To find reviews, interviews, articles etc promoting ‘Jupiter meets Uranus’, which is a study of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions set in their mythological and historical context, as well as being a research study of the 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 5 degs Aquarius


articles concerning various facets of the 2010-11 triple conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus  in Aries and Pisces…


‘Tales from the Wild Ride ‘: Jupiter/Uranus 2010/11: ten volunteers across the world ‘plugged in’ to the three 2010/11 conjunctions share their turbulent stories



“Jupiter meets Uranus”AFA 2009

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” I’ve found a fascinating book by Anne Whitaker, called ‘Jupiter meets Uranus’……a special study of this powerful event that happens every 14 years….”

Jonathan Cainer, the UK’s top astrologer, November 2009

“This is an astrologer’s book and ought to be taken up as a recommended text on astrology syllabuses, wherever the subject is taught, because this is real astrology….”

Paul F. Newman, astrologer, astrology teacher and writer



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53 Responses to “HOME”

  1. judecowell said

    Glad you’ve set this up for your excellent book, Anne!

  2. TheodoreWhite said

    Very happy to see your write up on the conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus Anne!

  3. leone West said

    Dear Anne,

    I just read your article on Jupiter/Uranus and that you have an interest in “cloning”.

    I am hoping that this conjuncture will “reveal” my Genetic Quest to my paternal ancestor. MY brother (I am female) did his Y-DNA test for me (females do not carry male Y Chromosome. There is much to my quest, but, I feel that this conjunct will totally “open” many doors for me that are only partly open now. I have only one significant Aries Point, my Saturn is 27 Taurus and my Pluto is 4 Leo and my AP is 28-29 Gemini. Since Uranus rules my eighth house and the natural ruler Pluto, rules the sperm/egg and DNA, I am hoping for a “break though. I enjoyed yor article very much.

    Thank you.

    Leone West

  4. Anna said

    I’m looking forward so much to buying your book! I’m sure it’s excellent! :) I’m very much interested in astrology and these Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions excite me pretty much cause I’m moving to an other country to my lover, we are getting married and soon I’ll start the university, so 2010 is a new beginning for me!

    Thanks for all.


    • Hi again Anna,

      thanks for being interested in buying the book. And do keep in touch. To begin a new life under a new Jupiter/Uranus conjunction certainly fits the bill. Bonne chance! ( hope I spelled this ok….)

  5. rob purday said

    Hello Anne

    I am no astrologer (tho I am a diviner by another ilk) so I would appreciate a little help with something I noticed in the ‘Juranus’ chart – the unaspected Sun
    it jumped out at first sight, and, with all the focus on the orbiting big hitters in the chart and their heavily aspected dance, I can’t help being drawn back to this seemingly anomilous feature – surely we can’t ignore the old fella…!

    my guts tell me its shouting about something – instincts smell a collective need for reassurance in the face of disorientation and miscommunication

    can you ‘shed some light’

    by the way – in the face of a new found flowering fascination with astrology your site(s) are a great find – and the wit……!! pure fresh air – thanks

    all the best,

  6. Hi Rob

    great to hear from you and thanks for the compliments! Wit and fresh air are very necessary commodities in these tempestuous days and I am flattered that you think I provide a bit of both.Yes, you are right. There is a very wide applying square between the third house Sun and sixth house Saturn and that’s all. I haven’t looked into the deeper structures of the chart – midpoints etc – partly because I’ve been too busy writing all those articles! And because like everyone else I’ve been so mesmerised with the’big heavies’. I think your interpretation is a good one – and the Sun with only a weak aspect to Saturn may indicate a collective difficulty in assessing the upcoming energy pattern in a rational, measured way.

    Let’s put it out to the readers, shall we? What are your thoughts on this, folks out there?

    (I shall paste your comment and my answer onto the most recent of the articles – – and see if other readers will rise to the challenge!)

  7. JoAnn said

    Hi Anne,

    I am interested in this particular conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus because it happens to fall smack on my Moon (29’33” Pisces).

    Also, the conjunction that happens in September will fall very near my birthday (September 14th 1981).

    The Moon rules my 8th house. So I would suspect that unexpected blessings may appear regarding loans or things of that nature. But, as you said, expect the unexpected. ;)

    Whatever happens it’s bound to be exciting! Thank you for your insight and studies regarding this auspicious planetary configuration.


