cardinal Cross will be wondering more than most (not without a certain amount of nail-biting….!) what shocks and surprises await them, since the first hit of the 2010 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, on 8 June 2010, falls at 0 deg Aries. I can certainly include myself here in the ranks of the nail-munching wonderers: with a Tenth House Mars at 1.5 Cancer, I shall certainly be zapped by that Jupiter/Uranus lightning bolt myself….

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction - set on Natural Zodiac

I should stress at this point that I can only provide a general picture here. Uranus is always left field, and if you posit seventeen possible outcomes from a specific planetary pattern involving this planet, it is the eighteenth which will leap out at you from behind an unnoticed bush.

I should know!

Busily observing my research subjects’ lives, I forgot to notice  that I, too, was plugged into the research with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falling on my Sixth House cusp, squaring Second House Chiron at 4.5 deg Scorpio. At the end of 2001 and the research period, I collapsed with severe exhaustion and burnout after a year-long family crisis, and had to give up a successful career. (There were long-term Neptune and Saturn/Pluto transits backing up the Jupiter/Uranus pattern) However, I read stacks of books whilst getting the longest rest of my life (2002-8), wrote two books of my own including the research study published last year, and was able to change the balance of my whole life for the better.

So  – broad brush strokes work best with Uranus transits, in my view. If you can predict Uranus exactly, it isn’t Uranus!

You can take your individual horoscope along to your trusted local astrologer, and she/he will reflect with you in detail on the particular dynamics of  your chart in relation to the upcoming pattern.

The next article will  feature some colourful extracts from the lives of my research subjects. Do you have the Sun, or Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, your Angles or Nodes poised to receive the impact of the 0 deg Aries first hit in June 2010? I had five subjects whose Sun was triggered by Jupiter/Uranus. There were three Venus people, including Georgia, quoted earlier. Four Jupiter Return people, of whom  the two youngest dropped out. Two Saturn people. One Chiron person. One MC/IC person. And three North Node people. Read about the Jupiter/Uranus impact on both their inner and outer lives, and gain some idea of  what, in broad terms, this dynamic set of planets may bring your way.

The third article will explore the Cardinal backdrop to the 2010 0 Aries phase of the conjunction and its complex attendant pattern, again from the point of view of individual lives. It will also spend some time on the 14-year Jupiter/Uranus cycle, exploring its powerful, disruptive impact. The more strongly highlighted Jupiter/Uranus energy is in your horoscope, the more influential this cycle was, is and will be.Where were you in 1997/8? What life changes did you experience? In 1983? In 1968/9? In 1954/5? In 1941? In 1927/8 (the last time the conjunction occurred in Aries)?

I hope, in subsequent articles over the next couple of years, to present some real life feedback: how did the 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction affect YOU? If there is sufficient response I will then publish YOUR stories anonymously on this site – but only with your permission. In this way, we will be contributing through our empirical observations, to the overall body of  astrological knowledge. This process of observation and recording has been going on for at least six millennia….

“Six thousand years ago, when the human mind was still half asleep, Chaldean priests were standing on their watchtowers, scanning the stars.” ( The Sleepwalkers by Arthur Koestler )


To be continued: article Two follows at the end of March 2010


Jupiter Meets Uranus
Jupiter Meets Uranus

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1100 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

28 responses to “Back to the future! Jupiter meets Uranus meets YOU, from 1997 to 2010/11 ….

  1. Thanks for leaving a link from my article to yours, very interesting reading. If you are doing research on this subject check back with me in a few months or keep a eye on my blog as I am going to be getting a once and a lifetime hit of Uranus/Jupiter to my ninth house 29 degree Pisces Sun. I already feel the energy coming and am starting to implament changes into my life, but my whole chart is going to look like a pin ball machine going from one transit to another for the entire year. I am buckled in and ready for take off. Astrologer Mo

    • HI Mo

      pleased to hear from you. You are one of my very first Jupiter/Uranus 2010/11 research subjects! Please keep notes and we can keep in touch over this. I will certainly be back to your blog. Thanks for posting!