  8. thanks for dropping by – would you like me to include you in the research team? With that Moon position it would be great to have your feedback as the “Jupiter/Uranus year” unfolds.

    And thanks for your appreciation of my efforts. I thought I had worn out my Jupiter/Uranus obsession when I completed the research I did for the 1997 conjunction – with 17 research volunteers – but it would appear not!

    • JoAnn said

      I would very much enjoy being included in your research team. Please tell me what I can do. :)

      • Hi JoAnn

        I am in the process of designing the research – whilst I do that, you could send me your birth data and email address: will find me. My intention is to restrict my researchees to 20 ( I had 17 in my 1997 research ) otherwise it all becomes unmanageable. When I have my group, with data, I will contact everyone with further details. In the meantime, keep notes over the next 10 months with dates of any life events:inner (eg sudden insights) or outer
        occurring with yourself and/or those close – which are shockingly, newly outwith what you deem to be the norm. That will do for a start as a rough guide until I send everyone a more detailed structure. And thank you! Bear in mind that I will be very careful with confidentiality and privacy and will not place any personal information in the public realm without subjects’ permission. Anonymity was a key feature of the 1997 research, and will be this time too.

  9. Shana said

    I am also fascinated by the research into Jupiter/Uranus and would love to help however I can. I follow the sidereal horoscope however, some things remain the same in my sidereal and tropical charts: Jupiter + Uranus conjunct in my 5th house square my natal Jupiter in the 2nd house. I’m excited to see how this plays out as the 5th house is a fun one (romance, creativity, personal expression, etc.)

    The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in 1997 was in my 3rd house opposition my natal Sun. I recall that having been an amazing stand-out year of action and excitement. I dated three foreign men (and had a profoundly romantic love affair with one), traveled quite a bit locally and internationally. My social life was amazing. Money was flowing in. Things were generally fun and exciting.

    • Hi Shana

      thanks for volunteering to join the group. I already have quite a few researchees – do read my reply to JoAnn above for initial guidelines. Thank you!

  10. Anonymous said

    Am particularly interested in the scientific side of this encounter and how it can influence the thought.

    I think that we may have the chance to throw away many too many obstacles to think in new and different ways the natural world…

    Which is far different from many models and patternsd constructed by modern science in last two centuries…

    • HI

      if you can get yourself a copy of my study of the 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction “Jupiter Meets Uranus”you will find interesting material on ‘the scientific side of this encounter’ there.

      For this time around, keep following this and other sites – and the daily news!

  11. Shana said

    I was disappointed to see a dearth in astrology reports by house on the conjunction (only a couple on the whole www, though lots with just Jupiter transits or just Uranus transits). So I finally wrote one up. It’s based on the sidereal zodiac but will be pretty much the same in terms of the houses as any tropical zodiac (unless you have a lot of cusp houses):

    • Hi Shana

      thanks for posting this link which I’m sure readers will enjoy checking out – I certainly did and look forward with great anticipation to that bank error in my favour! (J/U in my 8th House). As you will know from reading through some of the articles here, I’m really more interested in observation than prediction – especially with Uranus the essence of whose action is unpredictable!

      If you are joining the research team you might find it useful to acquire “Jupiter Meets Uranus” where you can see the charts and read the feedback from my 17 researchees during the 1997 Aquarian conjunction: there, the impact of Jupiter/Uranus on the relevant planets in their houses is very clear. eg “Lucia”, my star participant, led a life-changing experience for a bunch of deprived inner city kids way up in the Highlands of Scotland – she had the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction fall on her 5th House Saturn.

  12. Shana said

    So true, Uranus is certainly an unpredictable game-changer, which is part of the fun….all the unique personalized scenarios that no one can predict. I am a great fan of the who-knows-what as well :)

    Will look forward to participating in your research!

    Cheers, Shana

  13. Shana said

    Hey Anne and friends,

    I dunno if this constitutes the first celebrity Jupiter/Uranus moment but Tipper and Al Gore divorcing after 40 years of marriage seems kind of Uranus. And having his tropical sun sign in Aries (along with transiting Jupiter and Uranus) could make for a milestone moment.

    One for the books?

  14. Hi Shana

    thanks for posting this link. The important point to look for in identifying the action of Jupiter/Uranus, in essence, is that it should bring into being, unexpectedly and usually shockingly, conditions which are entirely new. So we need to focus on that – and the Gore split certainly illustrates J/Uranus energy at work as you say. Gore was also born under the tough Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1947 just after WW2, and Saturn/Pluto people feel the harsh grind of that combination at each aspect – we are now at the waning square (from the 1982 conjunction) which is part of the Grand Cross pattern with Jupiter/Uranus in Aries. As I put it in another article on this site, written a year ago:

    “The Jupiter-Uranus predilection for seeing no limits, leaping before it looks and challenging the established order expressed through the filter of the rash, angry impetuousness of Aries and locked with the harsh, power-driven determination not to budge of the Saturn-Pluto square, offers a difficult and dangerous picture……”

    This is validated today with news of the gun massacre of 13 people (including the killer) and the serious injury of many others in Cumbria, England, UK, by an apparently mild-mannered man who broke through any limit of acceptability(Jupiter/Uranus in Aries) and acted out the worst side of the Saturn/Pluto combination – mass murder.

    And a nation born under Saturn/Pluto – Israel – is currently attracting international condemnation for its treatment of people of goodwill trying to bring humanitarian aid (the plus side of Jupiter/Uranus in Aries) to ordinary citizens suffering under the Gaza blockade.

    Here you see an example of the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries energy field, set in its Saturn/Pluto context, operating at three levels at once: the personal, the community, and the wider collective.

    “As above, so below” in all its awesome truth….

  15. Raphi Cate said

    I was researching the J/U comjunction in 0 degrees Aries and found some interesting material. Mostly written years ago.

    1. In combination with the malific star Scheat in Pegasus: mining disasters, hurricanes, or other events on the seas. There have been several mining deaths within the last month or so. Also fits the current gulf of Mexico oil well horror with human deaths and looming eco-caust. Possible hurricanes could make it even worse.

    2. The current Pope, Benedict XVI, has a natal chart with Uranus at 0 degrees Aries. Plus Jupiter and Mercury a few degrees before that in Pisces. But all of them in the 1st house of his natal chart.

    Anyone have some insights on any of this?

  16. Raphi Cate said

    Found another interesting corrolation.

    The director James Cameron has Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Cancer in his natal chart.
    “Titanic” came out in 1997, a J/U conjunction year. And “Avatar” is close to this year’s conjunction.

    I think that Cameron, like most artists, was not consciously aware of all aspects of his work. But he did show us the end of the previous age with its powerful class prejudice. When technology was to be the answer for the world’s problems. And then a new age, where technology is a weapon of the powerful, yet hope comes by means of a recovered sense of interconnectedness.

  17. Sherry said

    Hi Anne,
    Just caught this on news: Jupiter probably hit by Comet or asteroid; the incident was captured on film. Here is the link:

    Thought this was interesting considering the timing and all…

    • Hi Sherry

      I think Jupiter/Uranus triggering both our charts has made you able to read my mind! I have been thinking of starting a research file for collecting collective and cosmic events during the observational year of March 10 – Feb 11 which resonate with the Jupiter/Uranus energy field, and which are ‘picked up’ both by members of the research team and by interested supporters of the research project in general – and here you are, contributing to it before I even ask…. thanks for this interesting item which I will use as the start of the file. It’s great to have this help.

      When I did the research for the 1997 conjunction year, I had stacks and stacks of newspaper cuttings. But building a file of brief summary sentences accompanied by a Web link as you have done, strikes me as a more efficient way of doing things. I hope that other readers will pick up on our
      exchange and send in links from time to time!

  18. Hi Raphi

    thanks for these comments. You should check out both Theo White’s Mundane Global Astrology blog

    and Jamie Funk’s FUNKASTROLOGY for interesting work on Scheat if you have not seen them already. This fixed star does seem to have a pretty negative press!

    And I appreciate data re the Pope: one wouldn’t need to be much of an astrologer to figure out that he is ‘plugged in’ to the current pattern – as indeed would appear from what you say to be the case. Re insights, once again the ‘left-field’ dimension of Jupiter/Uranus never disappoints. In the article I did for the AFA in summer 2009, I offered some broad brush stroke thoughts on what the upcoming conjunction and its attendant pattern might bring: see

    In this article I talk about seeing a ‘ “messiah”-type figure emerge with challenging and disruptive effect socially and politically in the Aries phase….’ Now I realise that one manifestation from the current picture is no other than the messiah of atheistic beliefs, Richard Dawkins, and his plan to try to arrest the Pope when the latter visits the UK this autumn! You could not make that up….