  2. Great! If you want my chart for your records my birth info is 3-20-1959 1:45 pm Bayshore, NY. Mo

    for the record 1983 started astrology

    1997 started my first astrology website.

    • Hi again Mo!

      you are now the first data person in my 2010/11 research file – and thank you for alerting me to a mistake: in listing the Jupiter/Uranus 14 year cycles, I missed out 1983. That was the conjunction in Sagittarius under which I too started astrology. And in 1997 I became so obsessed with my Jupiter/Uranus conjunction research that people started crossing the road when they saw me, so bored were they with hearing about it!But I am older and more laid back now….

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  4. Dearest Anne,

    This blog is a wonderful gift of your generosity! My natal MC is 00 Libra 52 making my natal IC 00 Aries 52 and I am very interested in hearing your wise council for the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction! My Leo stelli received blessings in 1997, and now i feel ready, I think, for a radical breaking free of my past and reinventing my career possibilities with the 2010 extravaganza. I am feeling the rumblings already as I pack to return to the US March 21 after 10 years out of the country……the call of unfinished business.

    If any of this is of use for your research I am delighted and I look forward to following your articles with keen interest.

    much good fortune,

    • My dear Lauren

      great to hear from you – what a gift YOU are to my research, MC/IC axis is terrific for study. JUpiter/Uranus is not finished with me yet, it seems….I am starting a file and will copy your feedback into it for future reference.

      Good fortune smile on your return!

  5. Hi Anne,

    I will have the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in trine to my Mars (which is at zero degrees Sagittarius natally) this June, and I am excited about it already! The fact that the transiting conjunction aspects my Mars from Aries, (the sign ruled by Mars), should give it some extra power.

    Here is a short record of my past Jupiter-Uranus experiences. In 1983, I shifted to a different town to be with my girlfriend (a Sagittarian – Jupiter), and this physical (and spiritual) shift opened up a whole new exciting, mind-boggling phase of my life. I have no regrets whatsoever about the move.

    In 1997 (I could feel the build-up to this at the end of 1996) I met a new friend within my profession and he and I commenced to travel to places I had never seen or heard of before (exciting places) as part of our mutual work. He is also a Sagittarian (Jupiter).

    Something I find really interesting about these two experiences and their similarities is that during the first experience (in 1983), the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction aspected my natal Mercury, During the second experience (1997), nothing at all in my chart was aspected by transiting Jupiter-Uranus, yet I experienced very similar results!

  6. And how about this for a Uranian reversal. At the end of 1983, I gave up astrology. And at the end of 1996, I began studying it again, more than ever!

  7. Hi Wizron

    thanks for some great feedback.And for the 14-year 83-97 cycle and its changes. If you send your birth data by email, I will store it and when I have time ponder on the 1997 question you have set.

    All good wishes


  8. This Jupiter/Uranus conjunction has interested me for several years as I’ll be hit with it in more ways than one.

    My Sun and North Node are at 00 Aries, my Chiron is at 2 Aries, and I have a natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 1 and 2 Libra. Plus my Progressed Sun is preparing to move over my Taurus Midheaven and into my 10th House.

    So, in addition to the Jupiter/Uranus transit, I’m also experiencing a Saturn transit as well as a continuing Pluto t-square.

    Interestingly, I have yet to see evidence of any of this. I suspect the Jupiter/Uranus visit will trigger some of the slower moving planetary transits. I’m just working to be as prepared as possible. LOL

    Looking forward to your continuing thoughts and those who comment.

    • Hi Duse

      not surprised given the above that you are interested in Jupiter/Uranus – I hope you will keep some notes and let us know how the first 0 Aries phase affects you.Your chart information is appreciated and will be added to my growing file of preliminary responses! Think you are right about the J/U acting as a trigger for the rest of the complex pattern which is also shaping up for this summer. We sure are living in interesting times!

      • Here’s my chart info for your records:

        20 March 1969 at 2:55 PM in Seattle, WA

        Well, it would make sense that the faster moving planet (Jupiter) would help to trigger an already sensitive degree (my Sun) being activated over a longer period by slower moving planets (Pluto, Saturn and Uranus).

        Thankfully, my Solar Return for this coming year doesn’t show anything worrisome, so I’ve decide that whatever happens is going to be GOOD!

        I’ll keep notes, though, for both you and me.


  9. Thanks for the data – I have just noticed that you and Mo (first commenter)have the same birthday of 20 March, albeit hers is 10 years earlier. So it will be interesting to see what similarities show up!!I wish I’d had the internet when I was doing my research in 1997/8!

  10. Hi Anne,
    So many major transits in the last few years, I hadn’t thought about the upcoming Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. Then I read your post and realized that they conjuncted my natal Sun/Venus in 97/98! Had a major move at that time (relocated by my job). Also left a relationship, but that happened just before the conjunction. It was a tough time for me until 2000, I had a sort of existential crisis :-)) But also pursued a passion which changed my life, and is still with me today.

    This new conjunction will conjunct my progressed Mars at 1 degree Aries. Not sure what to expect! My natal Mars seems to be sleeping as it is being conjuncted by Neptune – a very long transit….So I wonder how the progressed Mars will react to the energies of Uranus/Jupiter!?

    Very interesting subject. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • You are welcome, Mary, and thanks for your interesting feedback. Uranus is always left field, so none of us can quite know what to expect! Do keep following the article series, and if you feel like emailing me at with your story after the conjunctions have done their work – this applies to anyone following the site who is ‘plugged in’ to the upcoming conjunctions – that would be good. I am planning to post some of the stories ( anonymously and with permission) after the event.

  11. Anne

    I also noted that the birthday for Duse was the same as mine. I have the added bonus of transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn at the same time as my Uranus/Jupiter conjunction to my Sun. I am finding the Pluto/Saturn (broken down theme) is prevalent in my life at this time. I have worked for the Postal Service for 29 years and just had my “Postal Saturn Return”. We are just another example of “Broken Government” that is in full financial melt down. The pressure is intense and we are spiraling into debt. I just changed jobs within the Post Office. I left my job as Postmaster’s Secretary to a large city in Florida to a less pressure job.

    Right now we have destruction and reorganization going on, which is creating chaos and rebellion with the workforce. They removed my Postmaster 3 weeks ago and strong armed him into retirement. I am changing jobs again in a few weeks, this time hopefully to a different office. I hope that they will offer early retirement without penalty and I might be able to afford to go. I am in good financial shape and could afford to retire. I am hoping this will be the last cross of Uranus to my Sun and Pluto to my Saturn. Retirement and freedom, that’s what I’m hoping for lets see what I get!

  12. Mary’s earlier Post about her having a major move when Uranus/Jupiter was conjunct her Sun/Venus helped me realize something. I, too, am facing the same prospect!

    My partner was, basically, offered a job running a Trust Company in Zurich, Switzerland in late-October (the offer being re-iterated in a meeting in late-January), but the process — in true Mars Retrograde fashion — of negotiating and finalizing everything is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Nonetheless, I anticipate the move itself happening more toward May/June/July which, of course, would coincide with the Cardinal Energy everyone has been preparing for.

    Interestingly, the process of us wanting to relocate to Europe (Paris, specifically) began in the Summer of 2004 when I had Uranus within orb of both square my Mars (ruler of my Sun) and sextile my Taurus Moon. It also coincided with my 2004 Jupiter Return, the “Full Moon culmination” portion — Jupiter opposite Jupiter — taking place with this upcoming Jupiter/Uranus action.