    And many thanks for the material on James Cameron, which well demonstrates the unfolding of related patterns which can and does occur from one 14-year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus to the next.

  19. Sherry said

    Hi Anne,
    Here is an exciting piece of news from MSN: Chinese scientists have been able to “teleport” data over long distances using quantum entanglement. Perfect Jupiter/Uranus symbolism!


    • Fantastic! This strikes me (until I’ve had a good trawl through the press, at least ) as another pioneering scientific breakthrough right on the heels of the Craig Venter team’s creation of a living cell on 20th May 2010 – using highly sophisticated computer technology.

      One for the collective research file!

  20. rob purday said

    Hi Anne

    with the ‘big’ T-square/grand cross coming into orb (and the Ju/Ur pair due to slide back into the oceanic Piscean realms) much in mind : just found mention on of the alleged gas bubble at BP well-head – heres how one ‘news agency’ has reported it :

    According to an article on

    Alarmist media tendencies aside I find it noteworthy that both Jupiter, Uranus Pluto and Neptune are known as ‘gas giants’ – of course, whether it is true or not the obvious fear factor is that ‘the bubble will burst’ – grand cross time or not – but, then it could be another example of insider fear mongering

    on the up/innovative side the current mutliple Japanese advances in space tech. are fascinating – stellar sails powered by photon wind + asteroid (star) dust intentionally coming back to earth in a little silver space-ship, to mention but two – sci-fi reality – good examples of Uranian/Jovian expansion?

    hope this is considered relevant and of interest,

    • HI Rob
      apologies for delay in reply. I have had one of my periodic switch-offs from computing – necessary to preserve tendons and sanity!

      This is great feedback. Thanks! I will add it to the file I am keeping on collective manifestations. Simply do not have time – or tendons! – to do collective as well as individual research, which I did for “Jupiter meets Uranus’ .

  21. Sherry said

    Hello Anne,
    Well, I’m getting rather confused and frustrated. I have never gone through this transit without seeing an impact on my personal life…and yet, this time, nothing. I realize Jupiter/Uranus will conjunct twice more, but I usually have significant “hints” in the area of activity by this point. Any ideas?

    • Hi Sherry and Shana

      apologies for delay in reply. I have had one of my periodic switch-offs from computing – necessary to preserve tendons and sanity!

      Your feedback clearly shows why we should do research as astrologers. We only have to look at scientific theories to realise how marked the human tendency has been historically to take a theory as the truth – and not wish to contemplate contradictions. Look at what happened to Galileo in the 17th century when he challenged via his empirical observations the long-held Ptolemaic theory which endorsed the Catholic Church’s view that the Earth was the centre of the solar system!….my own research on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in mid-February 1997 at 6 deg Aquarius, showed that of 17 researchees, 12 experienced inner/outer manifestations of the conjunction’s energies which supported the theory of what SHOULD happen, around the exact days of the conjunction. But five of them did not. Yet by the end of the research period of 1997/8, most of them reported very significant life changes in line with astrological theory. The stronger the Jupiter/ Uranus natal signature, the more dramatic and unexpected were the life changes. So you can perhaps see from this why we need to take notes on what happened if anything around the days preceding and following the conjunction, and times when it is triggered off. Shana is right to identify the upcoming eclipse – also times when the inner planets trigger the conjunction should be significant. Eg tomorrow the Sun moves into 0 Cancer, squaring the conjunction and setting off the whole Grand Cross pattern. The UK tomorrow will hear its emergency budget delivered by the new coalition government(in itself a Jupiter/Uranus political shock!)which has been described in advance as the most radical and toughest budget of a generation. I will be writing to you researchees soon. Keep taking notes!

  22. Shana said

    Sherry, I feel similar to you. I’ve had Jupiter and Uranus in the 5th house and it has been fun (lots of party invitations) but nothing life-changing YET. Keep in mind that there will be a lunar eclipse on the 26th-27th. So that could be the turning point needed for the conjunction to take full effect. We’ll see…

  23. Shana said

    P.S. That eclipse will be loosely (within a 3 to 5′ orb) square the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction…definitely an igniter.