    So, perhaps I have a clearer picture of just one of the possible ways this may manifest. Then again, it IS Uranus we’re talking about. ;^)

    • Thanks Duse!

      this is very useful data. Keep taking notes, and email them in summary after the March 2010-March 2011 period has passed. At this rate, I will have to suggest to my publisher that “Jupiter Meets Uranus” is re-published with an extra research chapter!

      • Thank you for the invitation, Anne. I’ll certainly keep notes. I understand how useful it can be in one’s continuing research.

        In addition to the move I mentioned above, I’m also on the cusp of being a published author as well as having a play of mine make it’s debut on the London stage. Clearly my Progressed Sun approaching my 10th House is already in effect!

        I also suspect — as Jupiter approaches both my 8th House and my Pisces Mercury — that this will give me clues as to what to expect when he meets my Sun. Much like the clues Uranus gave me when he met my Mercury in 2005 and woke up my writing ambitions!

        Greatly appreciate this site and your focus on this upcoming conjunction.

  13. HI Duse

    40+ is a great time to have the prog Sun moving into 10th; you are old enough now to know how to fully benefit from it! Congrats on impending book and play. Brilliant.

  14. Hi Anne – this upcoming configuration at midyear interests me because of the Grand Cross configuration that arises a little later in June around the 25 th when the Sun and Moon come into play. my intuition is that on some level this alignment will “ripple” thru each of us and activate the pattern for wholeness and balance that we all carry within the angles of our individual charts.
    in that same time frame – Chiron, the Black Moon , and Neptune are conjunct and tied into the configuration by an inconjunct to Saturn. to me it all reads like a very significant opportunity to release and dissolve places where we are spiritually and emotionally wounded and fragmented ( Chiron, the Black Moon, and Neptune) – that is accompanied by the potential for a simultaneous opening and realignment into a new pattern of angular wholeness, balance, and integrity.

  15. Don,

    thanks for highlighting this potent configuration formed by the energy pattern of late June 2010. It will be interesting to hear from other readers regarding whether their experiences of an inner/outer nature concur with the core meaning which you sketch out here.

  16. Sherry Grondin

    I have natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus and can testify to major life changes at every conjunction since I was born (10/01/1954). At the last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius, I became pregnant and had my youngest child…completely unexpected as I was already a grandmother. (I was also pregnant at the same time as my oldest two daughters). My life also went upside down at the conjunction in 1983…long story. I am looking forward to the upcoming transit and wondering what surprises are in store for me this year. My daughter (1997) will also have this transit activating her natal conjunction for the first time. It has always been just the two of us so this event will directly impact both of us together. I am hoping for the best but prepared for a bumpy ride. This time around the T-square involves Saturn conjunct my Libra Sun and Ascendant with Pluto conjunct my IC and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in my 7th house. WhoooEeeee!

    • Hi Sherry

      many thanks for this brilliant feedback – where were you in 1997 when my research needed you?!! I think that your attitude of “looking forward to the upcoming transit and wondering what surprises are in store for me this year” is a very constructive orientation to whatever may lie ahead for those of us ‘plugged in’. I think you are my first respondee to be born under an actual Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, so your continued feedback will be most interesting.

  17. I have a jupiter /uranus conjunction in third house(cancer)in natal chart. I do not know the implication of this cardinal cross and forthcoming conjunction in aries(my twelfth house). Anne,what does it imply?

    • Hi there Hema

      thanks for leaving a comment. As I said in this article….” – broad brush strokes work best with Uranus transits, in my view. If you can predict Uranus exactly, it isn’t Uranus!

      You can take your individual horoscope along to your trusted local astrologer, and she/he will reflect with you in detail on the particular dynamics of your chart in relation to the upcoming pattern…”

      I have given a general outline of what individuals can expect, in the third article of the “Back to the Future” series which you can find on this site. My interest is more in collecting people’s experiences at the time, or after the event, than in specific predictions for individuals. So I would be pleased to hear in due course what transpires from your 12th House Jupiter/Uranus ‘hit’, especially since you have the natal conjunction. Join the research team!

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