  24. Shana said

    Thanks Anne. That was helpful info. And what a monster eclipse that was (at least for my friends in my age group and I–as it was square our natal Pluto!)–emotionally draining.

    I’m also wondering, along the lines of your trigger theory, if August will be a big month for longer term ‘results’ of the transit. It seems like a few planets will be stacked up along the Jup/Uranus conjunction axis. This time Saturn AND Mars+Venus in opposition to the conjunction.

    • Yes, that’s what one would expect. It has long been noted empirically that the faster-moving personal planets and eclipses set off unfolding stages of the deeper shifts taking place (both individually and collectively) via the much slower forming and separating patterns of the Outer Planets. So we shall see!

  25. charl said

    Feel out of my league here but I can contribute to the last one.( Ed: that was in February 1997 at 6 deg Aquarius ) 6 degrees, Aq cusp 10th, 6 degrees from my moon. Came VERY close to a radical mastectomy. Only my own research stopped it. My No! Next inherited $16,000. Next moved to son’s upscale condo as son moved in with wife. Ending 14 yrs residency and signif. relation that had moved on. Asked to teach yoga helped me heal. Moved again and again, hiked mountains and 2002 that leap. Doing yoga since 1970.
    That was a shock. What happened to all the systems. I am tauras, gemini rising Aq. moon.Uranus 8 degrees on rising sign exact.
    This time inner happening incl. knifes threatening my neck. I have moved – close to my son who has Saturn 27 and 29 degrees pisces by progression. He’s a family man. 44. I’ve evolved to present time by letting go of my little girl and accepting her as is 47 yrs old. I was shocked that I had that kind of mental power.
    I also had a vision of my Aries niece and her Scorpio sister enthusiastically jumping into a truck with a lightning bolt down it’s side and being hit head on. Hope that was symbolic. This month July may tell. I sent out warnings. This would be Yellowknife. So it seems to me these planets just keep rocking as long as you do. I was born 44. May 14th.

    • ‘So it seems to me these planets just keep rocking as long as you do’……..Charl, you are so right!

      Thank you for posting this vivid feedback of planetary energies in action.

  26. Sherry said

    Well I have noticed a great deal of havoc around me during these past few weeks. Rapid pace in the work place…new responsibilities, many unusual twists and turns with my clients, co-workers and supervisors, unexpected events taking place almost every day…none of them have been beneficial or positive, everything just adding additional stress to my life, people are acting strangely, short tempered, angry outbursts, peculiar ideas and thought processes seem to be rampart in my immediate sphere. I have no idea what is going to happen next. Gives me a tremendous feeling of disruption and inability to count on the usual “status quo”. All and all this is a very unusual Jupiter/Uranus transit for me personally. I always remember feeling this sense of wonder at the rapidly changing pace of life during this transit…and knowing I was going to end up in a better place. Not so much right now. I just think everyone is crazy and I often have a sense of great danger around me.

  27. Sherry said

    ummm, meant to say rampant, not rampart, Sorry!

  28. rob said

    Tell me about it Sherry – this sounds all too familiar!!
    rampart works too – Saturnian resistance p’raps!? Stresses as impact points..?

  29. Sherry said

    Was going to mention the Saturn thing Rob…but decided to leave it out at the last minute. I do think you’re right though…Saturn approaching a conjunction to my sun and ascendant…ouch!

    • Dear Rob and Sherry
      greetings from unexpectedly sunny Orkney Isles!

      Yes, the last conjunction was exact once only and was ruled by Uranus. This one has three exact meetings, the first one ruled by Mars and held in a Saturn/Pluto matrix.

      So the testing disruptive unpredictability you describe is pretty common to all the people I have in my research and in my commenters on this site!.

  30. Ju/Ur together for me, opposite Sun, has been like sticking my fingers in a 5 jillion megawatt energy source. Jupiter exaggerates the Uranian energy, and while I’m getting a lot done, I feel rather dazed, not to mention singed by the end of the day.

  31. Anna McCarthy said

    This conjunction and the last one were also conjunct by declination. The one in 2011 will not be. Will that defuse the intensity a bit? I would like to hope so.


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